The Value of Taking Care of Ourselves Today Equals Prevention of Disease Tomorrow

I’ve spent quite a lot of time with my dad in his Florida retirement community over the past few years and, in fact, IMG_0760recently celebrated his 88th birthday with 140 friends and family, as he sang 4 songs with a band he hired and danced the night away. The next night I photographed him taking line dancing lessons to prepare for a part in an upcoming performance of a small theater troupe he performs, sings and now dances for. In between these activities, he spent an hour on the treadmill walking 3 miles and another 30 minutes on the weight machines. This was after he had spent 2 hours in “brain gym” where memory skills are heightened. Lest you think I am making any of this up, I have pictures to prove it. And this is his slow season! Needless to say, my amazing dad is not the norm! He watches his weight, takes a supplement strategy, works out, stays active and engaged, walks his 2 dogs through-out the day every day and most of all, he has a positive, upbeat attitude except when he has watches too much CNN! Yes, he has hearing aids (which he even wears sometimes!) and has a partial bridge of teeth in his mouth, but he is going strong.
Today, we walked over to the longterm care facility on campus to visit a friend who had been recently admitted. AsIMG_0761 we walked through the hallways, I saw first-hand the ravages of old age and the pay-off for, in many cases, people whom I suspect didn’t take care of themselves when they were younger, and are paying the price now. I’m not being critical or judgmental. All I felt was deep compassion for them, gratitude for the health of my dad, and the reinforcement of my commitment to continue to take care of myself NOW so I hopefully won’t end up here in a few years. My truth is that every choice I make for myself today WILL IMPACT my health for tomorrow and the key to my quality of life tomorrow is all about PREVENTION.
This is where the departure from current standard of care comes in. Current standard of care is all about treating DIS-EASE. I am all about WELLNESS. This is why I began my Happy Hormone Cottage, and why I continue to fight for women’s rights to their best health every day. Many, many studies show the value of not only eating right, watching our weight, and exercising, but also REFILLING OUR HORMONE TANKS AS WE AGE TO MAINTAIN A HIGH QUALITY OF LIFE. You can go to my website at to read any number of studies by leading experts Dr Jeffrey Dach, Dr Kent Holtorf, Dr Erica Schwartz, Dr Jennifer Landa and more on the necessity of optimal hormone balance as a means to PREVENT DISEASE as we age. Which diseases? Heart disease, osteoporosis, breast cancer and dementia. Nothing is more true than the adage, “Hormones are to women, what water is to plants.” My goal is to educate the masses so this information becomes common knowledge. If we aren’t getting this information from our doctors, we have to get it from somewhere. Getting this information out should no longer be an uphill battle. It should be common knowledge being spread through the masses by empowered women!
What I know from my experience in working with women, and also being one, is that women are smart! When they find something that works, they want to share. Our tiny little cottage has grown from one location to five locations and now women are demanding a place for their husbands and partners to go where they can also be validated and educated for their best health naturally. And they also want their partners to take a proactive approach to their health like they are. Welcome to our new healthcare facility for men…..”Bio-Male: Preventative Healthcare for the 21st Century Man!”
The idea behind Bio-Male is the approach of treatment strategies that mimic human male biology. Our bodies are complex and dynamic systems. Drug therapy tends to disrupt normal functions to treat symptoms. Symptoms develop LONG AFTER disease is present. Fifty percent of men that have fatal heart attacks have normal cholesterol levels. This is not acceptable. Our clients will be tested on over 60 meaningful parameters that can identify cardiovascular risks at an early stage. Our goal is to identify risks and develop lifestyle and nutritional strategies to modify these risks. We will take a proactive approach to the 3 main hormones: cortisol, insulin and thyroid, and do comprehensive testing on these hormones with the goal to prevent disease. Bio-Male’s goal is to offer the best and most affordable options in preventative healthcare. I’m so excited that now our men in the Cincinnati-Dayton area finally have a place to go for a proactive approach to their health and aging, like our women do. For more information, contact us at or call us at 888-418-2037. Women can visit or call 513-444-6343 to make an appointment or for more information.

Happy Hormone Cottage Testimony

Good afternoon,

My name is Jana Antil and I am a patient of the Happy Hormone Cottage in Kettering, OH. I am 26 years old and began the testing and prescriptions last fall in hopes of gaining more energy, regulating my cycles, and eventually getting pregnant. I came with irregular cycles ranging from 40-60 days apart, and I had never had a a positive while taking ovulation indicator tests in my life. I had been trying for pregnancy for awhile and Clomid was the next option.

In just two full months of following the HHC prescription, I became pregnant with my first baby who is due this September.

I am a blogger and I decided to share my testimony on the blog after I had many emails, Facebook messages and blog comments from women in their 20’s who were also struggling with infertility and wanted to know more about my story and what I did to become pregnant. Two of them are even local and I directed them to HHC and they made their consultation appointments!

I wanted to share with you the blog post I wrote that shines HHC in a new light, outside of the expected post-menopausal age and directly into the hearts and minds of 20 somethings wanting to know more about natural options of fertility before taking the route of IUI’s, IVF, etc.

If you want to read more about my story, here is the link to my blog post:

Thank you so much and have a great day!

Jana Antil




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So Many Women……..So Much New Research!

I look around me every day to the women over 35 I see, and I think to myself, “You really need me. I have such compassion for you. How will I get the truth, based on research and studies, to you? When will you begin to question your beliefs and be open to this truth?” You see, I opened my Happy Hormone Cottage in the Heart of Centerville more than 5 years ago, to talk with women about their bodies and holistic health. I knew I couldn’t change standard of care, doctors’ opinions or big pharmaceutical company’s agendas. But I knew I could impact women, one woman at a time. Women showed up, were validated, educated, treated and got better. They began to tell their family and friends, who in turn told their inner circle, and word spread. We have 5 local Happy Hormone Cottages and we have a good reputation in the community for really helping women understand their bodies, embrace a holistic hormone path, and empower a change for the better. As an educator for over 30 years, I understand that real learning involves a change in behavior. This is why we are an educational facility first, and a medical facility second.
So my new campaign is centered around this new research: “We need to REFILL OUR HORMONE TANKS for a high quality of life that is disease preventative.” I think many women assume that our HHC only deals with menopause, so if they aren’t of that age, it doesn’t apply to them. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are all about building awareness around the subject of hormone imbalance:

> What It Is: Hormone imbalance is what happens to women over age 35 when their progesterone levels begin to deplete. This happens to ALL women and is part of the aging process. This attendant loss of progesterone leads to estrogen dominance and introduces the potential for a wealth of issues:
-sugar cravings
-aches & pains
-increased risk of breast cancer
-since estrogen is a FAT STORER, weight gain becomes an issue (think “love handles”)
-accompanying this is often adrenal fatigue and irregular/inconsistent cortisol levels

> Who It Happens To: As stated above, hormone imbalance affects all women over the age of 35, and often younger, as part of the aging process. We have some 20 year olds on therapy. Hormone imbalance happens to everyone. Yes, even men! Again, hormone imbalance is part of the aging process.

> How We Correct This Imbalance: Correcting hormone imbalance happens by refilling our hormone tanks with individualized, customized therapy that can be adjusted as we age. Refilling our hormone tanks is KEY for a life with a lower risk for disease (heart disease, dementia, osteoporosis and breast cancer). In short, it is our anti-aging strategy.

So, if hormone imbalance happens to everyone and is part of the aging process, why aren’t our healthcare practitioners all over this? We know our doctors have our best health at heart. They are good guys. The problem is doctors know what they know. Most don’t know hormone imbalance. Why not? It isn’t taught in medical school and there is a lot of newer research that doctors would have to wade through. Therefore, most of our doctors, unless they are trained in Functional Medicine (the study of holistic health) don’t know this piece. In addition, they are visited by drug reps for the latest, greatest drugs to band-aid symptoms of issues. So for hot flashes, estrogen patches are given. For anxiety and depression, antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds are prescribed. For sleep issues, a sleeping aid is prescribed. See the difference?In contrast, OUR nurse practitioner checks hormone levels in cutting edge, dried urine strip testing, and using these labs and your body’s biofeedback, creates a customized, compounded strategy that refills our hormone tanks, heals exhausted adrenal glands and addresses proper supplementation. It is a strategy for life that fixes the cause of the imbalance. This is very different than slapping on an estrogen patch, which promotes even more estrogen dominance and raises our risk for breast cancer; not to mention weight gain. Why do we do this?
Knowing this information now, what will prevent you from visiting our HHC to REFILL YOUR HORMONE TANKS? Let’s address the excuses:

1) Expense- Initial consultations cost $25. Cost of testing and to see our nurse practitioner is reimbursable by most insurance policies. The cost of therapy and supplements is about the cost of a latte a day. Progesterone is $1 a day. I always ask the question, “Hm-m-m-m,
how much will it cost to address a disease that could have been prevented by refilling your hormone tank?” I am reminded of Dr Prudence Hall’s famous quote, “Hormones are to women, what water is to plants.”

2) Time- I believe we all do what is most important to us. Our health is the most important thing we have. I think the more important question is, how can we NOT make the time to do what it takes to keep our body functioning at optimal levels? As our hormone receptors begin to deplete at age 35, the biggest complaint I hear from women is that they have lost their joy of life. Their energy is waning, their libido is gone, they are gaining weight, and they are tired. What a sad way to live. We must refill our hormone tanks for a high quality of life full of energy, libido, and a zest for life. We know this is best accomplished through hormone balancing of all of our sex hormones and cortisol AND by looking at the function of the thyroid with our new innovative Thyroflex machine.

3) Knowledge-In this arena of hormone balance, it truly is up to us to own our own journey. The research IS out there. But the media likes to recycle the 10 year old misinformation and myths surrounding BHRT, with the big pharmaceutical agenda, so the waters are kept muddy on purpose and confusion reigns. Our goal at the Happy Hormone Cottage is to UN-confuse our clients by sharing with them the latest research in the form of studies (written by doctors) and a plethora of books and articles. You can go to my website at and click on Resources/Readings for the latest information. *We also provide a Practitioner’s Resources section full of studies, for healthcare practitioners to aid them in their information gathering and knowledge-base, as well. I urge you to send your doctors there. If they are engaged in learning about this information along with you, it allows for a more well-rounded, honest conversation based on truth….and not misinformation that was gleaned from a newspaper article or seen on tv with misinformation and untruths.

I hope this information is helpful in clearing up the truth about hormone balance. We MUST REFILL OUR HORMONE TANKS for our BEST HEALTH NATURALLY. We MUST OWN OUR OWN JOURNEY. I look forward to serving you at our cottage, to help answer your questions, provide you with the latest information, and to guide you on your path to a healthier life. We are women helping women for wellness and we look forward to working with you!

We Help Women All Over the Country

This email just in: “Hi Lyn, I am looking to get more information on your services. I am out of your area. Can you work with me and other women like me, who don’t live near you? I am interested in hormone testing as well as thyroid testing. I went through menopause very early, along with having other issues that I suspect may be hormone related. Other questions I have are -once you are so on Bhrt, are you on it for life? Are there long term side effects? Looking forward to hearing back from you. Thank you!”
My response: “Thank you for your email. We DO work with women all over the country. You can set up a phone consultation by calling our office at 513-444-6343. Through this consultation, you can get information and education on hormone imbalance (a much broader perspective than menopause) and the necessity and importance of refilling our hormone tanks as we age. You will also be able to purchase a dried urine strip testing kit, and we can ship it to you. This is cutting edge technology and gives us great information on your body and its hormones and adrenal glands, including how your body methylates and metabolizes its hormones. From there, you would make an appointment with our nurse practitioner, Angela, at either our Cincinnati or our Dayton location. She would use your test results and your body’s biofeedback to create a customized Bhrt (Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy) strategy for you. Our compounding pharmacy would ship your hormone therapy to you, or you could stop by and pick it up on your way back home. At your 3 month follow-up appointment with Angela, she could work with you and your thyroid and our Thyroflex machine. We like to start our clients on hormone therapy before we address the thyroid. It seems to be easier on the body this way.
When I began my cottage 5+ years ago, my intention was to simply educate women on their bodies as they age. I looked around and saw young women in their 30s and 40s struggling with hormone imbalance issues of sleeplessness, anxiety, depression, fatigue, low libido, and weight gain. I recognized the great need that existed to educate women on hormone balance and their bodies. What I know is that our bodies begin to become hormonally imbalanced around the age of 35. Studies show we must refill our hormone tanks as we age so we can not only eradicate these hormone imbalance symptoms, but most importantly so we can live a high quality of life, disease-free. And we must continue to refill these hormone tanks throughout our life. If we don’t, how will our bodies perform all the jobs it needs to, as we age? It is this attendant loss of hormones that aren’t replaced, that contribute to heart disease, dementia, osteoporosis and breast cancer. You can go to my website at and click on “Resources/Readings” section to read the plethora of studies on this topic and the importance of refilling our hormone receptors as we age. Yet still, most of our doctors continue to believe outdated, archaic information that is perpetuated by the media, with the big pharma agenda. This is why we MUST take charge of our journey to our best health naturally. If we don’t, today is the best day we will have. This is why women all over the country are finding my Happy Hormone Cottage and are willing to make the trip to see our nurse practitioner, Angela. The fact that we are also a Suzanne Somers Forever Health affiliate gives us great credibility in this field of hormone replacement and wellness.
Long term side effects? A life of health! Why? Because we are not putting drugs masking as hormones into our bodies. We are refilling our hormone tanks with actual hormones made from plant-based powders that mimic the hormones our body used to make, but due to the aging process, no longer can. So the long term “side effect” is a life free from disease. Sadly, conventional standard of care in our country is not focused on wellness. It is focused on disease. Pharmaceutical companies make one size fits all drugs to band-aid symptoms. I want to help women find and fix the cause of their issues. See the difference? A life of disease vs a life of wellness. Which path will YOU choose? Women helping women for wellness.”

My Five Year Reflection as Executive Director of The Happy Hormone Cottage

When I began my Happy Hormone Cottage endeavor 5 years ago, I just wanted to help women regain their joy of life. After my own journey into the world of hormone imbalance, when my husband went back to school to become trained as a compounding pharmacist so he could help me, I became aware of the magnitude and the severity of the lack of real information available to women in this arena of natural hormone balance. We go to our trusted doctors for help and for answers and herein lies the disconnect. This is the one area where the misinformation and confusion run rampant, and is often perpetuated by the media, with the big pharma agenda. There are tons of studies and books on natural hormone balance and the importance of replenishing our depleting hormone receptors as we age, to not only alleviate our symptoms (sleep issues, anxiety, depression, fatigue, irritability, low libido, hot flashes, brain fog, sugar cravings, weight gain) of hormone imbalance, but more importantly, to prevent disease (dementia, heart disease, osteoporosis and breast cancer.) Why aren’t these studies being discussed in the media? Why don’t our doctors know and understand the benefits, the necessity, of refilling our hormone receptors? Could it be because ob gyns join a group called ACOG (American college of obstetrics and gynecology) and I suspect ACOG is funded by a pharmaceutical company or two? Dr Prudence Hall is often quoted as saying, “Hormones are to women what water is to plants.” Why isn’t this truth more a part of standard of care? The bottom line is that it isn’t. So my job, my mission, my passion is to educate women on the importance of refilling our hormone tanks as we age. This is functional medicine at its best! Functional medicine is the study of our whole body (holistic health) and how to keep it running as a whole by focusing on preventing disease and finding/ fixing the cause of disease. This is a much different approach than current standard of care that band-aids symptoms and promotes the big pharma agenda of drugging for the masses. So here is where owning our journey comes into play. I hope the days of taking our doctors’ word as law are over and that we are encouraged to think for ourselves. This alone is reason to visit one of our 5 Happy Hormone Cottages where our biggest mission is offering educational consultations supported by studies and books on the subject, so women can own their journey to their best health naturally. After all, learning is a change in behavior, so educating ourselves on our options is the first step. I have seen a lot of growth in this area. More and more women are dissatisfied with this lack of information and options at their healthcare practitioners’ visits, so more and more women are coming in to see us.
Over the past 5 years, I have seen our happy clients tell their friends and inner circle, who have told their friends and inner circle so that we have exploded from one tiny cottage in the Heart of Centerville, to 5 different cottages in 5 different cities from north of Dayton to northern Kentucky. We have developed from just an educational facility to now include a medical facility as well. We now have our own hormone health expert working on 2 of our campuses. I call Angela, our nurse practitioner, our hormone whisperer, and we encourage our women to keep their ob gyns for their gyn needs, but to see our Angela for their hormone needs. After all, we take our pets to veterinary specialists and our broken cars to car experts. Why not take our hormone needs to a hormone specialist? Doesn’t this just make sense?
I have learned that we can’t treat sex hormones in isolation. We have much greater success when we also address our adrenal health and thyroid needs. Why? Because the body doesn’t work alone. So we heal it from the functional medicine holistic perspective.
During my tenure as executive director of the Happy Hormone Cottage, I have seen the healing effects of listening to and validating women. Everyone just wants to know they matter. When our women visit us, we listen, we validate, we educate, and empower, but at the end of the day, we make sure they know how much they matter to us.
I have learned that no matter how much I want to help every woman, I can really only help the ones who want to be helped. Those women who say, “My doctor says I’m fine,” or who balk when they have to pay for (some of) their medical care aren’t our clients. Our clients are those who think for themselves, ask questions, want to take charge of their health and are willing to make their best health a priority, no matter the cost. Our therapy is affordable, often reimbursable through insurance, but the bottom line is we always do what is most important to us. Our clients walk their talk of wanting to regain their best health naturally.
So where do I see us going over the next 5 years? I have been getting asked this question a lot lately. My answer? I don’t know but I’m open to the possibilities! I know I don’t want to live a small life. I want to live my life on purpose and my unique purpose involves serving people. I know I want to continue to think BIG! Over the past 5 years, I have written a book (Own Your Journey, available at my bookstore ) and I have just recently started a foundation, The Women’s Health Initiatives Foundation to raise money for the prevention of breast cancer. If we can predict it, we can prevent it. Personally, I can think of no greater cause. I know I want to educate and impact more and more women around the country through speaking engagements, my book, my foundation, my website, my blogs… and ultimately encourage them to come and see us at one of our Happy Hormone Cottages. We now have women calling us from all over the country as well as driving and flying in from as far away as Texas and Florida to visit us and our nurse practitioner. I find this amazing and I’m ever so grateful that our circle of influence is ever expanding. Our mission has always been, and will continue to be women helping women. It is important. To put it most simply, I just want to “Be the Change.” ~ Ghandi

We Love Helping Women of All Ages

Emails! I get emails! And my favorite ones are from the women we have helped along the way on their journey to their best health naturally. This first email below corrects the misconception that we are a menopause facility. We are not a menopause facility. I never use the word ‘menopause.’ We are a hormone imbalance educational facility as well as now a medical facility. Hormone imbalance is part of the aging process. As we begin to lose our hormones starting at right around age 35, we all experience a hormone imbalance. It is how we choose to proceed in dealing with this hormone imbalance that determines a life of wellness vs a life of disease. The choices run the gamut from doing nothing (denial), to using a drug-for-the-masses to control the symptoms of the hormone imbalance (hot flashes, fatigue, sleeplessness, anxiety, low libido, moodiness, osteopenia, brain fog….), to seeking to understand what is going on in our bodies by reading and educating ourselves. This is where my Happy Hormone Cottage comes into play. We now have 5 cottages in the greater Cincinnati-Dayton area to help women own their journey to wellness by holistically addressing the cause of their hormone imbalance and working to fix that. We recommend refilling our hormone tanks with customized, compounded bhrt that is created specifically for each woman based on her hormone testing. I met one woman recently at one of my book signing events, who said to me, ‘Oh I’m fine hormonally.” I asked, “How do you know you are fine?” She responded, “My doctor told me I was.” Hmmm. How does her doctor know she is fine? Did he run the typical blood work that, quite frankly, according to functional medicine experts doesn’t provide us with the information we need for wellness?The first step to solving any issue is the awareness that there is one.
This first email is from our 24 year old client whose Mom flew her in from the west coast because she had recently had a baby and was suffering from severe post partum depression. Her doctors put her on 3 antidepressants and a bipolar medication. When the Mom asked her daughter’s doctor to please check her hormones, the doctor replied, “Your daughter is too young to be experiencing hormone issues.” Luckily for her daughter, her Mom knew better, so flew her daughter to Ohio, where she lives, to see us. After checking her hormone levels, our nurse practitioner put her on our customized progesterone therapy and a couple of key supplements and within a few days, she began to feel better. By the 3rd month on therapy, she was off all her medication except for one antidepressant. Here is her recent email, “Hey Lyn. Things have been going great here. I have been feeling like my old self again and it has been amazing. Things have actually been going so good that my husband and I have decided to start trying for baby #2. I am meeting with ob/gyn here next week to talk to her about my supplements and my progesterone and have a plan in place in case I have bad post partum again next time. Thanks so much for everything.”
I received another email last week from Trisha (name has been changed) about our nurse practitioner: “Dear Angela, I want to thank you. Since I have been taking my hormone therapy, my blood pressure has been normal and I have been checking it 3 times a day. I have stopped taking my blood pressure medication and I am very grateful. I just wanted you to know.”
This makes me very happy because progesterone is a diuretic and also a vasodilator so lowers blood pressure. So my question is, why isn’t this a part of our current standard of care?
Maria writes, “Hello all! I have been on your hormone therapy for a year and a half and I have seen so many changes that make me happy! I just want to say thanks for all you do! I can’t tell you enough how much the hormone therapy has changed my life. I am so thankful for your help traveling down this path of natural hormone therapy.”
Helping women own their journey to their best health naturally is my passion. Educating women on their options, providing them with cutting edge technology to check their hormone levels, and then offering them an appointment with our nurse practitioner, who uses their hormone test results and their body’s biofeedback to craft a treatment plan specifically for each woman, is what we are all about. Hormones are to women what water is to plants. Refilling our hormone tanks is a life long strategy for wellness. Like brushing our teeth, the goal is prevention of disease. Do we deserve anything less?
For more information or to order Lyn’s new book, “Own Your Journey to Natural Hormone Balance,” go to Women helping women for wellness.

Happy Hormone Cottage Celebrates 5th Anniversary

Women talk, word spreads, and HHC continues to grow.
Five years ago, Lyn Hogrefe rented a small, stone cottage in the heart of Centerville, Ohio as a place for women to share their health stories and learn how to achieve a hormonally- balanced life. She called her quaint meeting place the Happy Hormone Cottage (HHC), and what she thought would be an education forum caught fire with women who questioned their doctors’ assertions that their hot flashes, lack of sexual desire, weight gain, and sleeplessness were normal aspects of aging. A 30-year educator who underwent an emergency hysterectomy at the age of 49, Hogrefe didn’t have a business plan, much less an idea that Happy Hormone Cottage would grow into a successful business with five offices in five years. She just wanted to help women by sharing what she learned about bioidentical hormones. “This is a passion,” said Hogrefe. “I never translated it in writing to a business plan because to me it was never a business. I just wanted to help women. HHC grew organically from demand. I just happen to fill a niche of women helping women. “

Hogrefe listened as women as young as 20-somethings told her of perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms that escalated into adrenal and thyroid problems—and shared with them that a healthy diet, exercise, and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) could alleviate or even eliminate their symptoms. “Hormones are to women like water is to plants,” said Hogrefe, chief executive officer of Happy Hormone Cottage based in Kettering, Ohio. “When your hormones are depleted or out of balance, your health is compromised. Thyroid, adrenals and sex hormones are all linked. We can help women monitor and maintain their hormone balance.” Women began to feel better, so they told their friends and inner circles, who told their friends and inner circles. Five years later, Hogrefe has a necklace of five offices along the I-75 corridor strung from Dayton to northern Kentucky that have helped more than 5,000 women get tested, treated and feel better. HHC offices are in Piqua, Vandalia, Kettering and Mason, Ohio and Crestview Hills, Kentucky. Hogrefe has had women from as far away as Texas, Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama drive or fly to Ohio to meet with a Happy Hormone Cottage consultant and nurse practitioner Angela Rothstein.

“This tells me that women are not satisfied with conventionally-trained doctors’ current standard of care that supports a big pharma agenda,” said Hogrefe. “Women are questioning doctors who tell them their hormone levels are within normal range when they know they feel awful. What is normal for each woman is unique to her. We listen to women, validate their feelings about their health and help them get tested, treated and better.” Women can obtain a free, initial consultation, and get their hormone , cortisol and thyroid levels tested. A compounded, personalized prescription of hormone cream containing biestrogen, progesterone and testosterone is then created for each woman based on her hormone needs. Each client’s adrenal glands and thyroid issues are also addressed in the same customized, personalized manner because each woman is different, added Hogrefe. Hogrefe has written Own Your Journey to Optimal Hormone Balance (New Leaf Press, April, 2014) a book on her personal journey to wellness through BHRT. She is also a speaker, educator and blogger on women’s hormone health. The book is available on the Happy Hormone Cottage website and in all its office locations. As Happy Hormone Cottage moves into its sixth year, it is and will continue to be an endeavor of the heart– women helping women by educating, empowering and committing them to attain their best health naturally, Hogrefe said. “We just began listening to women and validating them to figure out how to solve their hormone imbalance issues at the root level,” said Hogrefe. “When we fix the issue and prevent disease that is based on the biochemistry of the body at the same time,, we get results. Women talk and word spreads. We continue to grow.”

Hogrefe’s next book signing will be held Tuesday, Sept 16 at Nonnie Waller’s Cross Pointe Town Center, 101 E. Alex-Bell Road in Centerville, Ohio. For a complete schedule of Happy Hormone Cottage events, go to For more information, go to , email or call (513) 444-6343.

“I Asked My Ob Gyn About Bioidentical Hormones Yesterday……….”

I love getting these emails because it gives me yet another chance to guide women. This email began with, “FYI-I asked my ob gyn about bioidentical hormones yesterday at an appointment and she said she doesn’t know much about them. She is also reluctant to recommend them because they are not FDA-approved. She may be open to learning more if someone approaches her. She answered all of my questions about menopause pretty honestly, I believe.” Where to start? My response is this:
“I am happy you were able to speak with your doctor and I appreciate her honesty in admitting she doesn’t know much about BHRT (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy). She is somewhat misinformed about the FDA piece. Everything we make (customized, compounded bhrt) is FDA-approved. The problem is that the FDA’s job is to approve drugs for the masses. The job to approve customized therapy for one falls under the jurisdiction of the states’ Boards of Pharmacy. The Ohio State Board of Pharmacy is extremely stringent, which is a good thing!
On a side note, just because a drug for the masses has been approved by the FDA, does not make it safe or effective. Many of these are approved after a mere 12-week study. Really? And then we wonder why we see ads and commercials about drugs that have been recalled because they have harmful side effects, including death. So I’m not sure why being FDA-approved is the gold standard. It certainly is not in my book.
I am hopeful that your doctor, and other ob gyns, will make it their responsibility to become informed on the safety and efficacy of customized, compounded bhrt. It is not my job to teach them. In fact, it would be most beneficial and impactful for you to get information to her so she can get educated and informed. My website ( has a
Resources & Readings section chockfull of studies and resources. I have even incorporated a special “Practitioner’s Resources” section full of studies so any doctor who wants to become informed has this info at his/her fingertips. I have already done all the work in gathering this data.
Here’s the thing- WE are not going away. BHRT is not a fad. Ours is a grassroots, organic movement of educating and empowering women so they can Own Their Journey to WELLNESS. The women who do the work and become educated are the ones who become empowered to their best health naturally.
The research shows again and again that we MUST REFILL OUR HORMONE TANKS THAT DEPLETE WITH AGE so our bodies have what they need to go the distance. Our hormones begin to deplete at age 35. By the time we are through with menopause, we no longer have the estrogen we need to protect our heart from heart disease or our brain from dementia; we no longer have the testosterone we need to rebuild new, strong bone; and we no longer have the progesterone we need to balance our estrogen dominance to fight breast cancer. A wonderful study on my website’s Resources & Readings section was conducted by Dr Erika Schwartz and Dr Kent Holtorf entitled, “Hormones in Wellness and Disease Prevention: Current State of the Evidence and Questions for the Future.” Read it. Encourage your healthcare practitioner to read it. After all, if your healthcare practitioner doesn’t know much about this critical topic in women’s health of WELLNESS ANG AGING, what is YOUR responsibility? How will YOU own your own journey to wellness?”
The truth is, hormones are to women what water is to plants. They are necessary for a great quality of life so we can go the distance. I urge women to come in and see us to begin their journey to hormone balance and wellness. My greatest gift is getting women on board so they can take charge of their journey. We have tons of studies, books and articles. I just wrote my own book, “Own Your Journey….to Optimal Hormone Balance” to help and guide women. (You can order it online on my website’s “shop 24/7 online store).

I recommend women keep their ob gyn for their ob gyn needs, but come in and see our hormone health expert, Angela Rothstein, for their hormone needs. We wouldn’t take our imported car to a Ford dealership. Why would we trust our bodies in this arena of women’s health to practitioners who are not well-versed in this field? As consumers, we have the right to demand the best for ourselves and our hormone journey. It does begin with you. Simply dialoguing with your doctor to get his/her opinion isn’t enough. Because the information can be confusing and the media continues to circulate misinformation and untruths with the big pharma agenda, you won’t have a chance if you don’t think for yourself, ask the big questions and learn the truth for yourself. Your journey to wellness is yours. Own it!

The Top Ten Reasons to Visit the Happy Hormone Cottage

Unless you have been living in another country or a cave, you have probably heard the buzz from a plethora of sources on hormone therapy. And you have most likely heard conflicting and confusing information. It has been my experience that when we go to our healthcare professionals to clear up the confusion, most aren’t in the know in the latest research and information. So what to do? Educate yourself with the latest information and own your journey to your best health naturally! This is the primary reason why I began my first Happy Hormone Cottage in the Heart of Centerville 5 years ago- to clear up the confusion and misinformation that abounds in hormone therapy, and to encourage women to take charge of their journey. We’ve come a long way, baby!

The first truth you must know, and this truth is supported in the research and studies (read on our website ) written by doctors, is that we MUST REFILL OUR HORMONE TANKS as we age, so we can prevent disease and prevent the symptoms of hormone imbalance that occur as we age after 35. Let me be clear. Our HHC is NOT a menopause facility. The scope is so much broader. What we understand is the importance of refilling our hormone receptors every day, beginning right around age 35-40 and continuing on until we expire. It is a daily routine like brushing our teeth to prevent tooth decay. What we understand is that when our hormone receptors run dry, there are no hormones left to do key jobs in our body. So for a healthy body, we NEED the necessary replenished hormones (progesterone, estradiol/estriol, testosterone) to protect our heart from heart disease, fight osteoporosis by rebuilding strong bones, prevent breast cancer and protect our brain from dementia, AND to abolish the many symptoms that arise from hormone imbalance: sleeplessness, fatigue, low libido, anxiety, weight gain, brain fog etc. To do anything less is not supported by the latest information.

Once you understand the importance of refilling our hormone tanks, why come to us at one of our 5 locations? (Piqua, Vandalia, Kettering, Mason and Crestview Hills, KY) Let me list the top ten reasons:
1) Our primary goal is to listen, validate, educate and love our women from where they are to where they want to be, with free consultations. Our program, that I developed, is based on customer service, non-invasive therapy, and affordability. We are authentic and honest. We value our women and offer a successful support system with the goal to get our women to feel their best.
2) We are the ONLY facility in our area that uses the latest, state-of-the-art dried urine strip testing to check sex hormones: estrogen, progesterone, testosterone; AND cortisol. The amount of information we can glean from dried urine testing far exceeds the information we can get from blood serum or saliva.
3) We have our own nurse practitioner, whom I call our “hormone whisperer!” We encourage our clients to keep their ob gyn for their gyn needs, but see our nurse practitioner for their hormone health needs. This just makes sense. Plus it is easy and convenient to get all of your hormone needs met at one facility.
4) Not only do we now have our own nurse practitioner, we also have on staff, Jeff Hogrefe RPh, who has an Advanced Fellowship in Functional Medicine through the Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, which allows him to look at the body holistically to fix the cause of health issues. He works closely with our nurse practitioner.
5) We are the only facility around that uses physiological dosing of our compounded bioidentical hormone creams to refill hormone receptors. We are against supra-physiological delivery systems that put too much hormone into the body. Why? We have seen too many issues with this type of therapy and it doesn’t make sense to us.
6) We are affiliated with Suzanne Somers Forever Health organization. We are approved by her as a viable Bhrt facility.
7) We are the only facility in the area that has the Thyroflex thyroid machine (FDA-approved) that tests the function of the thyroid to determine need for medication and proper dosing.
8) We have a consulting business, HHC Consulting for Doctors, where we offer mentorship to doctors across the country in how to do Bhrt the right way.
9) I have established a Foundation- The Women’s Health Initiatives Foundation- to raise money for the prevention of breast cancer. I have access to cutting edge information and experts in the field of holistic healing that need funding to continue their life-saving work in the prevention of cancer. If we can predict it, we can work to prevent it. To learn more or to donate, go to
10) Finally, I recently wrote a book-Own Your Journey to Optimal Hormone Balance- to educate and empower women to take charge of their journey to their best health naturally. (Go to our online store to order)

My team and I at our Happy Hormone Cottages walk our walk of women helping women for wellness. It starts with you. Welcome to your journey. We look forward to serving you!

For more information or to make an appointment for your free consultation, call us at 513-444-6343 or email us at


Happy Hormone Cottage CEO Pens Book on Journey to Wellness through Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

Happy Hormone Cottage CEO Lyn Hogrefe has written Own Your Journey to Optimal Hormone Balance, a book about her journey to wellness through bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) (New Leaf Press, April 2014). Hogrefe is a speaker, educator and blogger on women’s hormone health.

Lyn Hogrefe, chief executive officer of Happy Hormone Cottage, has written her first book, Own Your Journey to Optimal Hormone Balance (New Leaf Press, April, 2014). It is now available on the Happy Hormone Cottage website, in all its office locations, and on

Hogrefe is chief executive officer of Happy Hormone Cottage, headquartered in Kettering, Ohio, which helps women obtain information and education on natural hormone balance. It offers a step-by-step process to help women “get tested, get treated and get better” through hormone replacement therapy with bioidentical hormones.

Hogrefe is no stranger to conflict.She fought to find the best treatment available to attain natural hormonal balance after a radical hysterectomy and now she is a warrior for women’s wellness.

Book signings are in the works in the Cleveland and Columbus areas this summer, as well as in Cincinnati, Dayton and Northern Kentucky. Times and dates for book signings will be posted on the Happy Hormone Cottage events pages details are finalized, along with a list of local book stores where the book will be sold.

Four years in the making, the 200-page Own Your Journey outlines Hogrefe’s personal journey to wellness through bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). She is a speaker, educator and blogger on women’s hormone health, as well as head of Happy Hormone Cottage.

“There is a huge disconnect between listening to our bodies and the information we get from the traditional medical community,” said Hogrefe. “At Happy Hormone Cottage, we’re into functional medicine, which is a very patient-centered approach. We believe in addressing the person as a whole, not just treating a woman’s isolated symptoms.”

Hogrefe said she believes drug companies are critical of biodientical hormone treatments because pharmaceutical companies would rather sell individual drugs to treat women’s menopausal symptoms than support a holistic approach to women’s wellness.

Treating the whole woman successfully stops the need for separate drugs to treat symptoms like sleeplessness, weight gain, hot flashes, depression, anxiety, fatigue and a drop in libido that are associated with perimenopause and menopause, she added.

“What you fear you try to get rid of,” said Hogrefe. “And we see this in Big Pharma today. Women have a right to treatment that is customized. Bioidentical hormones work. I’m blogging and writing to tell women the truth, because they might not get it from their doctors.”

Research bears her opinions out. Drs. Ericka Schwartz, Kent Holtorf and David Brownstein, founding directors of the Bioidentical Hormone Initiative, took the U.S. medical establishment to task in a 2009 Wall Street Journal opinion piece for “kowtowing to drug companies.” The doctors said the medical community needed to “start serving women’s best interests—and that involves widely prescribing bioidentical hormones.”

“There are 25 years of research with hundreds of studies in the U.S. and Europe that demonstrate bioidentical hormones, estradiol and micronized progesterone, are equally or more effective than synthetics—and safer,” said the doctors in the op-ed piece. “Yet mainstream medicine has buried its head in the sand and refused to
take these studies seriously.”

A book signing is scheduled for Monday, May 12 from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Yankee Trace Golf Club in Centerville, Ohio. The signing is in conjunction with the “Beauty Bash” fundraiser for Crayons to Classroom. Admission is $27 and cost of the book is $19.95 presale online or $24.95 in bookstores.

Happy Hormone Cottage has helped more than 4,500 women in the Midwest achieve hormone balance and better health through bioidentical hormones. These are compounded, personalized prescriptions of hormone creams (biestrogen, progesterone and testosterone) created for each woman based on her hormonal needs. Prescriptions are mixed at the Piqua Consulting and Compounding Lab in Piqua, Ohio.

The average customer age of a Happy Hormone Cottage client is 48 years old.

“We’re seeing the tide changing already,” said Hogrefe. “We’re forty-five hundred women later and the climate is changing from one of trepidation and fear to one of power. You can now shop for a doctor to validate you.”

Hogrefe formed HHC Consulting in December to help educate doctors and medical staff on how to work with women patients to get them diagnosed and treated with bioidentical hormones. Happy Hormone Cottage is also a part of the Forever Health network, a national registry associated with BHRT advocate Suzanne Somers that links women seeking natural hormone balance with local doctors and treatment centers.

Happy Hormone Cottage offices are located in Dayton (Kettering), Ohio; Cincinnati (Mason), Ohio; Centerville, Ohio; Vandalia, Ohio; and Crestview Hills, Ky.

Additional book signing dates and locations will be offered this spring and summer. For a complete schedule of events, go to