My Doctor’s Hormone Strategy When I Refused a Pellet

Hi Lyn,

My Doctor strongly encouraged me to get a testosterone pellet inserted into my hip to address my hormone issues. It just didn’t feel right to me so I went to my integrative and functional wellness doctor and asked if he would do creams or anything different from pellets. He decided to try patches/creams for the estradiol and testosterone and will do oral progesterone. This is a very well-known and well respected doctor in my area and one of the only doctors who believes in bio identical hormone replacement.

I believe that would be better than pellets, correct? What are your thoughts?
Thank you for your time,



Hi Janice,

You are correct. This is better than pellets. But it is a far cry from hormone balance by refilling hormone receptors. Refilling depleted hormone receptors as we age also helps prevent disease.  I assume your doctor uses blood work to determine hormone levels. Blood work simply provides a number. This isn’t really information that is all that useful. Your doctor’s ‘strategy’ of using an estrogen patch means you aren’t able to regulate dosage, and an estrogen patch is all estradiol. When we compound our estrogen creams (used vaginally) we use a combination of estradiol and estriol. The estriol calms down the estradiol and also travels to the breast tissue to help reduce breast cancer because estriol is our calming, gentle estrogen. Testosterone cream is way better than pellets because the dosing is more in line with what the body can easily absorb and handle for the benefits it provides, and will not have the negative side effects of a testosterone pellet with supra-physiologic dosing. I like this part of their strategy. Progesterone capsules are a problem for me. Because I am a compounding pharmacist’s wife, I understand that progesterone capsules convert to allapregnenolone for sleep and very little converts to progesterone. What little bit does convert, stays in the body about 8 hours and then it is gone. Combining these capsules with your estrogen patch, with little actual progesterone to balance it, will leave you estrogen dominant. This promotes not only weight gain because estrogen is a fat store, but more importantly, this estrogen dominance can increase your risk for developing breast cancer.

I hope you see my issues with this approach. It concerns me that this is the best you have got in your area. But I hear this all the time from women around the country. Which is why many of them find a way to come in and see us. 

To schedule a step one consultation ($25) call us at 513-444-6343 or 937-773-1778. Note: we are happy to do your step one phone consultation over the phone for our out-of-state clients BUT we can only treat clients who come into see our nurse practitioners in person.


Hi Lyn,

I stumbled upon your site trying to find answers. I had the pellet therapy starting in June. I just got my second pelleting in December. About 2 weeks into it I noted my throat feels like there’s something in it and I have a consistent clearing. I am a singer so this makes me so nervous. I have many pimples coming out and I can barely keep up with plucking the hairs on my face. I am not sleeping as well as I did with the first pelleting. I so regret doing this!

I have started working out as I read that it may help them wear off quicker. I ordered the saw palmetto from you. Will this stop the vocal thing?

Please help if you could,

Thank you,


Hi Cynthia,

Pellets are such a bad idea. They simply don’t make sense based on the biochemistry of our bodies. As we age and our hormone levels decrease, we need to replenish our hormones by refilling our hormone receptors of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone with physiological dosing of bioidentical customized compounded hormone creams ….exactly what our bodies need based on viable testing (not blood labs). This, along with addressing adrenal glands and thyroid as needed, promotes optimal hormone balance for life. Optimal hormone balance, with BALANCE being the operative word, alleviates symptoms of our hormone imbalance that occurs as part of the aging process AND helps prevent disease as we age: heart disease, dementia, osteoporosis and breast cancer. Isn’t this a much better strategy than pumping whopping doses of just one hormone-testosterone-into our bodies every 3 months (pellets) and using blood labs for the biofeedback? This blood work just provides a number. It does not tell you how much of all that testosterone is converting to estrogen – estradiol (e2) or estrone (e1). Did you know that Estrone is the breast cancer cell proliferator? Do you really want a pellet in your body that can heighten the risk of breast cancer? This pellet method has NOTHING at all to do with hormone balance by refilling hormone receptors for life. It has everything to do with making money. This is why at my Happy Hormone Cottage, we refuse to do pellets. I do not want your money more than I want your very BEST health naturally for the long term.
I have received hundreds of emails over the past several years from women suffering severe effects from pellet usage. I think probably one of the saddest side effects is the severe hair loss. When women’s testosterone travels down a specific methylation pathway that converts testosterone to DHT, this conversion promotes male pattern baldness. I have women emailing me who have lost anywhere from 50% to almost all of their hair. And there are many other side effects such as the ones you are experiencing. I find this tragic. Yet the pellet train keeps on moving.
I urge all of these pellet victims to report their pellet doctor and the pellet manufacturer to their state medical board. Pellets are a good money maker for the doctor and for the pellet manufacturer but they offer a world of hurt for the pellet victim.
For more information on how to assuage some of the side effects of pellets, as well as how we can help at my Happy Hormone Cottage, please go to and click on my webpage “Pellets-A Second Look.”

To schedule a step one consultation ($25) call us at 513-444-6343 or 937-773-1778. Note: we are happy to do your step one phone consultation over the phone for our out-of-state clients BUT we can only treat clients who come into see our nurse practitioners in person.

Wishing you my best,

Hair Loss / Pellet Therapy for a Year……Another Pellet Victim!

Note: I have made a special pellets page with lots more information. Please refer to that page as it will answer most questions.

I’ve written several blogs on pellets and even dedicated a chapter in my book, “Own Your Journey… Natural Hormone Balance,” to pellets and I’m still astounded that in 2016 alone, 25,000 people clicked on and read one blog page in particular: “Pellets-I get asked this question a lot.” I receive emails weekly from pellet-users (I call them victims) who are suffering from the side effects of pellets and, in most cases, having buyer’s remorse. Here is another email I just received recently:

“Hi Lyn,

I feel like I have been through hell and back because of my hormones and whatever else may be going on. I have always suspected a thyroid problem but every blood test shows normal results. I stopped having periods at age 55 and was already experiencing severe hot flashes. After years of hot flashes almost every hour of every day, I started taking estradiol. I took it on and off for years and every time I went off, the hot flashes returned. A year ago, I started using pellets, which took away the hot flashes but caused severe thinning of my hair. My last insertion was at the end of September 2016. I am at a loss as to what I should do now because I was told by my doctor that:

-my hair loss is due to the on and off of using hrt (hormone replacement therapy)

-there is no difference between synthetic and bio-identical hormones

I live on the east coast. Please, I desperately need your help. Connie” (name has been changed)

My heart always goes out to women all over the country who suffer when they are treated to a wealth of misinformation and untruths in regards to hormones. Honestly, it is astounding with all of the information we now have on hormone health, the important tasks of hormones, the importance of refilling our hormone receptors as we age, that misinformation and confusion still abounds. Sadly, medical school provides about 4 hours of education on hormones, so to look to our ob gyns and doctors for guidance on our hormone health or options for dealing with hormone issues, doesn’t typically provide us with enough information to make informed decisions. I began my Happy Hormone Cottage in 2009 on the foundation that women MUST OWN THEIR JOURNEY TO HORMONE HEALTH BY FIRST AND FOREMOST BECOMING EDUCATED. The two books I have found most beneficial and informative are:

-“Natural Hormone Balance” by Dr Uzzi Reiss

-“Bioidentical Hormones 101” by Dr Jeffrey Dach

Both are easy-to-read in layman’s terms and provide a wealth of information so we CAN make the most informed choices for our bodies. Especially in this area of hormone balance and imbalance, we MUST become educated so we CAN have a voice in our treatment strategy.

Yes, Connie, there is a plethora of difference between synthetic hormones and bio-identical hormones. Synthetic hormones are DRUGS masking as hormones. Bio-identical hormones are HORMONES created in a lab from plant-based powders, and made to mimic exactly the hormones we produce in our bodies, but as we age, we no longer produce the quantities we need. Why? Because we are aging. Since hormones perform many, many important tasks in our bodies, it makes sense that as we age and our bodies produce fewer amounts of our necessary hormones, that we would suffer from hormone imbalance issues AND be at higher risk for disease.

The second myth perpetuated by Connie’s doctor is that her thinning hair is caused by her erratic use of her estradiol (bio-identical estrogen that comes in pill form and patch form). This is false information. Testosterone pellets in women (who have high alpha-reductase activity) are converted in the body to dht (among other things). DHT is responsible for male-pattern baldness and hair loss. We actually see this issue a lot with our pellet victims and spend much time rebalancing these women. We recommend 4 strategies for women experiencing hair loss as a side effect of their pellets:

-stop getting pellet insertions

-take saw palmetto (inexpensive supplement found at health food stores or on my online store at to stop this conversion

-take Biotin to help regrow hair

-find a reliable hormone facility to refill hormone receptors using BHRT creams and get rebalanced. To schedule a step one consultation ($25) call us at 513-444-6343 or 937-773-1778. Note: we are happy to do your step one phone consultation over the phone for our out-of-state clients BUT we can only treat clients who come into see our nurse practitioners in person.

At my Happy Hormone Cottage, we are ALL about optimal hormone balance in 3 key areas:
Sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone), cortisol and thyroid. As a Functional Medicine facility, we understand the body works together as a whole, so just addressing sex hormones in isolation doesn’t make sense to us, based on the biochemistry of our bodies. We are ALL about REFILLING OUR HORMONE RECEPTORS WITH BIO-IDENTICAL HORMONE CREAMS in physiological dosing (just what each body needs) after we do viable testing that does NOT involve blood labs. Why not? Because blood labs only provide us with a number. We are much more interested in HOW our body is using our hormones (metabolites and methylation pathways). The exception here is with our thyroid. We do use blood labs to initially check thyroid in a 10-point thyroid panel (not the typical tsh and t4 labs) as well as our Thyroflex machine that tests the function of the thyroid at the tissue level, where 85% of our thyroid resides. (To learn more, go to the “thyroid health” web page of my website)

Since we are immersed in the biochemistry of our bodies, with a functional medicine approach, we understand the importance and role of each hormone and how critical it is to balance these levels as we are refilling our receptors. We also pay attention to cortisol patterns and adrenal fatigue and heal these in conjunction with our optimal hormone balance. There is nothing about balance with pellets. Only one hormone (typically) is used and it is used in a supra-physiological dose based on blood labs. With all of the information we have at our disposal, we understand that pellets simply don’t make sense based on the biochemistry of our bodies. They are a good money-maker for the pellet manufacturer and for the doctor inserting them; but we have found nothing but a world of hurt in regards to the women “victims” coming to us from pellets. The bottom line for me is to know your stuff and do your research so you can make an informed decision. Simply taking someone’s word for it is a high price to pay for your health.

Read more about our view on pellets here

Do Your Homework Before Getting Pellets

Note: I have made a special pellets page with lots more information. Please refer to that page as it will answer most questions.

Below is an email I received followed by my response.

Hello. Thank you for taking the time to read my email.
I have a question.
I am a 39 years old female.
I went to a doctor that dose the testosterone pellets. I’ve only done it twice last year. It’s been 5 months since my last pellet injection. I was very concerned about having this done & asked a million questions. However I don’t think my doctor had a clue what he was doing.
So here I am 5 months later & I had my blood work done because my hair is falling out & I have the worst acne ever. My blood work showed I had 3x the amount of more testosterone then a man!
How long do the pellets take to rid my system & will my hair grow back? Will I fully recover from these testosterone pellets?
I’m very worried about the mistake I’ve made & I’m hoping the side effects are not long term.
My hair was thick before & now I’m almost completely bald. Will my hair grow back & stay?
Thank you again. I’m sure you get so many emails but I’d really appreciate any advice or knowledge to help myself at this point.
Thank you,

Hi Heather,
I am never too busy to read or respond to my emails. Thank you for emailing me. For more experiences like yours with pellets, please go to my website’s blog and scroll down to my blogs on pellets. They are popular and I’ve shared close to 200 emails from women with similar horrific experiences like yours. I’ve also written a book, “Own Your Journey……to Optimal Hormone Balance” for more information, and you can order this on my online store if you are interested.
At our Happy Hormone Cottages, we don’t believe in pellets. In fact, we believe pellets give what we do a bad name. We are ALL about HORMONE BALANCE in all areas: estrogen, progesterone, testosterone (our sex hormones), cortisol from our adrenal glands, and thyroid. Let me explain. We understand from the biochemistry of our bodies that we must refill our hormone receptors that deplete as we age, because our hormones perform many, many jobs in our bodies. Why do our hormones deplete? It is part of the aging process. Think about it. Years ago, most women (and men) didn’t live much beyond their 30s or 40s so their depleting hormone levels weren’t a big deal. But now that we are living into our 70s, 80s, and sometimes our 90s, we have to replenish them to continue to be healthy AND to prevent disease. Progesterone begins depleting around age 35 and is kind of a big deal because progesterone performs significant tasks like:
-promoting sleep
-preventing anxiety
-preventing depression (progesterone gives us our ‘joy of life’ feeling)
-preventing sugar cravings
-elevating our mood
-preventing aches and pains
-helping to prevent breast cancer
When our progesterone levels dip in our mid 30s, these above issues begin to happen. Sleep is impacted. Women become fatigued. Tired women don’t want sex, so libido decreases. This negatively impacts marriages. (This explains mid-life crises and why men look to younger women for their sexual needs) This is when women become aware of their hormones, although hormones have always played a huge role in our development from girls to women to pregnancy (and then on to and through the aging process to death). And this is when having the testosterone pellets implanted become popular. Putting a whopping dose of testosterone in our bodies does not make sense to us and in fact, we understand biochemically, the dangers of doing this. We never measure hormone levels in blood, except thyroid and then we do an 11 point thyroid blood panel in conjunction with our innovative thyroflex machine. We find just having a number in blood for our sex hormones and cortisol is somewhat meaningless. It does not give us much information. We are more interested in what our hormones-sex hormones and cortisol- are DOING inside our bodies; how they are metabolizing and methylating. Then we can work with our clients to create a strategy customized just for them, using our bio-identical hormone creams compounded from plant-based powders, to refill our hormone receptors over time for optimal hormone balance. Doing so eradicates the symptoms of our hormone imbalance (sleeplessness, anxiety, irritability, fatigue, low libido, brain fog, weight gain) and, more importantly, helps prevent disease as we age. What diseases? Osteoporosis, heart disease, dementia, breast cancer. Once you understand that estrogen, which depletes during Perimenopause and drastically depletes through menopause, performs over 300 tasks in our bodies to protect our heart and our brain; and testosterone that helps build strong bone (by signaling the osteoblasts to make more), helps memory recall, gives energy and helps libido WHEN we also address our tired adrenal glands……you will understand why replacing these hormones that deplete as we age is so important. In fact, our mantra is, “Hormones are to women what water is to plants!” I hope you now understand why we simply don’t believe in pellets- supraphysiologic dosing of testosterone just does not make sense when you are immersed in Functional Medicine, holistic health, like we are.
For you specifically, these testosterone pellets will decrease over time and your testosterone level will go back to what it was. But the damage to your body is more long-lasting. You can pick up saw palmetto (we sell it on my online store) to help stop the conversion of your testosterone to DHT for your hair loss. You can also get Biotin (yes-on my online store) to help grow hair. Over time, and you will need to be patient, your hair should come back. I’m hopeful that your acne will also subside as the pellets wear off. I highly suggest you give us a call at 513-444-6343 to set up an appointment for a consultation ($25) for over the phone or in person so we can work with you to restore your hormone balance. We have 4 Happy Hormone Cottages in the Cincinnati-Dayton area. Our nurse practitioners work at 3 of them. You can do everything off-site if you live out of our area, but you will need to come and see our practitioner in person for your hormone therapy prescription.
I hope this information is helpful to you. I often wonder why women go through with pellet implantations when they sense the doctor implanting them “doesn’t have a clue what he was doing,’ and more importantly, why there aren’t lawsuits against these practitioners and the companies who make the pellets? Someone, somewhere needs to be held accountable and this madness should be stopped. We spend a lot of our time helping women who have been negatively impacted by pellets.
Take care and keep me posted. I hope you decide to work with us. We are all about hormone balance and wellness. I’m most interested in your journey to health and wellness.

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Hormone Pellets

Note: I have made a special pellets page with lots more information. Please refer to that page as it will answer most questions.

This just in from another hormonally imbalanced woman:

“Greetings Lyn,

I just discovered your website and thank you for all your advice, concern and care for those of us experiencing the challenges of hormonal imbalances. I received my first sotto-pellet insertion in Sept of 2013, a second in Jan 2014 and a third in late April 2014. The first seemed like a miracle drug and I vowed to continue to my death! It stopped the night sweats and flashes, increased my libido and got rid of the anxiety, running thoughts and restless sleepless nights. I also take 10mg progesterone nightly. The problem is that I have started back having hot flashes! They started back in January of 2014 and have persisted to a degree since then. The only other problem I have is that the estrogen has stimulated uterine fibroids which had not bothered me for at least 5 years. So, the level of estrogen is always a consideration. I completed the cortisone test and am taking supplements for that. I’m just a little weary about continuing the insertions. But, I have gotten a lot of good results and don’t want to go back to the degree of severity I experience before, but also don’t like paying $500 each insertion and am still experiencing hot flashes! Suggestions…..I am in Georgia.”

My response:

“Thank you for your email and your kind words. Hopefully you have gone to my blog site and scrolled down to the blogs I’ve written on pellets. We are against them for women for a plethora of health reasons. We understand that the supra – physiological dosing of testosterone that continues to build in your body with each insertion isn’t a good idea. Testosterone converts to estrogen. One of the estrogens it converts to is estrone. Estrone is the breast cancer cell proliferator (builder). This scares me. Also, if you are taking oral progesterone, what we know as compounders is that oral progesterone converts to allapregnenelone and very little converts to progesterone….so now you have estrogen dominance. This also promotes weight gain, breast cancer, brain fog, etc. Another issue with pellets is if the methylation pathway the testosterone travels down through the body is the 5a-alpha reductase pathway, it converts to dht for male pattern baldness. So we have pellet users come to us frequently with balding heads, facial hair, deepening voices, bleeding issues…..These are just some of the reasons it doesn’t make sense to me to put too much of any hormone into one’s body. We only prescribe physiological dosing of hormones that each body needs, determined by urine strip testing. This testing gives us so much more information than blood serum. We do work with pellet users after their final insertion has been at least 3 months and we work to rebalance them. It does take time. Our Happy Hormone Cottage also works to heal adrenal glands and thyroid. We are a functional medicine (holistic health) facility that works to fix the cause of issues and not just band aid symptoms. My suggestion for you is to call us at 513-444-6343 to set up a phone consultation. We can work with you to get you balanced. We have women driving and flying in from all over the country to see our nurse practitioner. If this isn’t possible for you, you will need to find a doctor in your area to sign off on our recommendation for your hormone balance. We use customized hormone creams vaginally. I hope this information helps. Read my blogs on pellets for even more info.

Her response:

Greetings Lyn,

Again, thank you so much for the information and of course, the speedy response! I certainly didn’t expect that. I have signed up online and have completed the medical history form and am looking forward to my phone consult on Thursday! I am excited about the possibilities and thank you again for your assistance!” I’m so happy we are here to help. Serving women by restoring optimal hormone balance is our mission. Refilling our hormone tanks to restore joy of life and prevent disease is what we are all about.


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“My Most Popular Blog Ever! (pellets)”

Note: I have made a special pellets page with lots more information. Please refer to that page as it will answer most questions.

Back in January of 2012, I wrote a blog entitled, “I Get Asked This Question A Lot!” that has to date generated 59 responses, and counting. The following correspondence between Carly and myself offers insight that can be helpful to others. Let me share:

“Dear Lyn,
I am 51, I had a hysterectomy  in 2010, I still have one ovary. I get hot flashes, sometimes pretty bad, and then they will fade to maybe once or twice a week. They are irregular. My biggest concern is my weight. Last year, in June 2013, I lost my insurance and wasn’t able to purchase
the rx I was on. I was taking Topomax, Cymbalta for muscle and joint pain, and some anxiety, too.  I was also on Wellbutrin and Lipitor. Since going off all of this, I have gained probably 30 pounds. I have noticed my middle is getting a thick band of fat, that seems very hard around the abdomen. This really worries me as there is diabetes and heart disease in my family. I also have high cholesterol, and absolutely no energy. The muscle and joint pain give me no motivation to work out. I don’t eat crazy, although I do have bread cravings. I am really nervous about the sudden weight gain. I know I have some hormone issues, but what they are, I have no clue. I went to a free seminar on bioidentical hormones and I was excited. The doctor was pro-testosterone  pellets. He said he checks blood labs to see if low testosterone is the culprit. I would really like a straight-up option on my weight gain, hormones and a proven method that doesn’t take years to accomplish. I mean when you use hormone creams, how soon do you lose weight? I’m just at a loss. And now the pellets scare me. I was considering scheduling an appointment with him. Any ideas?

Hi Carly,
I will be frank with you. Rarely is testosterone therapy at the heart of health issues. Pellet therapy is great at giving supra-physiological doses of testosterone to mask underlying issues.
Weight gain is best managed with balanced hormone therapy, proper supplementation, exercise and a Ketogenic diet.  The 3 major hormones: insulin, cortisol and thyroid need to be proactively managed prior to managing sex hormones of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. If you schedule an appointment with this doctor, your first question should be the strategy for managing insulin, cortisol and thyroid. Only after this discussion, should testosterone be discussed. Finally, you need to determine how testosterone is to be balanced with estrogen and progesterone.
Be sure you have read the other comments from this blog post to see potential pitfalls of testosterone pellets in women. I’m fairly certain this doctor won’t share these drawbacks with you. I am not a fan of supra-physiological dosing of any hormone. We are all about using physiological (exactly what each body needs) dosing of all sex hormones, as needed, for optimal hormone balance. I hope this info helps you.

Thank you, Lyn.
It does help honestly. I read all the comments long before I made my own comment and went through your site many times. I have actually visited your page a few times over the years and have wanted to make an appointment. I have been looking hard for something that can help me. I feel out of control. I have changed my diet, drink only water, and some coffee in the morning. I eat very little red meat maybe once a month, increased my fish and veggies. I also limited my breads, and I am still not losing weight as I expected. It has been 3 weeks and I have only lost 4 pounds. I would like to make an appointment at your facility but it would have to be after 4:00 p.m. I live in Springfield. Is there any hope to get this weight off and get my sex life back on track in a realistic time period? I want my life back. Is summer too soon? Can you email or call me?

Hi Carly,
We can help! We are women helping women for wellness and are all about educating you. Having been an educator for over 30 years, I know that it is this learning that promotes a change in beliefs and a change in behavior. We will connect with you early this week to set up an appointment, or you can call us at 513-444-6343. Our Vandalia office is probably the closest office to you and it is open on Thursdays until 7:00 p.m. Otherwise our Kettering office offers Saturday appointments for our working women who can’t make it in during the week.
I look forward to working with you holistically for your best health naturally. Our approach gets at the heart of your issues and offers as balanced strategy that encompasses all areas of concern (adrenal glands, thyroid, sex hormones, weight, heart health) to correct the problems…not just mask the symptoms (as your prescription drugs did). I am excited for you!”

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Pellets – I get asked this question a lot!

Note: I have made a special pellets page with lots more information. Please refer to that page as it will answer most questions.

I think it’s time we talked about “pellets” as a hormone replacement strategy and be done with it. I gave a presentation at an event in early January that over 200 women attended and this was one of their questions as well. So here goes! Pellets have been around for the past several years and are one option women have to impact the way they feel. Pellets are typically a high dose of testosterone that is put into a tablet shaped like a cylinder. This testosterone tablet is implanted underneath the skin of the hip, where it then slowly dissolves over 3 months into the blood stream. I actually like this testosterone pellet option for men, but not so much for women because we see a LOT of issues with women coming to us who have this pellet implant and have developed some pretty significant health issues because of it. It seems like some women do ok with their first testosterone pellet implant or so. Their energy is better almost immediately, and their libido is typically positively impacted as well. So what’s the problem? The problem is when they continue to re-implant these pellets every 3 months after they wear off. Women’s bodies were never meant to metabolize (deal with) such high doses of testosterone coursing through our veins. One big problem I see with these pellet implantations for women is that testosterone can convert to estrone (E1)-which is the estrogen that is the breast cancer cell proliferator. This alone scares me away from pellets. Women over 35 are typically estrogen dominant anyway, which means they have a heightened risk of breast cancer. Why would I want to add another risk factor to our women’s bodies?? The obvious answer is that I wouldn’t! Another big reason I am extremely uncomfortable with pellets is that these high doses of testosterone also can cause secondary issues that we see a lot of in the women who are coming to us:  significant hair loss, male pattern baldness, acne, increased growth of facial hair to the point that these women are shaving, a resuming of periods years after women have gone through menopause, and a whole host of other issues. I had a memorable consultation with a 63 year old woman in July who had pellet implants every 3 months for a year and came to me with a chest full of hair (I so wish I was kidding but sadly I’m not!), a deeper voice and regular periods that had resumed after 8 years! Another big reason we don’t recommend pellets is that we know our first line of defense in hormone balance is restoring progesterone levels. Progesterone is a BIG deal. Progesterone can’t be put into a pellet, so where’s the progesterone?
What we do at our Happy Hormone Cottage and Piqua Medicine Shoppe that sets us apart is that we dose physiologically for our bodies. This means that we check your hormone levels first and then we customize therapy for each individual with all 3 hormones: estradial, progesterone and testosterone as needed. It is all about dosing physiologically each day AND balance. When we give each woman exactly what dose her body needs daily (in a topical cream form) and we adjust this dose slightly over time based on the biofeedback from HER body, and we recheck these levels every year to maintain this proper hormone balance, we have happy women who are issue-free. And isn’t this the point of hormone replacement therapy?? To restore hormone balance as an anti-aging strategy and to prevent disease. And how long do we recommend we use this natural hormone replacement therapy? My response is frank- “until we are dead!”  Why wouldn’t we do this? As we age and our bodies lose the ability to make our own hormones so issues develop, and we have found a way to restore this balance….why in heaven’s name would we ever stop??


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New Book Cover
The second edition now contains a section on pellets. Click cover picture to buy in our store.