Do You Want a Quick Fix or Are You Willing To Do the Work?

I was talking to a young lady today, who is immersed in alternative therapy. You know the type. They are the ones I call “crunchy granola,” with all due respect and fondness. They are the ones who recycled long before it became popular; who grow their own vegetables, make their own soap, do yoga several times a week, and wear Birkenstocks! When I told her my passion-educating and empowering women on addressing hormone balance issues with customized natural hormone therapy-she was excited! She said, “OMG! It’s about time!” and then she made an accurate observation. She said, “I bet it is interesting to compare your clients who just want a quick fix versus the ones who are willing to do the work to get better.”. Such a profound observation, and an incredibly accurate one! The women who come to me who want to get better yesterday; who think the words of their doctor are  the words of a god; who aren’t educated in their options-especially natural options…these are the ones who expect immediate relief from symptoms and aren’t willing to do the work necessary to heal and get better. These are the “quick-fixers.”. These are the women I can’t help. So who MOST benefits from our therapy? We are MOST successful with women who:
-are educated in their hormone options
-aren’t interested in drug therapy to mask their symptoms
-are interested in reading, thinking for themselves, talking with their doctor and demanding to be heard, pursuing hormone balance through natural options and are empowered to make these decisions for themselves
-are willing to put themselves on their own list
-eat healthy and exercise
-acknowledge when they need help and ask for it from alternative therapy experts.
These are the women who are successful! These are the women who are willing to do the work to get better. Which woman are you?

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  1. I too am always perplexed by not only women, but people in general who want to pop a pill, rub on a cream or do most anything to avoid having to commit to making changes to heal themselves. However, what I see is that it is not their fault as we live in a fast-food-drive through I want it now society. This culture has been created by businesses and advertisers that it is NOT in their best interest to “sell health”. Refined and processed foods should come with a warning label. If people knew the implications of high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated fats, sugar, refined and processed foods as well as all of the commercial skin care lotions and potions that people rub on themselves that contain parabens and many other hormone disrupters ALL of which wreak havoc not only on hormonal balance but all body systems, one would like to think that people would embrace change and educate themselves or find a good holistic health practitioner to facilitate this process. But sadly, this is not the case. People do not even think about reading labels to know exactly what they are putting into/onto their bodies. Very few people are willing to look at changing the way they walk through life and the choices they make but would rather eat crappy food, take a pill or rub on some creams as they are unwilling to do the work it takes to attain extreme health and find out what it truly means to be healthy and balanced on all levels. When Brillat-Savarin and Feuerbach stated “show me what you eat and I will show you what you are” they knew then, even in the 1800’s that that that the food one eats has a bearing on both one’s state of mind and health.

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