Go Forth and Be Drugged OR Go Forth and Be Well…the Choice is Yours!

I think you’ve probably heard the word on the street that our reason for being, our passion, is educating and empowering women to live their best life naturally. Such a great cause and one that is desperately needed in our society today. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if women were better and felt well, as they aged, then we wouldn’t be so busy! If, when issues developed,   doctors were treating the root cause of the issue, instead of just band aiding these issues to get rid of the symptoms, women would be better. But women aren’t better! I see it every day as they stagger into our offices with obvious hormone imbalance issues of fatigue, weight gain, low libido, hair loss, sleeplessness, brain fog, adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues and no joy of life. And the worst part is that the traditional approach to dealing with these issues is just NOT working. Hormone levels are rarely, if ever, checked. Women are told every day by their doctors, “Oh you are too young to be in menopause. Or you are too old to need hormones. Or, having a hot flash? Well, here’s an estrogen patch. Or, not sleeping? Here’s a sleeping aid. Or, what thyroid issue? Or, my favorite-feeling depressed or anxious? Here’s a prescription for an antidepressant.” What we know to be true; what has been done for 25-30 years in Europe (where, by the way, the women are remarkably healthy and happy!); what we DO have clinical studies on are bio-identical hormones. We know that replenishing depleted hormone levels with these bio-identical hormones, AFTER checking a woman’s existing hormone levels and then customizing bhrt for that woman DOES work. Our women ARE better! That using natural hormone replacement as we age, considering the entire health of the woman holistically, and working at the PREVENTION end of the spectrum is a relevant anti-aging strategy! And women WANT natural! Women also really want to go to their trusted health care practitioner and be heard. They want to tell their story and be validated. So what’s the problem? The problem is that the traditional approach to medicine focuses on drug therapy with a one-size-fits-most, big pharma-driven, very limiting belief system where thinking outside the box isn’t valued. Whereas OUR approach to women’s health deals more in the world of FUNCTIONAL medicine. What is this? Functional medicine is a personalized approach to medicine that deals with primary prevention and underlying CAUSES instead of symptoms, for serious chronic issues. This is a science-based field of health care that is grounded in several principles:
-patient centered
-dynamic balance of internal and external factors
-interconnections of body systems
-health as a positive vitality
Functional medicine uses the patient’s story as the key tool for diagnosis and is focused on patient care rather than disease care. And it is anchored by an examination of core clinical imbalances that underlie various conditions. So I think it is clear what our goal for 2012 needs to be. We need to push our traditional doctors to begin to open their minds to a more patient-driven, functional approach to medicine. There are classes , seminars and workshops offered in functional medicine. If our doctors are motivated enough, they CAN get informed outside the realm of traditional medicine and feel comfortable   thinking outside the box of current standard of care. Obviously what is going on in traditional health care today in this area of women’s health isn’t working. So frankly, isn’t it time? Isn’t it past time where you can go to your doctor and partner with him to discuss options for keeping you healthy? The choice is yours-go forth and be drugged or go forth and do what it takes to feel better? I think the choice is clear! Oh, and by the way, when you do nothing at all to replenish your depleted hormone levels that deplete with age, (maybe because you currently aren’t having any issues)  you are setting yourself up for failure. For example, when your estrogen levels deplete, and we know that estrogen does 300 jobs in the body (!), how are those jobs going to get done if we don’t replace those levels? When you go to your doctor with a disease that could have been prevented, it’s already too late. Education is key to eradicating misconceptions and wrong assumptions.
I urge you to strongly encourage your doctor to work with you to explore more natural options for your healthcare!


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10 comments on “Go Forth and Be Drugged OR Go Forth and Be Well…the Choice is Yours!

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. My doctor is always so quick to prescribe hormone therapy pills but I’d rather just deal with this on my own—naturally!

  2. I am really going through a tough time and I don’t know where to go to get help. I am 50 years old, get my period every three weeks and am suffering with anxiety, stomach cramps, fear of fainting and just an overall pathetic and depressed approach to life. I was never this way, I used to be pretty darn happy all the time and full of energy. I work, have a wonderful husband and two grown boys. How can I get help? I am scared.

  3. I am 44 and have been feeling like I don’t know myself anymore for a few years. The past few months my hot flashes and mood swings are off the chart. I spoke to my psychiatrist and she said it is just everyday stress and this is normal. She said everybody feels weird sometimes! I used to love to clean, work in the yard, dance and go places, but I don’t even want to get dressed. I have not worked due to pain, depression, and lack of drive since ’05, but I received an associates in accounting online March 14, 2012. I want my life back and have explained this to my doctors and they say I will feel better when I get back to work. I am scared too! I don’t have enough energy to go to work 🙁 I am going to the Happy Hormone Cottage today and one of their doctors immediately after. My daughter saw their commercial and urged me to go. I really hope and feel like this is the beginning and the door is opening up to a new world for me today. Wish me luck and happiness and hormones!!!! I read one of Lyn’s stories and felt like she was writing what I had told her my symptoms were! It seriously made me feel like today is going to open the door to my new life 🙂

  4. Hey Tammy-SO glad you are coming in to see us today. You no longer have to settle for a lower quality of life. Why do we have to continue to suffer just because current standard of care that revolves around drug therapy is the only answer many practitioners know? It is time we begin to expect and demand more and to embrace doctors willing to think outside the box and who are willing to give customized BHRT a try. It has been successfully used in Europe for 30 years and there ARE studies on this approach to hormone imbalance issues that impact our lives. Loking forward to your feeling better.

  5. Paula-May 15, 2012
    I am 65, and have been searching for help with BHRT since 2006. I read Ageless, which was when my quest for help began…I live in a small town in TX, so haven’t had success with drs that specialize in this field. I would say…dabble is more like it. I am on a rollercoaster with all of the symptoms, even with my BHRT. I have a compound pharmacist, & do saliva test, but my dr just doesn’t quite get it. I could write a book, but will stop here. Any advice would be so very appreciated. I have read every book that is listed in this app. I just found HHC tonite. I am always searching.

  6. Hi Paula,
    Feel free to call us at 513-444-6343 to set up a phone consultation with Jeff RPh, our compounding pharmacist. His
    20-25 minute phone consultation is $50 and these are scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 4:00-7:00 EST. If you like this idea, you can fax your saliva test results to us at 937-773-0643 for Jeff to take a look at for your phone consultation. We would love to help you! One of our biggest endeavors is supporting our clients who are ON customized bhrt and sending our recommendation for their “tweaking” or hormone balance to their health care practitioner for his/her perusal. I hope this information helps.

  7. Yes! I will fax my latest saliva test results, & call for a phone consultation this next week. Thank you! Paula

  8. Hello….I’m really hoping you can help me. For 6 months now I’ve had chronic fatigue, I feel like i’m drugged everyday. I’ve had blood tests done at my doctors but so far everything has come back clear. I don’t know much about hormones, but I’m wondering which tests should they have done to check my hormones? I’m not sure if they will even do these tests. I’m only 37 so wouldn’t think it was menopausal. I really hope you will help. Thank you so much. Best wishes. Kate

  9. Kate,
    Hormones come in all shapes and sizes. Not only do we have our sex hormones of estrogen, progesterone
    and testosterone, but we have cortisol, thyroid, etc. I suspect your issues are a mixture of some of these
    being unbalanced and fatigued. Why don’t you call us for a phone consultation ($25) to see if you are a
    candidate for testing? We don’t use blood tests (except for thyroid, and then we use an 11 point panel).

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