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Hi Lyn,
I just had blood work at my gynecologist, knowing the saliva test is better, but thought I would just do everything at the gyn office. I am a new patient there. I was considering the pellet but now will not. I’m considering doing nothing now because it is just too much money. I’m 59 and in menopause. I took myself off my estrogen pill a couple years ago, and I just had my Merina birth control device removed. My symptoms are not bad-perhaps some brain fog and low sex drive. I have an appt at my gyn soon to go over the blood work and to discuss hormones. I take a thyroid pill and they tell me there is a more natural one. All this to say I’m wondering if I should visit you. Can you tell me how much the saliva testing is? I already paid over $100 for my blood work. And as I said, not sure I can even afford the hormone treatment, but I would like an idea of the cost.
Thanks for any help,


Hi Laurie,
Thank you for your email. I’m happy you read my webpage on why we do not believe in or endorse pellets. I think we may be the only ones who don’t. They are a good money maker for the doctor and the pellet manufacturer but they offer a world of hurt for the recipient. We spend a lot of our time repairing the damage from pellets from women all over the country. Sad, really.
Initial consultations at my Happy Hormone Cottage cost $25 for an hour consultation. We find out all about you and you learn about us. We do NOT find blood work useful. It just provides a number. We did use saliva testing back in the day, but have changed over the past few years to cutting edge technology in dried urine strip testing. It is user-friendly and the multipage report that comes back on each woman’s body on how their hormones are methylating and metabolizing is invaluable. Our take home test also checks cortisol. With this information, we can determine the woman’s risk of breast cancer (based on her estrogen methylating pathway) and actually reroute the pathway to make it breast cancer protective. This is just an example. The test costs $350. We provide cpt codes for you to get reimbursed from your insurance company. We also take HSA cards and flex spending cards. By the way, we are also excellent with treating thyroid, as well, and have a 10 point blood panel, a thyroflex machine and a successful Hashimoto’s Protocol.
I wrote a book, “Own Your Journey … Optimal Hormone Balance” which encourages each woman to do their own research in this area of Bioidentical Hormone replacement. The estrogen pill you were on is not a strategy we endorse due to the risk of blood clots and breast cancer they provide. This is why I opened my cottage 9 years ago… educate women on their bodies. Doctors receive about 4 hours of hormone education in medical school. So their toolbox is very limited and often influenced by big pharma (estrogen pill, estrogen patch). I exist to clear up the confusion and misinformation, and to help women.
We do not refill our hormone receptors to eradicate symptoms of a hormone imbalance that happens to all women as part of the aging process. We refill our hormone receptors that deplete with age with Bioidentical hormone creams to prevent disease as we age: dementia, heart disease, osteoporosis and breast cancer. Doing nothing at age 59 to refill our hormone receptors leaves us ripe for disease. Why? Because our hormones do a lot of really important tasks in our bodies and we need them to go the distance. I want to live a long life but with high quality. This is why I have had to become a warrior for my own health.
Please return to my website and read my Thyroid Health and Adrenal Health webpages. Check out our Recommended Readings page. Educate yourself. I would rethink my visit to your doctor’s office with the blood work. But you are in charge of your own journey. I hope the info I have provided helps.
To schedule a step one consultation ($25) call us at 513-444-6343 or 937-773-1778. Note: we are happy to do your step one phone consultation over the phone for our out-of-state clients BUT we can only treat clients who come into see our nurse practitioners in person.
My Best,

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  1. Hi,
    I am on my second pellet insert but told them (doctor)that I felt like I was loosing a lot of my hair and they just refused to admit that the pellet was the culprit……..beut after reading about all this,I think they were in denial or not wanting to give up that nice income. The second insert will be my last. I also felt that my thoughts were horrible!!!! Now I know how men are because of this experience! This is all disappointing as the first insert was really great. Now I am at at a loss, but just bought some saw paw meadow and biotin. I have lost so much hair that I went immediately to the drug store to curtail the blows of loss of hair! Yes, hair is very very important and I am hoping that it is not too late to grow it back again and hope it isn’t permanent.
    Thank you for all the advice.

  2. I have suffer from pellets implant but did it one time they put so much in hair starting falling out it’s been a year and still has not grow back don’t know what to do any advice would help been doing some cream and I am hypothyroidism. I live in Eden N,C. 27288. Does this mean my hair will never fill back in.

  3. Barbara,
    You are right on! Your pellet did cause your hair loss because the testosterone in your pellet converted to DHT for male patterned baldness. Using your saw palmetto stops this conversion and the Biotin will help hair regrow. Doctors make a lot of money on the pellets, and so does the pellet manufacturer. You can also call your state medical board to report both. Sadly, neither the doctor nor the pellet manufacturers understand why the hair falls out on certain women, and when it does, they have no idea why nor do they take any responsibility. Sad, really, and wrong.

  4. Linda,
    You can go to a health food store or pharmacy to pick up saw palmetto to help stop the conversion of your testosterone causing the hair loss. Pick up Biotin to help your hair grow back. You should find a Functional medicine doctor in your area to help you with your thyroid, as this will also help your hair.
    You can also call us at 513-444-6343 to set up a phone consultation ($25) to learn how we can help.

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