This email just in:

“Hi Lyn. Well, I don’t know what I am going to do because my doctor completely disagreed with the hormone testing that was done through you and wouldn’t even consider the results. He is our family doctor, so he doesn’t know hormone therapy, but he disagrees with the validity of a test that is not requested by a doctor. I am not sure what to believe. He is recommending anti depressants as needed for my symptoms, but I am still not sure what is the right decision. I have always felt like my issues have been with hormones. He did suggest going to a hormone doctor, but I feel like that is more out-of-pocket money I will have to spend that still may not give me any solutions. Any suggestions? Susan”

My response:

“Hi Susan. I just received your email and I have to tell you that I feel your pain! I get emails like yours often. I think it would be beneficial for you to go to my website or download my free mobile app ( and read my blogs. My latest blog(s) discuss this very issue. What WE know is that you DO have a hormone imbalance issue, (we have your results to prove it) so we want to replace your depleted hormone levels with customized hormone therapy to fix the cause of your issues.  Many conventionally trained doctors just don’t understand this. The only tools in their toolbox are anti depressants, sleeping aids and estrogen products that are one-size-fits-most. And because most have egos, I have found their attitude to reflect the same attitude as your doctor:  CONDEMNATION WITHOUT INVESTIGATION IS THE HEIGHT OF ARROGANCE. And in NO sector of our society’s healthcare system do people have fight SO HARD to be heard and validated, as women in OUR demographic. Why is this? After doing what I do for 3 years now I have come to realize that the reason this is still being perpetuated today is because WE allow it. We (women in our demographic) just take it. I don’t know about you, but I’m done being not validated; told I’m either too young for hormone issues; or being told that “this too shall pass,” or “this is just the way you are supposed to feel.” Really? Since when? I guess when we get sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, we won’t take it anymore and begin to stand up to our doctors so we ARE heard and validated.

What I DO know is this-if you do nothing to fix the cause of your issue, you will never feel better than you do today. I think this is a scary thought for most of my women. And I guess that is why we are so busy at our Happy Hormone Cottages. Because women are feeling better! How? They are going to doctors who actually validate how they feel; who “get” that saliva testing IS valid and are willing to think outside the box so their female patients can feel better.

My suggestion for you is to go to a doctor who DOES work with us and does understand your issues. If you can remind me what part of town you live in, I can recommend a doctor for you. We can easily fax your test results and our recommendation for your natural hormone balance to this doctor.

Please let me know how you wish to proceed. My wish for you is that YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO FEEL BETTER by NOT accepting your family doctor’s word as law. You are allowed to think for yourself and take charge of YOUR journey. This is why we are here–to empower you so YOU can advocate for yourself what you believe.

Warmly, Lyn”

3 comments on “SOUND FAMILIAR??

  1. I agree with Lyn, please don’t give up just because ONE Dr. doesn’t know enough to help you. There are a lot of Dr’s in this town and Lyn can put you in touch with one that WILL help you and WANTS to help you–but you must advocate for YOURSELF–it is your health and nobody is in charge of it but you. Good luck to you.

  2. So, I live in Annapolis MD and after having gone through Bilateral Salpingo-OOpherectomy, subsequent Severe Adrenal Insufficiency, and now hypothyroid, I am having to drag my endocrinologist to the water and make her drink because she was only checking TSH. I have been on the Stop The Thyroid Madness website and ordered the book but as important, I have looked at my bloodwork dating back nearly 30 years and I have had a hormonal imbalance that long. I had a daughter born with CAH. I am now in the process of collecting all of my bloodwork for all these years to show an endocrinologist at Johns Hopkins next month but can you recommend someone in the Annapolis MD area who will look into balancing all of my hormones back out again. I am definitely being treated but not managed at all. They dont get it. I have nearly 30 years of being B12 and Iron Deficient as well……I dont get why I am having to learn all of this and why my doctors are not figuring it out for me…

  3. I think the better philosophy might be, “I am going to do what it takes to advocate for MY body and MY best health naturally.” You have to understand that conventional medicine is mostly about drug therapy to band-aid the symptoms and not so much about finding the cause. So it truly is up to YOU to do what it takes to feel better. I think 30 years of an untreated hormone imbalance might convince you of this 🙂 Why don’t you google Functional Medicine doctors in your area to see if you can find one locally? (You should google Functional Medicine first!) For a doctor who may work with you on customized bhrt, go to my website and click on “list of local practitioners,” scroll down to the bottom where it says “type in your zip code here.” Do that and up will pop a list of drs who are known to have worked with bhrt. You will need to call the drs on this list to see if they work with customized bhrt from a compounding lab. (btw, we don’t recommend endocrinologists….the more specialized the care, the less able to think outside the box, has been my experience) If you can find a Functional Medicine dr, s/he should also be able to balance your hormones. Keep me posted.

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