What Cancer Risk?

I received the following e-mail this morning:

“Dear Lyn,

     I am struggling with symptoms. My fear is that hormonal treatment will cause cancer. Do you have any comments on this?”

Following was my reply:

Hi Jennifer (name changed),
You are so funny. If our natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy caused cancer, would I be using it myself AND would I have many, many women on it as well? (We have been doing this for 12 years now). I appreciate your question (you are not alone in your fear) because it shows how very confused women are. The only way to conquer your fear is to begin to do the reading and educate yourself in this area because KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and the TRUTH will take away your fear.
  I would begin by reading:
-Ageless by Suzanne Somers
-Natural Hormone Balance by Dr. Uzzi.  Reiss
-Adrenal Fatigue by James Wilson
  I would also go to my website
www.happyhormonecottage.com and click on our Recommended Readings tab for clinical studies you can click on and read. We also have a section just for practitioners with over 100 clinical studies. The information on the safety and efficacy of what we do IS out there. It just isn’t readily available. Do you think the pharmaceutical companies who dose for the masses WANT to educate you on any alternatives? By the way, we DO have over 30 practitioners in the Cincinnati-Dayton area who work with us and sign off on our strategy for their clients’ hormone balance because they
-love their clients
-want to see them get better by treating the cause of their hormone imbalance issues…not just mask them with drug therapy
-became educated in what we do because this wasn’t taught in medical school.
    You can also google the Women’s Health Initiative 2002 to read about the significant health risks caused by the synthetic drugs masking as hormones. This is what gave the word ‘hormone’ a bad name and put fear in women’s hearts. It isn’t the hormone that is the problem….it’s the drugs masking as hormones; these synthetic hormones that are the culprit. I challenge my clients to ask their doctor for the safety of the “hormones” they prescribe! Good luck with that! Be careful of the big pharma rhetoric! That is why you must become educated so YOU can know the truth and become empowered to take charge of YOUR journey. You really don’t have a choice.
   And by the way, another “secret” that pharmaceutical companies (from drug reps mouths to doctors’ ears) don’t want you to know is that the REAL reason for using customized BHRT is for disease prevention. When you have replaced your depleted hormone levels with hormones that have been customized for you AFTER your hormone levels have been checked (preferably by saliva where the hormones can be found at the tissue level of cells) we can help prevent:
-breast cancer
-heart disease
    When YOU understand that the “reports” come out that state things like “HRT should only be used for 6 months” etc. this refers to the synthetic drugs masking as hormones. This has nothing to do with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy that has been customized for you after checking your existing hormone levels and then replacing those depleted hormone levels with bioidentical hormones that are dosed for YOUR body physiologically. So you have to understand that in this area of women’s health, unlike no other, EDUCATION IS CRITICAL. Don’t delude yourself into thinking you can take the easy way out and just ask your doctor. Chances are good that your health care professional doesn’t know a whole lot about customized BHRT.  Again, this isn’t taught in medical school. He (she) knows a lot about drug therapy……but hormone replacement (NOT drug substitution!) Is NOT drug therapy! It is actually replacing depleted hormone levels that are bioidentical to the ones your body used to make but, because we are aging, no longer do.
   So do yourself a favor. Do your homework: read, call the cottage and speak to a natural hormone advocate, make an appointment for a free consultation, attend a Happy Hormone Hour (see my website’s events page), attend a Happy Hormone Coffee Hour, check out my website’s testimonial page. Only through your OWN journey will the truth set you free.


Happy Spring! Nothing makes me happier than seeing the women who come to me to get tested, treated and finally get better! It is just life-changing! I want to share a part of an email my husband, Jeff Hogrefe R.Ph., wrote to one of our clients. She is married to a wonderful man, who also happens to be a family practitioner and owns his own practice, so this email is also from one small business owner to another. I think it will give you insight into the daily struggle we wage every day in our fight to save women from being drugged for a hormone imbalance. If we can just save one woman every day from this fate, then our day is worthwhile!

“Just wanted to drop you a line to see how your consultation with Lyn went. My wife has great energy and she really has a passion for helping women who are suffering with hormonal imbalances. Our high-touch model and our involvement in our “women” is just what is needed in this area of women’s health.

I did read about the 21% reduction in Medicare reimbursements to MD’s in our new health care reform package. I think this is beyond sad, when 1/2 of all medical expenses are to providers and the other 1/2 goes to administrative and insurance issues.  We have a problem and that problem won’t be solved by cutting payment to providers. It just makes the system worse. And while we are at it, let’s cut the drug companies profits 21% also! Sounds completely fair to me. I spent 20 years working as a pharmacist in a very traditional setting until I discovered our business model: that of compounding, consulting, and customized BHRT therapy. Taking time to consult with women, monitor their therapy, and be available to walk them through the transitions and their journey to good health does require resources. If we stayed with dispensing FDA-approved commercially available products, not only would our flexibility in modifying dose/therapy be gone, but also the paltry insurance reimbursement we receive from the “system” would not make it economically possible for us to continue our high-touch model. And that would truly, truly be a sad thing. Women need us and what we do. Health care is not paint-by-numbers. It is real people and every woman is unique and needs to be treated as a unique being.”

Here is an email from one of our younger clients, Terri, who is in her early 30’s. When I read this, I just laughed out loud:

“Hi, Lyn! I just wanted to let you know how great I’m feeling already. I swear I popped out of bed SO much easier this morning after I started the progesterone! It’s been WONDERFUL this week being able to wake up and my brain works instantly! Not to mention my son had had a couple of rough nights this week because of his tonsil surgery and I still haven’t taken ONE nap this week! Normally I am so exhausted I just sit around all day and then lay down with the boys at nap time. I’ve gotten so much done this week! Along with my energy, my head just feels so much clearer and I feel like my eyes are open wider. I can’t believe it! Oh….and I’m pooping normally and regularly! Ha ha! That alone makes me feel a lot better! I’m just so excited I can’t stand it!!! Thank you so much, Lyn!!!!”

Finally, here is a testimonial from one of our middle-years clients, Cheryl. She has been on her therapy now for several months:

“After going through menopause, I felt like someone had just wrung me out; that is, I had no energy, I hurt with a myriad of aches and pains, and I either couldn’t get to sleep or I woke up in the middle of the night and had problems getting back to sleep. I went to my general practitioner, and he suggested I start taking Aleve in the mornings. I did, and it helped the pains some… but not much.

One day while reading the Dayton Daily News online, I found an article about the opening of the Happy Hormone Cottage. I was very interested, because I had previously read about natural hormones but wasn’t sure where to get help in this area.  One of my “side jobs” is being the director of fundraising and promotion for the Our Mims Retirement Haven, a retired thoroughbred broodmare rescue based in Kentucky. I knew, no matter what, I would not/could not ever take Premarin. The use of pregnant mare urine in the manufacturing of Premarin results in the birth of many foals that either must be taken care of or slaughtered. I knew I could never be part of that process.

I filled out the online survey then called to make an appointment at the Cottage. I went through the saliva test and sent it in. While waiting for the results, I made an appointment with Dr. Pawloski, a gynecologist on the recommendation list on the Cottage’s web site. It had been quite a while (cough — years — cough) since I had had a regular gynecology visit, and I was eager to work with a doctor familiar with bio-identical hormones.

After a consult between the doctor and the specialists at the Piqua Medicine Shoppe, I was put on a progesterone regiment, very simple, supplemented with the Adrenal Support. Within days, I felt better. Not much longer after that, I was sleeping through the night. Although I still have little aches and pains from time to time (I am almost 51 years of age), I feel younger and able to do things I have not felt capable of for quite some time.

For example: I have always had a problem with my weight. With the added aches and pains, no energy, and sleepless nights, I had all but given up on the idea of taking up even the simplest exercise routine. Now, I regularly exercise with the help of some DVDs (I especially love the Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds series). I am able to walk up to four miles in one routine. (I’m working on getting through the five mile workout.) I am losing weight, but I am more impressed with my stamina and alertness. I no longer drag myself through the day then collapse on the couch when I get home.

I feel so good now, and I owe it to Lyn and those at the Happy Hormone Cottage, the Piqua Medicine Shoppe, and Dr. Pawloski. I am so grateful that these people have studied about bio-identical hormones and are promoting it. I shudder to think where I would be if I hadn’t read that article in the DDN a few months ago.

Thank you so much! Cheryl”

There you have it! Women are happy and so can you be, as well! Take charge of your journey! Get educated and informed. Talk to other women. Call and schedule a consultation. Whatever you do, do NOT let an uninformed practitioner talk you out of what you know is best for you! Stand up for YOU! Get your levels checked (we like saliva tests the best) and then demand that your treatment be customized. You deserve better than a one-size-fits-most therapy that is used, based on your symptoms alone. But even this approach is better than being offered an antidepressant. Why would you need an antidepressant for a hormone imbalance?? Why not just check your hormone levels and then replace them with customized bioidentical hormones to replace those levels?? THIS is NOT rocket science. It just makes sense!!