You Can’t Eat Your Way to Hormone Balance!

I always love it when I hear middle-years women say to me, “Well, you know, I never take medication except maybe an aspirin and I eat really healthy, so I’m sure my hormones are fine!”. My response is always the same, “Good for you! But did you know that you can’t eat your way to hormone balance? AND, as you age and your hormone levels become depleted (even if you eat healthy) you become ripe for disease.”. They are always shocked. “Really?” is their skeptical response. Yep! But don’t take my word for it! Do your own reading and research! Get on my and click on the “recommended readings” button across the top. We have lots of articles and books that are all about natural hormone balance. Better yet-ask for some of these for Christmas. Even if you are one of the lucky few who aren’t symptomatic with hormone imbalance symptoms: sleeplessness, fatigue, depression, anxiety, low libido, hot flashes, dry skin, night sweats, hair loss, weight gain etc.
your hormone levels WILL deplete with age and you will be at risk for dementia and heart disease (low estrogen), osteoporosis (low testosterone, progesterone, estrogen) and breast cancer (too much estrone, not enough progesterone). Also, for women who have gone through menopause, you are most definitely NOT done with hormones. This is when you need them to prevent disease.  Truly, hormone replacement with customized hormone therapy, IS your anti-aging strategy. Again, education, enlightenment and empowerment are key!


I am pleased to announce that the Happy Hormone Cottage is moving into West Chester! Starting mid-October, we will be working at Dr. Diatte’s office at Beckett Ridge Family Practice on Tuesdays and Fridays from 10-4:30. We will do the same thing we do at our cottage in Centerville: listen to women, respect and validate their story, offer hope AND a strategy for their natural hormone balance. All of these services we provide free of charge, as our passion is simply helping women and men recover from a hormone imbalance with customized natural hormone therapy. I will continue to work out of Dr. Diatte’s facility once a week handing out therapy to our clients when it is ready. Clients can either call the cottage at 513-444-6343 to schedule a consultation at Dr. Diatte’s office OR they can go online to to schedule an appointment. We have tentative plans in February to be in Westchester full time. Our commercials will be airing daily on Channel 12 during the Dr. Oz and The Doctors shows starting November 3 AND we will be on 2 radio stations! You may even find us on a billboard or two in the Cincinnati area. I am really excited about offering our services to women and men in Cincinnati. I had a woman travel from Cincinnati to my Happy Hormone Hour at our Piqua Medicine Shoppe in September and tell me that we are desperately needed in the area. The options that are currently available to address hormone imbalance issues in Cincinnati seem to be quite costly and somewhat limited. At the Happy Hormone Cottage and our Piqua Medicine Shoppe, we offer free consultations and a successful 3-step program with life-long follow ups (all free-we donate our time) AND our customized therapy is compounded in-house. So that makes US accountable for your hormone balance at every step of the way on your journey. We walk the walk of natural hormone balance and show our passion for women (and men) by letting our actions speak for themselves.


FINALLY! Positive media promotion about what we do through our Happy Hormone Cottage and PMS (Piqua Medicine Shoppe)-customized natural hormone replacement therapy. You’ve GOT to love a movie whose oversexed main character, Samantha, not only uses but obsesses about her topical estrogen, progesterone and testosterone cream as a way to help her navigate through menopause AND help with anti-aging!! And when she and a group of middle eastern women actually hold up their latest book study read and it is Suzanne Somer’s bestseller, Breakthrough, I actually feel giddy!! Remember, it is OUR Piqua Medicine Shoppe and Compounding Pharmacy that is listed in Suzanne Somer’s last 3 books as THE compounding pharmacy of choice in Ohio!! Talk about customizing a movie for us! It couldn’t be anymore awesome!!
But it gets better! The culminating moment for me comes when Carrie calls Samantha the “hormone whisperer!”. I thought to myself, “That’s it! We could call ourselves the ‘Happy Hormone Cottage Hormone Whisperers!!'” Sort of has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

Are You Serious? Really??

You know I love meeting with and talking with “my women” who come to the cottage. I really like meeting with them at the end of the process and getting them started on their customized natural hormone replacement therapy. This is after they have already met with their (or one of ours)practitioner, so s/he can sign off on our recommendation for their hormone balance. I swear my life would be SO easy if I didn’t have to keep fighting with practitioners! I am so blessed to have the ones working with me that we have. They are wonderful people who truly respect and validate women-especially in this area of hormone balance-and they believe in what we are doing. They know that we have science on our side. It’s the doctors who don’t want anything to with anything that requires them to think outside the box and maybe, just maybe, approve of something that isn’t FDA-approved that is the most frustrating. You know that the FDA approves manufactured drugs.(drugs for the one-size-fits-all mentality) By the nature of our business, which is compounding, it is a customized dosage made specifically for an individual. So the FDA can’t approve it; it is not manufactured. So when a doctor tells their patients that they don’t like compounded therapy because it is not FDA approved, that isn’t really an argument. Compounding is NOT manufacturing for the masses; it is making a specific dosage with a specific delivery system for a single individual. So that argument doesn’t have any merit. So when THAT argument becomes a moot point, my new personal favorite is what I heard from one of my clients on Friday. She said that when she went to her doctor, (female ob-gyn)and said she wanted to work with the Happy Hormone Cottage and the Piqua Medicine Shoppe and Compounding Pharmacy, the dr said, “Oh, that compounding! It really is BS, you know!!” Really? Seriously? I wonder if she would like to tell this to the Hospice patients for whom we compound transdermal therapy all the time to help ease their pain, because they can no longer swallow (or make the delivery system sublingual, etc.)or the pet owner whose beloved pet needs a customized therapy to save its life, and their only hope is a compounding pharmacy. Or the cancer patient who is so ill, s/he can’t tolerate the FDA-approved manufactured drugs that are available. I like to think that compounding pharmacies are the pharmacies for the people. After all, compounding has been around for centuries. Drug companies have only been around for a few decades. Compounding is problem-solving for the patient. Drug companies are motivated by money. Big difference. So the next time your practitioner wants to put down compounding as a bunch of BS, I would highly recommend you find another practitioner; one who will listen, respect and validate you enough to think outside the box, and work as a team with us: the happy hormone cottage and our compounding pharmacy. Because our passion and goal is to make you feel better by getting at the root cause of your issues…..NOT just drugging you to make you feel better by prescribing a one-size-fits-most FDA approved drug. We need to challenge the accepted belief among some of our practitioners today, and that challenge starts with YOU. When YOU begin to stand up for YOUR beliefs and YOU REFUSE to be emotionally bullied by a doctor who refuses to listen to YOU, then change will begin to happen. It begins with YOU.

Piqua Medicine Shoppe and Compounding Pharmacy-THE compounding pharmacy of choice in Ohio!

Ok, so I had a lady stop at the cottage the other day and say that she could a get a saliva testing kit from another pharmacy for FREE. (we charge $4 for ours-it covers the cost of shipping AND it is about perceived value. People tend to value what they have to pay for) So I said, “Great! But just so you know your opportunity cost of going to another pharmacy (my 30 years teaching 6th grade economics taught me that the opportunity cost is the choice you GIVE up!). 1) Did you know that when another compounding pharmacy gives you a saliva kit and gets the results back in, they send your results to a local practitioner to make your recommendation. WE actually pull together not only your saliva test results, but the information you have either submitted to us online through my website OR at the free consultations we offer at the cottage and then WE ACTUALLY WRITE OUR RECOMMENDATION FOR YOUR BALANCE IN THREE AREAS: HORMONES, ADRENAL GLANDS AND THYROID FOR YOU. We just really don’t trust most doctors to do this for you. We have been doing this for 10 years; it is our niche; and we have clients all over the country who have literally been with us for years.Hormone balance is what we do and what we are known for. We are so well-known for this that Suzanne Somers lists US-The Piqua Medicine Shoppe in her last 3 bestsellers as THE compounding pharmacy of choice in Ohio! 2)Did you know that when you come to our Happy Hormone Cottage-either in person or via our website, that we spend time educating you, giving you materials to help you learn,
listening to you, validating you and respecting you? Our goal is to get you tested, treated and better and our passion is helping middle-years women navigate the waters of natural hormone balance with dignity. 3)When you do your saliva testing through us and ZRT labs, WE make your recommendation for your hormone balance and fax that to either your doctor or one of the 30 area doctors who work with us, get the signed prescription back, compound it in our new $200,000 state-of-the-art compounding lab, and then we take customer service to the next level. We sit down with you again and go over HOW to use your new therapy, WHAT to expect and HOW to stay connected. 4) Finally, when you visit our cottage and go through our PMS (!) Piqua Medicine Shoppe-you get ME! My passion is middle-years women. I am available 24/7 to talk to you, answer your questions, and discuss a concern. I call or email you every few weeks to check in with you. Your best health through natural hormone balance is my passion and building and maintaining relationships is everything! I think it is impactful that I am a middle-years woman who has gone through exactly what you are going through. I can relate and share with you my experiences so you won’t have to go through what I did. I love being with you on your journey and I embrace the opportunity to do so every day with every woman I meet! So when you get a chance to spend that $4 on a saliva testing kit-even though you could maybe get it for free someplace else, just know what that $4 gets you! Sometimes things are greater than the sum of their parts. The Happy Hormone Cottage and Piqua Medicine Shoppe ARE these things!