What the Heck??

So if you go to your doctor or health care professional to dialogue about your journey with customized BHRT, and you even take clinical studies with you to share credible, validated information with them and their response is, “I won’t read these. I will put them in your file”; and then they proceed to hand YOU a paper obviously written by a pharmaceutical company in favor of synthetic drugs masking as hormones ….here is your response:
“You are obviously misinformed. I will find a health care professional who IS informed and able to think outside the box! Thank you!”
It is a sad day when our standard of care is dictated by drug companies; the head of NAMS (North America Menopause Society) and your practitioner are ALL brainwashed by the propaganda submitted by big pharma as fact AND WE DON’T QUESTION IT…..we just accept it as law???!!! Seriously???!!! Well then, we get what we deserve. Go and be drugged instead of thinking for yourself! Accept your doctor’s word as law. Forget that he or she is visited constantly by drug reps who work for drug companies whose sole purpose is the bottom line. Do you really think they want you to pursue natural options like customized BHRT instead of their drugs? That would mean you might actually discover your health issue and fix THAT instead of just getting drugged!  I mean, you might actually get better!! Hey, it could happen! Just ask the thousands of middle years women who now feel better because they had their hormone levels checked with saliva, (instead of blood-where the ranges are so big, you would actually have to be dead to show up OUT of range!) and pursued customized natural hormone replacement therapy instead of the drug company dosing for the masses! Imagine!

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  1. Well, I agree with you that dr’s need to be informed. I was told I needed anti-depressents, but a good friend suggested her nurse-practioner to check my hormone levels (through blood) and I had almost no testosterone or progesterone. When I got my first compounded medicine it changed my life. No more depression, itching stopped, dryness went away for the most part, and I have hope again! Hope anyone who is miserable out there will at least give natural hormone replacement therapy a try. It saved me!

  2. I have just a few things to add… When visiting your MD, after discussing symptoms, my next question would be… “What is your treatment strategy for me?” Standard of care is to give you the lowest dose of hormone mimicking drugs for the shortest duration of time because frankly, synthetic hormone replacement therapy has not be proven to be safe and effective. Next question.. How long are you going to keep me on these drugs and then what is your strategy after that?
    After a nice uncomfortable moment of silence.. your final question?
    If my labs indicate that my estradiol, progesterone, and or testosterone levels are low, why can’t we just replace them with non synthetic hormone therapy? .. and as you walk out to seek a second opinion, now would be a great time to hand him the Kent Holtorf article and a kind mention that… “this might help you with the NEXT perio/postmenopausal woman that walks into your office…….

  3. Char-October 21,2010. I had a total Hysterectomy 2 years ago Thanksgiving,and my gyno. Dr. and family Dr. say I dont need HR. I have the most horrible hot flashes,dry skin,peach fuzz on face,my skin feels like sandpaper,and have gained a ton of weight. I feel foggy headed and because my FSH comes back within range my family doctor says there is nothing she can do! Im calling the happy hormone cootage tomorrow! HELP!

  4. Hi Charlotte. We, at the Happy Hormone Cottage, look forward to your phone call. We help women like you every day. We get their hormone levels checked as well as the thyroid (and we don’t just check the traditional t4 and tsh)and then we craft a treatment strategy for your natural hormone balance. We have 33+ doctors who work with us. It is time for you to find a new one-one who thinks outside the box and validates women…doesn’t just prescribe drug therapy as the first course of action! You deserve better!

  5. The best decision I have made since my hysterectomy was actually contacting Happy Hormone Cottage and following through on the recommended therapy. It has been a little over a month for me now and I can’t tell you how much better I feel. The hot flashes are almost completely gone, just a little warm one about once a day that is gone in no time. I feel good. I have energy again and am actually getting things accomplished that I just didn’t seem to be able to do before.
    I was worried about being prescribed anti- depressants, that seems to be the first thing that happens if you feel “off your game”. I can actually get a GOOD night’s sleep again, which really helps. I am grateful to you two for having the guts to think outside the box.

  6. Hi Lisa,
    Thank you so much for your input. I have found that testimonials from other women really makes a difference in pushing women who are “on the fence” over to our side! I sure wish our current standard of care didn’t confuse the issue and muddy the waters so women truly don’t know what to do. And, unfortunately in this case, it isn’t always best to ask your trusted practitioner. I find that sad, but, empowering! I now have permission AND the incentive to take charge of my journey to better health in this area! You go, girl! Keep on keeping on and we will keep on checking in with you!

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