Happy Hormone Cottage has grown from a local success story to a respected national business model. Lyn and Jeff Hogrefe explain their journey and how it can work in any physician’s practice.

We Partner With You

Hormone Balancing Therapy is the drug-free alternative to women’s wellness. And just as it is our mission to educate, empower, and enlightendoctor patient your patients, we will also do the samedoctor-patient for doctors and their practice.

A Message For Doctors

Happy Hormone Cottage treatment has been proven to be successful. Now, we are pleased to offer our unique hormone balancing therapy services to physician practices anywhere in the world.

We understand that, as a doctor, you want to give your patients the most effective possible treatment. And, as a business person, you want to maintain a consistent, growing revenue stream. When you partner with the Happy Hormone Cottage, you can enjoy both healthy patients and a healthy practice.

As you can read in our Testimonials page, Happy Hormone Cottage doesn’t simply offer hormone balancing. We offer a friendly ear. Our consultations are never hurried. Our consultants truly care. And our satisfied patients are quick to recommend our services to their friends. The end result? We do work that makes us proud while we continue to receive a healthy new stream of clients.

A Turnkey Business Opportunity

We understand that your time is precious. That’s why we’ve created a turnkey package of professional training, proven best practices, and marketing materials to give you the tools you need to succeed.

Mktg-GearsHappy Hormone Cottage Offers:

  • Products and services that fit seamlessly within your practice model
  • Expert training for your support staff
  • Clinical education for your certified nurse practitioner
  • A steady and increasing revenue stream
  • Success based upon the results of thousands of satisfied patients

Happy Hormone Cottage Features:healthy

  • Services that will benefit current patients and new patients as well
  • A proven marketing plan
  • Customizable marketing materials for any market
  • An affordable cost of entry
  • Individualized support from the Happy Hormone Cottage team

Meet The HHC Team

lyn_hogrefe_circleLyn Hogrefe

M.S. Ed.
Executive Director,
Marketing Consultant

With over 30 years of teaching and marketing experience, Lyn Hogrefe is both Executive Director and Marketing Consultant of the Happy Hormone Cottage. A popular public speaker, author, and blogger, Lyn’s insight into her clients has given her keen marketing insight that has lifted our company from a local success story to a respected national business model.


jeff_hogrefe_circleJeff Hogrefe

Clinical Consultant

Jeff Hogrefe has been a noted compounding pharmacist since 2004 as well as an Advanced Fellow in Regenerative Medicine from A4M. From his experience as a pharmacy owner and as a BHRT (bio-identical hormone replacement therapy) specialist, he has played a significant role in the success stories of thousands of women and men.


kelly_brown_circleKelly Brown

Client Services Consultant

Kelly Brown guides physicians and their staffs on how to best serve their patients through natural hormone therapy. With a B.A. in Organizational Communication and a wealth of healthcare and non-profit marketing and communications experience, she has been a professional communicator for over 20 years.


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