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Founder and Executive Director of Happy Hormone Cottage
Founder of Women’s Health
Initiatives Foundation
Co-Founder of Collective
Wellness Partners
Teacher of the Year 2004-2005
30 Year Public Educator


Lyn Hogrefe, MS Ed, is the founder and executive director of the Happy Hormone Cottage, which she started 10 years ago in the heart of Centerville, as a safe place for women to share their stories, be heard and validated. Through her own journey with an emergency radical hysterectomy at the age of 49, she recognized the huge gap between what our doctors and standard of care were telling us about hormone balance, and the truth about the needs of our body and the important tasks of our hormones. With the help of her compounding pharmacist husband, she fought her way back to wellness, and opened her Happy Hormone Cottage to educate women on their options for natural hormone balance, prevention of disease and wellness throughout life.

Today, Lyn has 3 Happy Hormone Cottages and a new Integrative Hormone Center and Pharmacy in the Centerville, Ohio; as well as a consulting business-HHC Consulting-to teach doctors across the country how to become proficient in optimal hormone balance. The 2nd edition of her book, “Own Your Journey…to Natural Hormone Balance” was published in 2016, solidifying her as a Warrior for Women’s Wellness. In 2016, she also co-wrote the award winning book, “Success Powered by Relationships” with 20 other area women. During the summer of 2015, Lyn began her “Lyn Hogrefe Women’s Health Initiatives Foundation,” supporting New Hope for Cancer, where 100% of monies raised goes directly to New Hope for Cancer. 

In 2017, Lyn partnered with 3 other area female entrepreneurs passionate about building awareness and creating change in their community. Collective Wellness Partners ( is a collaboration of experts who serve their community by giving free seminars centered around learning how to live our best lives naturally. That same year, Lyn was featured in the book, “Lean In Ohio 100 Women Trailblazers.”

Lyn has been recognized in Dayton as a WIBN Top 25 Woman to Watch; in Cincinnati as CincyChic Woman of the Year, and an Athena Award Finalist; and most recently, she was
selected by the West Chester Liberty Chamber Alliance as a Woman of Excellence.

Lyn’s passion is women helping women understand the truth about their bodies, and to learn the most natural options for aging gracefully and healthfully, with a focus on preventing disease.



Read the Interview with Lyn Hogrefe: Lean In Dayton 100 Women Creating Change in Their Community. Here’s an excerpt:



Through hormonal replacement therapy at Happy Hormone Cottage (HHC), Lyn Hogrefe, Founder, and Executive Director rejuvenates the lives of women. Lyn explains that the HHC is there to listen, validate, educate, encourage and empower women to take charge of their journey for their best health naturally. Also, her companion organization, the Women’s Health Initiatives Foundation, raises money for health resources especially those that prevent cancer in women. It seems like a gargantuan journey but Lyn’s work seems to be lightyears ahead of standards forms of treatment. Through HHC, she is turning back the aging clock on women and supporting innovations which treat and prevent cancer even in its late stages.Several years ago, the Happy Hormone Cottage started off as one cottage located in Centerville, Ohio. Today, Five Happy Hormone Cottages resides in five different cities. In a Lean In Dayton interview, Lyn discusses HHC’s success and explains why its resources are needed by so many women.



West Chester Liberty Chamber Alliance Women of Excellence 2015.

Cincy Chic’s Women of the Year


First photo of Lyn and her new book



Lyn-009January 1, 2014 Lyn launched her new “Women’s Health Initiatives Foundation” to raise money for not only building awareness of natural WHIF-logo-final-webhormone balance and its importance in women’s wellness, but to also raise money for Dr Mark Rosenberg and his New Hope for Cancer project. New Hope for Cancer is raising money to get a new drug Dr Rosenberg has developed into clinical trials that will allow cancer patients to live with their cancer as a chronic, manageable disease instead of having to endure the devastating effects of chemo. This is a more holistic way to treat cancer and allows for more innovative and integrative holistic health options. For more information or to donate, please click here to visit the Women’s Health Initiatives Foundation.

Beginning January 2014, Lyn’s HHC began partnering with Suzanne Somers and her Forever Health referral program.

Suzanne Somers & Lyn in Vegas

In April of 2014, Lyn and her husband Jeff, R Ph and FAARM, brought the innovative and life-changing Thyroflex thyroid machine to their Kettering campus. This revolutionary Thyroflex machine, developed by well renowned internist, Dr Daryl Turner, is an FDA-approved, non-invasive test that measures the function of the thyroid. Women who have not felt well for years, but have been told by their doctors that their thyroid is fine, can now finally be treated.
Lyn’s mission is to encourage ALL women to become aware of the importance of maintaining their hormone health. Her mantra is, “Hormones are to women what water is to plants.” She uses this as the motivation for women everywhere to become educated, empowered and committed to their BEST health naturally.”

For more information contact Lyn at 513-444-6343. Doctors, check out our new consulting services to augment your practice.


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