Tips For Success

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Tips for Success
with our Customized HRT

#1 EDUCATIONEducating yourself on natural hormone balance is critical.


Knowledge is POWER! Keep reading and learning to help yourself! Being able to dialogue with your practitioner and others about this topic and your personal choices for your body are critical!

#2 EMPOWERMENT Along with education on natural hormone balance comes empowerment! Then when a neighbor, relative, co-worker or practitioner questions you about WHY you are taking charge of YOUR journey to natural hormone balance, you have answers!
For example, common reasons we hear for not pursuing natural hormone balance are:
Statement: “Customized BHRT is not approved by the FDA.”
Answer: “We use hormones that are approved by the FDA and purchase them from FDA approved suppliers. Our compounding pharmacy is licensed and regulated by the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy.”

Statement: “Customized BHRT isn’t covered by insurance.”
Answer: “Yes, it usually is. In fact, much of the time, our therapy is cheaper than the cost of your copay”
Statement by doctor: “I can give you something made by drug companies for your symptoms.”
Answer: “Really? Do tell! If it is a synthetic derivative of a hormone, with substantial health risks associated with it, I may reconsider. If this involves a sleeping aid or an antidepressant, doesn’t it make more sense to check my progesterone levels and then customize progesterone therapy for me since progesterone helps with sleep, depression and anxiety??”

#3 COMMITMENT – Along with education and empowerment comes commitment. It DOES TAKE TIME for your body’s hormone receptors to refill so that your symptoms can begin to be addressed. That is why we evaluate your progress at your 3rd month. PATIENCE IS KEY!

If your expectations are unrealistic, then you will not continue with your therapy. Remember, customizing your hormone therapy for you with topical creams so the delivery system is through the skin and into the bloodstream is VERY DIFFERENT than taking a pill! It does take time. Also, we know that if we don’t also address your adrenal fatigue and any thyroid issues, you won’t feel better. BUT ONCE WE GET YOU “UP AND RUNNING,” YOU WILL FEEL BETTER FOR THE LONG TERM!

#4 DISEASE PREVENTION…an ANTI AGING STRATEGY – Did you know that the REAL reason for customized hormone therapy is not just for symptom control, but disease prevention? We

Woman posing
Woman posing

know that when your hormone levels have been checked, your biofeedback considered, and your therapy tweaked as needed, then we are on this journey for the LONG HAUL. We know that natural hormone balance helps prevent:

  • breast cancer
  • dementia
  • heart disease
  • osteoporosis

When natural hormone balance is achieved using therapy that has been customized for YOU:

  • sleep is good
  • depression and anxiety are gone
  • energy is up
  • weight is under control
  • hot flashes and night sweats are gone
  • aches and pains are much better
  • heart palpitations are gone
  • hair loss has been reversed
  • skin and nails are looking good, etc.

You will remain on your therapy FOREVER. If you stop, your hormones will again become depleted, and you will return to experiencing symptoms once again AND you will once again be ripe for disease.

#5 BIOFEEDBACKCustomized hormone replacement therapy is regulated and adjusted by paying attention to your body’s biofeedback and contacting us at one of our cottage offices. We will iStock_000009622620Xsmget that information to our pharmacists, who will work with your doctor to adjust dosing for your body. These kits are inexpensive ($40 per hormone), easy and accurate. You may also purchase any of our testing kits online, and you may refill your prescriptions online. Our clients find this process to be very user-friendly. Get tested! Get treated! Get better!


#6 FINAL NOTE Our customer service and relationship building skills are truly unsurpassed. Our commitment to YOU is to follow up with you monthly for as long as you need us to, and then quarterly. We are always readily available to speak with you and meet your needs. But you are also accountable for your own journey as well! We can’t address an issue if you don’t communicate with us, so always connect with us whenever needed. YOU ARE OUR PASSION!

I like to think that we WALK THE WALK OF OUR PASSION! We let our actions speak for us. We always return phone calls. We always answer our emails, and our goal is to answer them the same day. We are religious in our following up with our clients monthly, and then as needed. The bottom line is that our clients are getting better! THAT is why we do what we do!!


**To benefit from all our services and special offers, you will need to have your hormone prescriptions filled at The Integrative Health Center and Pharmacy. We will ship your therapy TO YOU! You do not have to drive to Centerville to pick up your therapy!