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The Happy Hormone Cottage

Amanda Bruner

Amanda Bruner

Amanda Bruner, EverGenius Project Manager; Happy Hormone Cottage Team Support. I began my journey with Happy Hormone Cottage November 27, 2018 as a patient. My journey began due to entering surgical menopause at age 27. After a year of therapy, I knew that my purpose was to help women like me. I am a blessed mother of 3 girls Nevaeh, Praisely and Kinsley.

I am married to my wonderful husband, Thomas, who is an active duty member of the United States Air Force. I have a Bachelor’s of Science Degree from Eastern New Mexico University, and am currently studying to become a Licensed Professional Counselor (MS) at Webster University.

I enjoy using my testimony to help kindred spirits. In my free time I enjoy reading non-fiction, journaling, kayaking, and spending my time outdoors. I believe in investing into people and gifting my children with family experiences. After all we only get one life to live, why not make it adventurous.