Lyn Hogrefe

Hormone Cottage Happenings

I love what I do! Can I just say how gratifying it is to see women get better with our customized hormone replacement therapy? I love being a part of the whole process and watching them heal, feel good again, and experience joy in their life again. I call this “zest for living,” and it is amazing to watch women get that back

What the Heck??

So if you go to your doctor or health care professional to dialogue about your journey with customized BHRT, and you even take clinical studies with you to share credible, validated information with them and their response is, “I won’t read these. I will put them in your file”; and then they proceed to hand YOU a paper obviously written by a pharmaceutical company in favor of synthetic drugs masking as hormones ….here is your response:


Conviction stems from a deep underlying knowledge of the subject matter. Having conviction for WHY you are using customized hormone replacement therapy is a prerequisite for getting involved in the program in the first place. If you don’t understand WHY you are using the therapy, then when presented with an argument against it, you won’t have what it takes to stand your ground, defend your decision and continue the protocal.