And the Saga Continues……My Most Popular Blog Ever


I wrote a blog on January 8, 2012 that was so popular, I updated it on June 17, 2013 and I am still getting comments and questions on it. Just today I received 2 more emails from concerned users of the popular pellet strategy for hormone replacement. My heart goes out to these women. Read on:
Dear Lyn,
I saw your website and the comments made from others about their experiences using the pellets. I’ve been on bhrt for a year using the Soto Pellets for estradiol and testosterone, along with oral progesterone. Since beginning with these pellets, I have been having periods every two weeks, along with hair loss, facial hair growth, and a lack of energy. My doctor suggested that I cut back about half on the progesterone, which did not solve the problems.  Do you think I should cut back on the testosterone instead and if so, what dose would you suggest?
Your reply is appreciated. Thank you.

My response:
As you know from my blog and the resulting comments from other pellet-users, you understand that our truth is one replaces depleted hormone levels with bhrt that is customized for each individual and in physiological doses only. (the exact amount each body needs, based on accurate hormone levels that are checked in urine strip testing or saliva….not blood serum).
Pellets are supra physiological doses of testosterone (and sometimes estradiol) that are implanted about every 3 months underneath the skin of the hip or buttocks area. Obviously your body isn’t doing well with this strategy. (oral progesterone converts to allapregnenelone and not progesterone, so you aren’t really getting progesterone….but your doctors don’t know this? Why not? No one has ever told them this. But those of us who compound progesterone and recommend using progesterone as a topical cream or for vaginal use, know this fact).
I guess my question for you is this: “Your body obviously isn’t doing well with these pellet implantations, so why do you continue on?” Since you asked, my strong suggestion for you is that you let the last pellet implantation run its course and then do not get any more pellets. We just do not believe in using pellets for women. (to find out more, reread my blogs on pellets and side effects) We have had much success with checking hormone levels in urine strip testing or saliva, and then customizing dosing for each individual using topical or vaginal application of hormone creams; then continuing to listen to the body’s biofeedback to adjust dosing as needed. Check out my website’s testimonial section for confidence in our strategy. For further information, go to my website’s “Begin Your Journey” and/or call us at 513-444-6343.

Dear Lyn,
I just found your blog and have a question regarding the pellet. I just had my first testosterone pellet put in 2 months ago and am having severe hair loss. When I retested the testosterone level a month after having it inserted the level was 225. I am also on progesterone 2 weeks of the month.
I am not going to do anymore pellets. I am so worried and depressed over my hair loss.  Will it ever grow back? I am worried that my hair follicles have died and the hair won’t grow back. What can I do right away to help it?
Thanks so much for your help. I feel sick about this.

My response:
If I had a dollar for every email I get on pellets. You are my second one today alone.
I am so sorry for your experience and your resultant hair loss. I do have to ask you a question about your hair loss before I can help you. Is your hair loss all over your head, or is it more like male pattern baldness? The more information I have, the more I can guide you.
I would spread the word to your friends about your experience with pellets so this doesn’t happen to them. You can also file a complaint with the medical board in your state. If they get enough complaints, they most likely will investigate.  Certainly telling clients of potential side effects from pellet use would be considered, in my book, important information to share with prospective pellet users.
Looking forward to more details on your specific hair loss so I can help you.

Continuing to stay informed and educated on your best health naturally is critical. My biggest mission in life is to continue to educate women on optimal hormone balance using topical hormone creams in physiological dosing, AND to continue to clear up the confusion about bhrt. There is so much misinformation in the media, at our doctors’ offices, with current standard of care. The truth is, personalized (customized) bhrt has been done in Europe for 30 years and we have many studies on their importance and significance. I urge you to continue to question your beliefs so you can get to the truth.  Please go to my website’s Recommended Readings and Resources section to read more.

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