Angry at Katie Couric


There was a TV Nightline report with Katie Couric Tuesday night that finally proved that all the synthetic crap-oh, I mean drugs manufactured by drug companies that mimic hormones: Premarin (horse pee), Prempro (Premarin + Provera), Provera (synthetic Progestin) really do increase the risk of breast and uterine cancer. The “Women’s Health Initiative” of 2002 already proved this. Unfortunately she used the term Hormone Replacement and summed it all up by saying “All Hormone Replacement is Bad.”. I got some angry emails and a phone call yesterday from some of my clients (angry at Katie Couric) because she:

-used that terminology

-didn’t mention customized BHRT or even BHRT

The problem is one of semantics. Those drugs are hormone substitutions-not hormones. The uninformed woman will be confused. She may think what WE do at HHC is also bad. This is why education is so important. MY clients know the difference. Why don’t intelligent people like Katie Couric?

At the end of Katie Couric’s special news report, she ended with the message that “it looks like women will just have to suffer through the symptoms of menopause!” This ignores a couple of important points:

1) Symptoms of menopause are actually signs of a hormone imbalance and are NOT just a menopause issue. We have clients from 19-89

2) The real reason to use customized BHRT actually is to prevent disease. When one’s body is depleted of hormones, it is ripe for disease. Disease occurs before symptoms appear. Replacing depleted hormone levels with customized BHRT can help prevent breast cancer, dementia, osteoporosis and heart disease. Why wouldn’t a woman pursue the truth?

The truth is that BHRT bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is NOT cancer-causing. BHRT is made by drug companies in one-size-fits-most dosing. Doctors who prescribe this often DON’T check hormone levels before prescribing and many only prescribe the estrogen BHRT-most often the estrogen patch. They don’t also prescribe Prometrium ( progesterone). My issue with these mass-produced BHRT products is that because the drug companies use blood serum data, where the hormone levels are already depleted by the heart, they make their estrogen products way too strong. They put way too much estrogen in their patches, gels and sprays. Unopposed estrogen in any form can increase the risk of breast cancer.

What WE do at the Happy Hormone Cottage is CHECK HORMONE LEVELS FIRST (using accurate saliva samples from your body that test hormones at the tissue level of cells) and then we write recommendations for EACH woman’s hormone balance based on HER levels. We also always recommend progesterone. Every woman I work with has estrogen dominance issues already, so why would I give her just more estrogen without checking her levels, while totally ignoring her progesterone?? It boggles the mind! Oh, let me guess……this isn’t taught in medical school!! This is why education for EVERY woman is critical. Go to to read more. Become empowered for YOUR journey!

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