Another email….


I recently received an email from one of our happy, hormonally balanced Happy Hormone Cottage clients. She is working on getting her friend, Laura, to come in and see us. She says that Laura has decided to” go in and see her ob gyn for her annual exam and have him do blood work to check hormones and thyroid. She wants to do this through her insurance.” My client wants to know the difference between what we do at the cottage and what Laura’s doctor might do. She says she wants to “try one last chance to save her. I can lead a horse to water…..”
   My response for Laura is this-Here is where education is critical. It would be in her best interest to get ahold of the book Natural Hormone Balance by Dr. Uzzi Reiss (my website links directly to so she can become the best advocate for her body. By giving up HER power to her doctor who has NEVER studied natural hormone balance (you think this is taught in med school?? Come on!) she is setting herself up for failure. First of all, IF he checks her hormone levels at all, he will check them in blood serum, where the levels have been depleted by the heart, so one would have to be dead to be out of range! (Just sayin’!) Then depending on what Laura’s specific complaints are:  depression, anxiety, not sleeping, hot flashes, etc. He may do anything from prescribing an antidepressant, anti anxiety drug, or sleeping aid to giving her an estrogen patch…all of which are part of the standard of care in our country. My question for Laura is this-
Do you really want to attack your hormone imbalance issues with drug therapy?? Doesn’t it make more sense to check your hormone levels at the tissue level of cells and then fix the cause of your symptoms by replacing your depleted hormone levels with actual hormones that are bioidentical to what your body used to make? So until Laura gets educated and empowered to make the best decisions for HER body, she has already lost!
   Addressing the money piece of this-we are NOT outlandishly expensive! Our program is for those women who are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and are willing to spend $1 or $2 a day on their best health naturally, for the rest of their lives to eradicate symptoms AND prevent disease. This is their anti-aging strategy. They know that by replenishing depleted hormone levels, they are preventing:
-breast cancer
-heart disease
  AND, my goodness, she will get her libido back (woo hoo!) BUT ONLY if she is willing to put her best health naturally FIRST on her list!

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