I hear this a lot! “Oh, I’ve already gone through menopause. I’m done with ALL THAT!”  Oh, but you’re NOT!!  Did you know that once you are through menopause (average age of menopause is 50 years of age), this is the time your body MOST needs natural hormone replacement therapy? Once you are through menopause, your body is also depleted of the important hormones it needs to age gracefully and to have a higher quality of life full of joy and promise. Without progesterone, the body typically develops sleep issues, anxiety and depression. Without estrogen, your risk of heart attack and stroke equals that of men in the middle-years, and your brain isn’t protected from dementia. Without testosterone production, your body loses muscle mass, energy, libido and the ability to build new, strong bone. So, in essence, without natural hormone replacement strategies in place, your risk for dementia, heart attack and stroke and osteoporosis is signicantly increased.
Yes, your doctor (who didn’t learn of natural health options in medical school!!) will probably instruct you to “take calcium” for osteopenia issues. Taking calcium won’t build new bone. You need hormones to signal the osteoblasts in the bone to build new bone before new bone will be added. Taking calcium or the current “bone building drugs” on the market simply don’t work (refer to previous blogs).  In fact, as previously blogged about, the FDA-approved “bone building” drugs actually interrupt the bone-building process and users can develop severe bone issues in the jaw. (not good!)
So, if you think that just because you are finished with menopause that you are home free…..think again. THIS is the time your body MOST needs natural hormone replacement therapy.  We want you have a great quality of life. In my opinion, based on my research, it just won’t happen without natural hormone replacement. And I know I am NOT going to settle for the lower quality of life my grandmother settled for. I intend to age gracefully and with vigor and good health. I live by our motto:  “Get Tested! Get Treated! Get Better!”  Shouldn’t you??

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