What A Great First Year!!!


Congratulations to the Happy Hormone Cottage as we celebrate our one year anniversary! I can’t believe how much has happened in just one year! In June, we opened our second satellite office in Rahn Fountain Place at 5450 Far Hills Avenue for follow-up consultations.  This was right after we began working out of Sycamore Hospital on Thursdays with one of our practitioners, Dr. Rosalind Jackson, OB/GYN. We do both initial consultations, as well as follow-up consultations there. On Wednesdays we work with an area doctor in Kettering. I work at Dr. Chris Diatte’s office, Beckett Ridge Family Practice, one day a week handing out therapy to his clients who have come on board with customized hormone replacement therapy. Finally, this coming October 1, we are opening another satellite office at Rahn Fountain Plaza for initial consultations. We will continue to work out of our cute little cottage in the heart of Centerville, but we just need more room! With the volume of women and men we are servicing, and all the files, supplements and employees….all nestled together cozily in the space the size of a walk-in closet (!), we are excited about our upcoming expansion! Although I will miss not snuggling quite so much with our employees and clients.  🙂

This past year, I have presented a Happy Hormone Hour a month, where I go around to different groups of women (and a few poor men!!) and educate them on what we do, and give them the skinny on customized hormone therapy. I really enjoy speaking, educating and engaging my audiences. I usually bring food and materials to hand out, and answer a lot of questions! I am always honored and excited to speak to these groups. Anytime I can save women from being put on drug therapy for a hormone imbalance, I am happy to do it! This past year I have spoken at doctors’ offices, people’s
homes, church basements, law firms, Curves, Chamber of Commerce meetings, and a golf event among others. In October, I will travel to St. Augustine, Florida to present a Happy Hormone Power Hour to the Fountain of Youth Spa and Laser Center.  I am waiting for an invitation to come from Hawaii! (kidding) I also enjoy our monthly Happy Hormone Coffee Hours where I get to dialogue with women on hormone imbalances and natural treatment strategies.

I have been honored to have been asked to speak at the ZRT lab national convention last October in Orlando. I have been invited back next July 2011 to speak at their national convention in Portland, Oregon.  I think their interest lies in how we have managed to so successfully bring the education and research on natural hormone balance to so many people. Honestly, I believe what we do is critical. We take the knowledge of respected doctors, scientists and educators and make it useful and applicable to the people. But it is more than that. Truly it is all about our passion. We are ALL about middle-years men and women. We have their back! We are the place that listens, respects and validates. We educate and empower. More importantly, we don’t believe that drug therapy is the answer to a hormone imbalance. We know that checking hormone levels with saliva testing (through ZRT labs) and then crafting a treatment strategy just for that individual with natural compounded hormone therapy is critical.

We have developed a successful 3-step program:
Step #1  Initial Consultation at the cottage or a satellite office (Get Tested)
Step #2  Meet with Lyn, Director of the cottage, to hand off the customized therapy (Get Treated)
Step #3  Meet with Pharmacist, Jeff Hogrefe, RPh at your 3-month mark to evaluate how you are doing, and tweak the therapy as needed. Jeff meets with patients at our satellite office at 5450 Far Hills Ave., Suite 208 in Kettering by appointment only! Call the cottage at 513-444-6343 to schedule. (Get Better)

We partner with Holten Wellness Center to help women and men lose weight and get in shape. We partner with Robin Gentry, holistic health counselor, who has programs customized to individuals on eating better, losing weight and becoming healthy. We partner with area practitioners to get the best people working with us on our team. And guess what? It doesn’t stop there. At the cottage we are also all about relationships, so we follow-up with our clients every month with a phone call or an email. We are accessible Monday through Saturday 9:00 a.m. -6:00 p.m. (Thursdays until 7:00 p.m.) There is no way our clients can’t get better. All we ask is a positive attitude, realistic expectations, commitment to the program, and communication.  Our passion is helping people live their best life naturally!


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