Do You Have What It Takes??


Do you have what it takes to:

-think for yourself

-to question current standard of care

-feel better by choosing a more natural path that your dr may not be familiar with

-remember “Condemnation Without Investigation is the Height of Arrogance”

-understand the role of your doctor is to reduce symptoms of your health issue….not necessarily find the cause

-to say “NO!” when your doctor offers you an antidepressant or sleeping aid for a hormone imbalance issue (sleeplessness, depression, anxiety, no joy of life, fatigue, low libido, weight gain)

-to say “NO!” when your dr suggests writing you an rx for an estrogen product (spray, gel, patch) and hormone levels have NOT been checked

-understand the difference between saliva testing and blood serum testing to check hormone levels

-get the information (HHC) on natural hormone balance -understand the significance of hormones in your body.

-understand hormones deplete with age, so to remain healthy, we need to replace them naturally (bioidentical hormone replacement)

-be assertive with your doctor when you need to be

-disagree with him when you need to

-stand up for yourself -take charge of your journey

-be willing to do what it takes to feel better in spite of common misconceptions

-decide to try something different (more natural) when what you are doing with your doctor isn’t working and you aren’t feeling better (if women were better, they wouldn’t be coming to see me)

-recognize ego when you see it and proceed on a different path anyway

-realize that there are a lot of myths & untruths out there, (guess where they come from??) but not let those deter you from discovering the truth

-realize your doctor is bombarded constantly with myths about bhrt. The truth is out there (see HHC website)

-know that what we do has been done in Europe for 30 years

-know there ARE studies, a lot of studies, on bhrt (see HHC website)

-realize that if you DON’T take charge of your journey to anti-aging and disease prevention, you are setting yourself up for failure.

-understand that by the time you have a disease, it is too late! Health is something you need to be proactive with.

-understand it is up to you to direct actions for your own health: eat smart, work out, reduce stress, take the right supplements, have a strategy for maintaining your health, replenish depleted hormone receptors

-understand the role of insurance. It was never meant to direct our choices for health care

-do you have what it takes to DO what it takes be proactive with your health so you can remain healthy?



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