Do You Want a Quick Fix or Are You Willing To Do the Work?


I was talking to a young lady today, who is immersed in alternative therapy. You know the type. They are the ones I call “crunchy granola,” with all due respect and fondness. They are the ones who recycled long before it became popular; who grow their own vegetables, make their own soap, do yoga several times a week, and wear Birkenstocks! When I told her my passion-educating and empowering women on addressing hormone balance issues with customized natural hormone therapy-she was excited! She said, “OMG! It’s about time!” and then she made an accurate observation. She said, “I bet it is interesting to compare your clients who just want a quick fix versus the ones who are willing to do the work to get better.”. Such a profound observation, and an incredibly accurate one! The women who come to me who want to get better yesterday; who think the words of their doctor are  the words of a god; who aren’t educated in their options-especially natural options…these are the ones who expect immediate relief from symptoms and aren’t willing to do the work necessary to heal and get better. These are the “quick-fixers.”. These are the women I can’t help. So who MOST benefits from our therapy? We are MOST successful with women who:
-are educated in their hormone options
-aren’t interested in drug therapy to mask their symptoms
-are interested in reading, thinking for themselves, talking with their doctor and demanding to be heard, pursuing hormone balance through natural options and are empowered to make these decisions for themselves
-are willing to put themselves on their own list
-eat healthy and exercise
-acknowledge when they need help and ask for it from alternative therapy experts.
These are the women who are successful! These are the women who are willing to do the work to get better. Which woman are you?

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