Education is Power!

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 I can’t tell you the number of clients who meet with me to get started on their therapy, who have had an interesting (ahem!) experience with their practitioner. These are the doctors and nurse practitioners who are ok with signing off on our recommendation for their clients’ customized BHRT so they do it, but are not really educated in this area. Because they aren’t educated, they aren’t exactly  overcome with enthusiasm. In fact, I just had one client tell me that although this NP did sign off on our recommendation, it wasn’t until AFTER she offered our client a synthetic hormone to try first! I think her exact words were, “I can sign off on this, but wouldn’t you like to try a synthetic hormone first?” Seriously? After I threw up in my mouth (!) I realized how truly appalling this really is! Who in their right mind would offer anyone a synthetic drug masking as a hormone with serious health risks associated with it OVER a natural alternative that replaces depleted hormone levels with hormones that are bioidentical to the ones your body used to make? The answer is clear to me: anyone with a vested interest in pharmaceuticals; anyone who believes the drug company rhetoric; anyone who chooses NOT to become educated in a natural alternative, etc. Make no mistake! Women are at war against big pharma AND practitioners who refuse to consider anything BUT a drug company product. You DO realize, don’t you, that just because something has been approved by the FDA, does NOT make it safe? Tell me you know this! So when a “health care provider” tries to scare off their pro-customized BHRT client with “but it isn’t approved by the FDA..” I want to just laugh hysterically (or scream!) Again, for those folks, everything we make for natural hormone balance IS approved by the FDA….but the FDA approves drugs for the masses. WE are under the strict regulations of the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy.
   I understand that the clinical studies and literature that validate and give credibility to customized BHRT isn’t readily available BUT it IS out there! Go to my website and click on our Recommended Readings button. There is a special section just for practitioners that says “Practitioners Resources.” Anyone can go to and buy a plethora of books on natural hormone balance and even a book on Adrenal Fatigue. (See my website for recommended titles). We have studies that show the safety and efficacy of customized BHRT. There are links on my website to clinical studies. It is up to YOU to read and become educated so you can dialogue intelligently with YOUR doctor. Obviously YOU are going to have to be the driving force behind insisting your practitioner becomes educated. I don’t know about you, but I personally will NOT SETTLE FOR ANYTHING LESS!
  Women who are educated in this area, who want to do the work require to get hormonally balanced naturally, are also the ones who are rethinking the whole mammogram thing. I know I don’t want radiation shot through MY body every year! So can we rethink this? There ARE options: ultrasounds, thermagrams, etc. We have to do the research and then approach our practitioner. When enough women begin to insist on other options, I have found that it is the compassionate practitioner who will begin to go the distance WITH me to explore alternatives.

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