Happy, Happy Women!


I love my job! My job is my passion: educating women on what a hormone imbalance feels like, and then offering them some solutions to fix their imbalance by replacing their hormones to refill their levels and get them back on track. I can’t tell you the joy I get working with women to get them feeling better. I think the most interesting part, for me, is the validation “my” women feel when their test results come back and they actually see their hormone levels (or lack thereof!!) Many of these women have been told by the medical community for so long that there was nothing wrong with them; “suck it up,”; or “here’s an antidepressant to help you live with the symptoms.” I’m sorry but women deserve so much better! So when these test results come back and validate the reason the women have been feeling so badly, they are just thrilled! I often hear comments like, “I knew I was feeling bad for a reason!” or “I’m so relieved to learn there IS a physiological problem and that I can treat the cause and feel better!” It just brings me joy! I won’t even begin to talk about the radiance these women express when they actually begin their natural compounded hormone replacement therapy and really begin to feel better! It just makes me smile!

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