I don’t know a lot but I do know two things:
1) What we place our attention on determines the quality of our lives
2) Treating a disease does NOT create health
I am SO happy that our intention at our Happy Hormone Cottage is to educate and empower women to invest in their BEST health naturally. See, we are a WELLNESS facility. We are ALL about finding the CAUSE of issues and fixing that for EACH individual for 3 reasons: to get rid of the symptoms, to help with anti-aging, and to prevent disease. This sounds like WELLNESS to me. And why is this important? Because treating a disease does NOT promote health and wellness. Yes, what we do at our HHC is not the easiest path. We have to educate our trusted doctors to listen to OUR needs, validate what WE want to try, and then approve our ideas to give it a whirl. This is most likely outside their comfort zone. Why? This natural hormone balance is not taught in medical school. So we have to encourage our doctors to become motivated to learn about this so we can work together for the best HOLISTIC health of our clients.  We also have to learn to listen to our bodies (we call this biofeedback) so we can adjust dosing as needed. After all, this is customized for each individual. What makes us unique is we check existing hormone levels first BEFORE recommending a strategy for wellness to your doctor. We also recommend  annual hormone testing-preferably with blood spot testing (not the conventional blood serum approach) so we are all on the same page: our clients, our doctors and our compounding pharmacists. We encourage this partnership among the 3 parties so we can ALL work together for our best health and wellness. We love to work with doctors who embrace our approach FOR their clients, which is our Functional Medicine approach that treats the body holistically for WELLNESS. Working together can only benefit our clients and promote wellness. I also understand that using our hormone creams daily is not as easy as some other approaches, but like brushing and flossing our teeth is extremely important and the pay off is huge. Again, what I know is what we place our attention on determines the quality of our life. AND I also know that achieving and maintaining hormone balance is JUST the first step. We have to continue to use our hormone balance strategy, which also includes key supplements like vitamin D and Omega 3’s for LIFE. Once we have hormone balance in 3 key areas:  sex hormones, adrenal glands and thyroid…..we have to maintain that and then we can go on and determine other potential areas of risk for disease. Our strategy is a strategy for life. Why? Because what we place our attention on determines the quality of our lives. I personally don’t want to be the typical 60-70 year old woman who gets a disease that could have been prevented because she did not place her attention on WELLNESS.
One of my new favorite authors, Kathryn Simpson who wrote the book “Overcoming Adrenal Fatigue Handbook” says that “every case of hypertension, metabolic syndrome, heart disease (and almost every other chronic condition) should be evaluated for adrenal involvement. Since traditional medicine hasn’t gotten up to speed on this critical health issue yet, it’s incumbent on us women to advocate for ourselves.” I agree with her 100%. This is the case with much of what we do:  it isn’t yet on the radar of conventional medicine and it won’t be until conventional medicine and our current standard of care changes it focus from drugging to mask the symptoms TO doing what it take to PREVENT disease in the first place. What we practice is what we have. So what about you? Are you going to invest in your best health naturally today, so you can create a life of wellness? Is one of  the focuses of your attention going to be on maintaining hormone balance for life for wellness? Hormone balance is the first step. It is not the end all and be all of health. It is simply a necessary first step. But doing this sends the message that a focus of your attention for your life is on wellness and preventing disease so you can have the quality of life you so richly deserve.
Again, what we practice is what we have.

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