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Emails! I get emails! One I received today by a current client had an interesting point I want to elaborate on. She is a happy client who says, “I am committed to this journey to natural hormone balance for myself and my family. I thank you and your husband for the guidance and help you give so many in this process of life. The ones who get through it with no problem are the lucky ones, but now the rest of us who do not are also lucky and blessed that there are people like yourselves so willing to help.”

My response to this client is, “So glad you are committed to your best health naturally! I do want to comment on your observation that “some lucky women get through this phase of life with no problems….”. This actually isn’t true. All women (and men)after age 35 experience hormone imbalance issues. This manifests itself in symptoms such as:
Sleep issues
Weight gain (etrogen dominance)
Low libido
And a whole host of other issues…

It is up to each woman to “get tested, get treated, get better” as a strategy to WELLNESS. What we do by replacing depleted hormone levels is actually anti-aging and disease prevention. So it is the wise woman who proactively treats her hormone imbalance. As we age, our hormone levels drop accordingly, so they have to be replaced. Customizing hormone therapy (sex hormones, adrenal glands and thyroid) for each client AND taking supplements recommended to optimize hormone balance is critical for WELLNESS. So our opinion is, we all need to be doing this…not just those that may have more significant symptoms.
Finally, this strategy is something you will do for life to keep your hormone levels up, healthy and functioning. Here is a good example:
Did you know that when we stop having periods, our estrogen levels have dropped significantly and will never recover on their own. Yet estrogen does 300 jobs in our bodies. 300! How will these jobs get done if we don’t replace our estrogen levels? Well, the answer is, “they won’t.” So then we are ripe for disease: heart disease, dementia, osteoporosis and breast cancer. Yet very few doctors in our current standard of care (conventional medicine) ever check hormone levels……so we are very rarely ever WELL. What IS focused on is illness and band aiding symptoms……not finding the cause of disease. In the words of Dr Phil, “How is this working for us???” I have to say quite frankly that it isn’t.
Interesting, huh? Just thought I’d share! Food for thought and discussion!


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