Hormone Cottage Happenings


I love what I do! Can I just say how gratifying it is to see women get better with our customized hormone replacement therapy? I love being a part of the whole process and watching them heal, feel good again, and experience joy in their life again. I call this “zest for living,” and it is amazing to watch women get that back, after having felt so badly for so long. I also have to brag about 3 life-changing events that have occurred since we opened the cottage a little over a year ago, that I am taking full credit for (!):
1) Linda Lee, one of our first clients, came back to visit us at a recent Happy Hormone Coffee Hour and we could not believe the transformation! She has gone from a size 14 to a size 4 in one year and looks incredible! She feels balanced, happy and loves life again.
2) Lori got an engagement ring from her longtime boyfriend, Dave. Before she started our therapy back in the spring, she said they fought a lot and weren’t really getting along. 5 months later, she stops by the cottage to show us her engagement ring! I asked if she wanted me to be the flower girl at her wedding !!
3) Jessica, age 31, who had a serious progesterone deficiency and severe thyroid issues that were preventing her from conceiving, became pregnant in July. She is due in March. I’m thinking the least they can do is name that baby after one of us at the cottage!  🙂 We are taking credit for this one!

I also get emails all the time from our women who are making great progress. Recently, Debbie wrote that she has lost 35 lbs since starting her therapy earlier this year and couldn’t be happier. She says that it feels so great to be balanced and feel good about herself again. Karen wrote to brag that she has joined our Happy Hormone Cottage/Holten Wellness Center program where she trains with a personal trainer at the Holten Wellness Center twice a week and has lost 10 lbs in 5 weeks and 5% body fat! She is thrilled! Matt Holten and Angie Baber from Holten have developed a program for our cottage clients, where they can join a class of 6 that is offered at several different times through-out the week, WITH a personal trainer twice a week for $40 a month! How incredible is that? And our women are seeing results! Getting that cardio heart rate up is critical! By the way, you can see these comments and others like it on the testimonial section of my website. Check them out here.

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