Hormone Pellets


Note: I have made a special pellets page with lots more information. Please refer to that page as it will answer most questions.

This just in from another hormonally imbalanced woman:

“Greetings Lyn,

I just discovered your website and thank you for all your advice, concern and care for those of us experiencing the challenges of hormonal imbalances. I received my first sotto-pellet insertion in Sept of 2013, a second in Jan 2014 and a third in late April 2014. The first seemed like a miracle drug and I vowed to continue to my death! It stopped the night sweats and flashes, increased my libido and got rid of the anxiety, running thoughts and restless sleepless nights. I also take 10mg progesterone nightly. The problem is that I have started back having hot flashes! They started back in January of 2014 and have persisted to a degree since then. The only other problem I have is that the estrogen has stimulated uterine fibroids which had not bothered me for at least 5 years. So, the level of estrogen is always a consideration. I completed the cortisone test and am taking supplements for that. I’m just a little weary about continuing the insertions. But, I have gotten a lot of good results and don’t want to go back to the degree of severity I experience before, but also don’t like paying $500 each insertion and am still experiencing hot flashes! Suggestions…..I am in Georgia.”

My response:

“Thank you for your email and your kind words. Hopefully you have gone to my blog site and scrolled down to the blogs I’ve written on pellets. We are against them for women for a plethora of health reasons. We understand that the supra – physiological dosing of testosterone that continues to build in your body with each insertion isn’t a good idea. Testosterone converts to estrogen. One of the estrogens it converts to is estrone. Estrone is the breast cancer cell proliferator (builder). This scares me. Also, if you are taking oral progesterone, what we know as compounders is that oral progesterone converts to allapregnenelone and very little converts to progesterone….so now you have estrogen dominance. This also promotes weight gain, breast cancer, brain fog, etc. Another issue with pellets is if the methylation pathway the testosterone travels down through the body is the 5a-alpha reductase pathway, it converts to dht for male pattern baldness. So we have pellet users come to us frequently with balding heads, facial hair, deepening voices, bleeding issues…..These are just some of the reasons it doesn’t make sense to me to put too much of any hormone into one’s body. We only prescribe physiological dosing of hormones that each body needs, determined by urine strip testing. This testing gives us so much more information than blood serum. We do work with pellet users after their final insertion has been at least 3 months and we work to rebalance them. It does take time. Our Happy Hormone Cottage also works to heal adrenal glands and thyroid. We are a functional medicine (holistic health) facility that works to fix the cause of issues and not just band aid symptoms. My suggestion for you is to call us at 513-444-6343 to set up a phone consultation. We can work with you to get you balanced. We have women driving and flying in from all over the country to see our nurse practitioner. If this isn’t possible for you, you will need to find a doctor in your area to sign off on our recommendation for your hormone balance. We use customized hormone creams vaginally. I hope this information helps. Read my blogs on pellets for even more info.

Her response:

Greetings Lyn,

Again, thank you so much for the information and of course, the speedy response! I certainly didn’t expect that. I have signed up online and have completed the medical history form and am looking forward to my phone consult on Thursday! I am excited about the possibilities and thank you again for your assistance!” I’m so happy we are here to help. Serving women by restoring optimal hormone balance is our mission. Refilling our hormone tanks to restore joy of life and prevent disease is what we are all about.



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