“I Asked My Ob Gyn About Bioidentical Hormones Yesterday”

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I love getting these emails because it gives me yet another chance to guide women. This email began with, “FYI-I asked my ob gyn about bioidentical hormones yesterday at an appointment and she said she doesn’t know much about them. She is also reluctant to recommend them because they are not FDA-approved. She may be open to learning more if someone approaches her. She answered all of my questions about menopause pretty honestly, I believe.” Where to start? My response is this:
“I am happy you were able to speak with your doctor and I appreciate her honesty in admitting she doesn’t know much about BHRT (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy). She is somewhat misinformed about the FDA piece. Everything we make (customized, compounded bhrt) is FDA-approved. The problem is that the FDA’s job is to approve drugs for the masses. The job to approve customized therapy for one falls under the jurisdiction of the states’ Boards of Pharmacy. The Ohio State Board of Pharmacy is extremely stringent, which is a good thing!
On a side note, just because a drug for the masses has been approved by the FDA, does not make it safe or effective. Many of these are approved after a mere 12-week study. Really? And then we wonder why we see ads and commercials about drugs that have been recalled because they have harmful side effects, including death. So I’m not sure why being FDA-approved is the gold standard. It certainly is not in my book.
I am hopeful that your doctor, and other ob gyns, will make it their responsibility to become informed on the safety and efficacy of customized, compounded bhrt. It is not my job to teach them. In fact, it would be most beneficial and impactful for you to get information to her so she can get educated and informed. My website (www.invigom98.sg-host.com) has a
Resources & Readings section chockfull of studies and resources. I have even incorporated a special “Practitioner’s Resources” section full of studies so any doctor who wants to become informed has this info at his/her fingertips. I have already done all the work in gathering this data.
Here’s the thing- WE are not going away. BHRT is not a fad. Ours is a grassroots, organic movement of educating and empowering women so they can Own Their Journey to WELLNESS. The women who do the work and become educated are the ones who become empowered to their best health naturally.
The research shows again and again that we MUST REFILL OUR HORMONE TANKS THAT DEPLETE WITH AGE so our bodies have what they need to go the distance. Our hormones begin to deplete at age 35. By the time we are through with menopause, we no longer have the estrogen we need to protect our heart from heart disease or our brain from dementia; we no longer have the testosterone we need to rebuild new, strong bone; and we no longer have the progesterone we need to balance our estrogen dominance to fight breast cancer. A wonderful study on my website’s Resources & Readings section was conducted by Dr Erika Schwartz and Dr Kent Holtorf entitled, “Hormones in Wellness and Disease Prevention: Current State of the Evidence and Questions for the Future.” Read it. Encourage your healthcare practitioner to read it. After all, if your healthcare practitioner doesn’t know much about this critical topic in women’s health of WELLNESS ANG AGING, what is YOUR responsibility? How will YOU own your own journey to wellness?”
The truth is, hormones are to women what water is to plants. They are necessary for a great quality of life so we can go the distance. I urge women to come in and see us to begin their journey to hormone balance and wellness. My greatest gift is getting women on board so they can take charge of their journey. We have tons of studies, books and articles. I just wrote my own book, “Own Your Journey….to Optimal Hormone Balance” to help and guide women. (You can order it online on my website’s “shop 24/7 online store).

I recommend women keep their ob gyn for their ob gyn needs, but come in and see our hormone health expert, Angela Rothstein, for their hormone needs. We wouldn’t take our imported car to a Ford dealership. Why would we trust our bodies in this arena of women’s health to practitioners who are not well-versed in this field? As consumers, we have the right to demand the best for ourselves and our hormone journey. It does begin with you. Simply dialoguing with your doctor to get his/her opinion isn’t enough. Because the information can be confusing and the media continues to circulate misinformation and untruths with the big pharma agenda, you won’t have a chance if you don’t think for yourself, ask the big questions and learn the truth for yourself. Your journey to wellness is yours. Own it!

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