I So Wish You Had A Facility Here!


“Hi Lyn!
Thank you for taking the time to speak with me yesterday. My gyn is in the Orlando area. She has a good reputation for being the best in the area, however her practice has gotten so big that the last few times I have felt very rushed and I always have to wait at least an hour to see her. She is also big on recommending products she sells at the office…..not sure how I feel about that.
My anxiety has been off the charts. It’s a combination of hormones, work and taking care of my parents. My Mother has had a lot of health issues and is having another surgery this week.
I don’t handle stress well, although I’m working on it!
I did blood work for my doctor and am now using progesterone cream and a progesterone capsule at night. These have really helped my hot flashes. The compounding pharmacy that I use has been really helpful. They explain more about what I’m taking than my doctor did. My doctor wants me to take a saliva test next week. I did read on her website that she also uses urine testing.
I also wanted to thank you and Jeff for all you do for women, as this has been one of the most difficult things I’ve experienced. I know there is a lesson for me in this and feel that I can at least now guide other women when they go through this. As I told you yesterday, you just may see me in the near future at your facility in Ohio! Oh I SO wish you had a Happy Hormone Cottage here where I live!
Thank you again, Lyn! I really appreciate all of your help.”

My response:
“Hi! It is always my pleasure to speak with women and offer insight into dealing with hormone imbalance issues. Here is what I know- hormone imbalance is a part of the aging process for ALL women. It is how we handle this imbalance that is important. We can listen to the drug company rhetoric, that influences our doctors, our standard of care, what our insurance covers and even NAMS (North America Menopause Society) into believing that it is all about menopause so drugging for the masses for the shortest amount of time possible to alleviate symptoms with drugs dosed for the masses (including antidepressants and sleeping aids) is the way to go. Or we can own our journey to hormone balance and wellness by taking charge of our health. What we understand at our Happy Hormone Cottage, based on years of studies by doctors in this field, is that we MUST refill our hormone tanks as we age for a high quality of life and health. As Dr Prudence Hall says, “Hormones are to women, what water is to plants.” There is a great study on my website by Dr Erica Schwartz and Dr Kent Holtorf on “The Truth About Hormone Therapy”
that really stresses this truth about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. We can do nothing and have today be the best day we have OR we can take charge of our journey to our best health naturally and refill our hormone receptors that deplete with age. Doing this not only helps prevent the diseases that come with aging that are caused by this attendant decrease in hormones: heart disease, dementia, osteoporosis and breast cancer, but also alleviates the disruptive symptoms of our hormone imbalance: anxiety, sleeplessness, fatigue, low libido, brain fog, weight gain, and hot flashes.
It sounds like your doctor is on the right track, but we really like dried urine strip testing over blood, saliva or urine collection for checking hormones. Precision Analytical Lab in Oregon is our favorite lab for this innovative, cutting edge technology. It is easy to use and provides us with SO much valuable information about how our bodies are using our hormones. We can then use this information to create a great customized strategy for each woman for hormone balance with progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, as well as cortisol.
We don’t have plans to open any more Happy Hormone Cottages. Five is enough! But women are flying and driving in to see us from all over the country. This is so validating on so many levels and really shows me how this organic movement of women helping women has become so life-changing! I am also always available to come to your area to speak to groups of women who are interested in taking charge of their journey to their best health. This often starts with hormone balance. Getting educated and knowing the information that is out there is a good place to start. My book, Own Your Journey…..to Optimal Hormone Balance” (available on my website) is also a good resource.
Keep in touch. I hope to see you in Ohio (or northern Kentucky) at one of our Happy Hormone Cottage facilities. Best, Lyn”

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