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I recently received this awesome email from one of our clients: “Lyn, today I finish up your Core Restore liver detox program and so far I have lost 8 pounds! My belly IS a lot flatter. Now I need to find a way to tighten up the loose skin. Since January I have been working out 1 hour a day and sweating. Two days a week I have been working out with a weight trainer. I now love the way my body looks and feels! I am so much healthier. My endurance has gone up 100%. My friends say I don’t look my age, but then again I know I don’t act my age either! I have been shopping for new clothes because I am so much smaller now! I love it and so does my husband! I am also enjoying my protein shake I make every morning for breakfast. I will never go back to anything else for breakfast again!   Everyone asks what I have been doing to achieve such success and I tell them about the Happy Hormone Cottage. I should carry around business cards! I tell them all that they have to go get tested for what areas in their body they are deficient in hormone wise before they can feel better, and before they can lose weight. So far not many of them have taken me up on seeing you guys. I really don’t understand why they don’t go running to your door demanding to be tested. Thanks, Lyn, for all you do! Talk soon! Lea”     I love the email but this does beg the question, “So why NOT come in and see us?” Is it fear? Is it denial? Are most women so far off their own list they no longer recognize their own needs? I mean, what is it? Especially when I get emails from other not-so-fortunate ladies like Tammy who don’t feel well and can’t get anyone to help her. Read on: “Over the past two months I have gone way downhill. Can you guide me as to what blood work I need to ask for prior to my doctor appointment?  I would like my thyroid levels tested in depth (more than what my family doctor does). I went to my trusted family doctor, who tested my thyroid, in December. I explained to her all of my issues and she basically said, “Here is an antidepressant, and the name and number of a phychiatrist. Come back in 4 weeks to see how you feel once starting the antidepressant.” I know my hormone levels are also low and I have cortisol issues. Please help me.”     This is exactly why I do what I do. I find this chronic response to hormone, thyroid and adrenal issues simply unacceptable. So what is the real problem? It has taken me almost 3 years, but I think I have finally figured it out. Our problem is NOT the lack of current standard of care not meeting our needs, or doctors not validating us, or even the limited tools in their toolbox. The issue isn’t the mentality of one-size-fits-all-dosing or even the predominance of big pharmaceutical companies pushing the latest, greatest drug that will reduce symptoms without fixing the cause. It isn’t even our “I want it yesterday mentality.” The REAL problem lies with US! With women who have been conditioned to NOT think for ourselves and to think it is ok to give our power away and NOT have a voice. If you think that you will go to your doctor and he will just go along with our recommendation for customized hormone therapy because you ask him to, think again! And then when he isn’t comfortable with this (most doctors tell me they have 4 hours of hormone education in medical school) more natural approach, so suggests you either do nothing (“this too shall pass”) or talks you into what he does feel comfortable with (a synthetic hormone or an estrogen product that is one-size-fits-all and doesn’t check hormone levels before prescribing it, or an antidepressant or sleeping aid) you either go along with him or you give up! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? Apparently we have had years of conditioning to believe that our doctor does know it all and he does know best, so we are willing to believe whatever he says! I am here to tell you that we need to get over this mentality. It isn’t fair to our doctors to expect them to work in a realm in which they have no training. So why take their word on everything as law? Why NOT think for ourselves and simply go to someone who DOES get it and understand what we do? The days of settling have to be over! When I speak to large groups of women and I go around the room asking each woman how she feels and every single woman in the room feels “crappy,” WE HAVE A PROBLEM! Life is simply too short to settle for this state of poor health for the rest of our lives!      So I am looking for women to WANT to get better and are WILLING TO DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO FEEL BETTER even if this means going to more than one doctor until your voice is heard. Call us! We can help you find that doctor! It isn’t always easy, but they ARE out there! To give up is simply, in a word, unacceptable. When we know better, we do better. Guess what? We DO know better! So the REAL question is, “DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO FEEL BETTER?” Do you have the attitude and gumption it takes to find the doctor who is FOR your best health naturally? If you do, call us! We would love to work with you!



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