I’m post menopausal and I’ve felt good for 17 years

I’m post menopausal and I’ve felt good for 17 years

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This is the comment I received when asking if an acquaintance in her early to mid 60s was interested in learning more about our bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. I have many responses to her comment, but I kept my mouth shut. Why? Because after having started my Happy Hormone Cottage 10+ years ago, I’ve come to understand that it isn’t my place to argue with women or even to convince them they are wrong. After all, my mantra is to “own your journey.”

So who am I to say that this gal having nothing to do with bhrt is wrong? For her it is obviously the absolute right choice or she would have become a client years ago. I just wish she knew what I know about the important role hormones play in the intrinsic health of our bodies. And, since we can not see inside her body, how does she know what is going on with her heart, her brain, her bones? I do know that as we age past 35, we no longer make the hormones we need to keep our body running optimally.

And our hormones: estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone play big roles in heart health, (estrogen protects our heart from heart disease); brain health (estrogen protects our brain from dementia): and bone health (estrogen and testosterone protect our bones and work collaboratively to build new bone.) Estrogen also promotes collagen growth to help our skin age more gracefully. Progesterone helps us sleep, reduces anxiety and depression, helps irritability and moodiness, reduces aches and pains, as well as reduces sugar cravings.

Progesterone also balances our estrogen to reduce estrogen dominance to help maintain our weight. So refilling our hormone receptors as we age past 35 with bioidentical hormones created specifically for each woman, based on our unique and innovative testing, just makes sense. I can’t imagine my life without my Bioidentical hormone cream that, as a post menopausal woman myself, I use daily. I’ve had a picture of my heart taken. I have no calcium build-up around it.

I’ve had my bone density measured and I’ve gone from having osteopenia at the age of 49, to having dense, strong bones today. I also don’t struggle with hot flashes anymore. I’ve maintained my weight for years and more importantly, I have the energy to work out daily at home and work out with my personal trainer 3 times a week.

I’m happy with my health and I’m doing everything I can to take care of it. I don’t take my health for granted. The bottom line for me is that I’m investing in my health, like I do my 401K, because I need my health to go the distance with as high a quality as possible. I know only too well that every day health matters.

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