In Speaking with Women

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I recently spoke to 3 women’s groups….on the same day. I probably won’t do that again because I found even I have limits to what I can do in one day (!), but I found the whole experience to be enriching, enlightening, and empowering! What it reinforced for me was that women’s needs really are universal. We all have the need to be seen, heard and validated; for our stories to be believed; and for our needs to be met. I know from first-hand experience that we put ourselves last on our list….if we even make our list at all….and women are tired. We are multi-tasking nurturers who hold our families together and the amount of energy we expend every day is astounding! So it is no wonder when I speak to groups of women, no matter how large or small, I see women who are giving it all they’ve got……and sometimes it just isn’t enough. So what to do? I think where we come in at our Happy Hormone Cottage is we GET what women are going through. We understand because we have been there. So we listen, we evaluate and then we help devise a strategy to bring back our joy of life. Here is what I know- typically right around age 35, women’s progesterone levels begin to deplete, and sometimes this happens at an even younger age. We are working with a 24 year old currently, whose progesterone levels were low. How do we know this? Because we checked them! She is now in her 3rd month on our hormone therapy & a supplements (progesterone and adrenal vitamins, along with vitamin D)and she emailed me yesterday that she feels so much better, “I am a 9 out of 10 and so excited to feel so much better!”  This is the same gal whose was prescribed 3 antidepressants and a sleeping aid by her healthcare practitioner. When she asked about having her hormone levels checked, the response was, “You are way too young to be having hormone issues.” I am so happy for her that she listened to her mother (also a client of ours) who urged her to come and see us. These are the success stories we love to hear about! And especially from someone so young. What we know is that no matter what the age, when our progesterone levels begin to deplete, we can experience symptoms that can rob us of our joy of life, because progesterone is responsible for sleep, anxiety, depression, mood, aches & pains, sugar cravings and balancing estrogen to help prevent breast cancer. Compound this with exhausted adrenal glands, that can also negatively impact the thyroid….and we have tired women! So listening to women and then validating their journey is where it all begins for us! Once we educate them to hopefully “level the playing field,” they can speak with their own healthcare practitioner, to be open to the possibilities. See, I may not know a lot, but I do have a couple of truths that I live by:
-people do what is most important to them
-what we place our attention on, determines the quality of our lives
-when we know better, we do better
So I just want to continue to be open to the possibilities and to continue to positively impact women’s lives. I feel like we have paved the way for our women to at least begin to dialogue with their doctors to also be open to the possibilities. Together, we CAN make a difference in our best lives naturally!

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