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Why Infant Genetic Testing Is Important? 


Children being born in the United States in 2020 are required to be tested for a range of conditions that could possibly affect their survival or development. With approximately 4 million newborns being delivered each year, the NIH estimates that 1 in 300 will be born with a treatable condition. Early detection is important in order to give your child the best circumstances for development. But that list is just the beginning of modern testing capabilities. Thanks to modern innovation, infant genetic testing is capable of detecting a wide range of key indicators about your child’s health. 

The team at the Happy Hormone Cottage is dedicated to the health and happiness of our patients. We do our best to meet this goal by providing unmatched care with information and awareness. Preventative measures are always the best course of action, that’s why we encourage infant genetic tests, to highlight key elements of your child’s health and how they will interact with the world.

What Can Infant Genetic Tests Uncover?

It all comes down to prevention. You can’t fight what you don’t know! There are a variety of reasons to have your child undergo a genetic test, some of the most common are as follows:

Metabolic testing – How does your child’s system digest certain foods and nutrients.

Allergies – Find out if your child is allergic to certain foods or medications.

Propensity for chronic disease – Shows if there are key indicators for chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, or cardiovascular disease

Potential for injury – Screens for indications of inflammatory markers that can be used as a basis for how your child will respond to injury.

Immunity testing – Is your child immunocompromised or susceptible to illness, find out! This can allow you to be more cautious about how exposed your child is!

Gastrointestinal Analysis – screens for regular gut bacteria and health. This can tell you about any potential dietary restrictions that may be necessary!

Once the results of the tests are in, Jeff Hogrefe, AFAARM, RPh, can make informed decisions about what preventative measures and treatment protocols might be necessary! Bear in mind that the test could come back negative and give you the peace of mind that your child is healthy and on course for stable development!

If you receive a positive test, meaning your child is prone to develop a given condition, that isn’t a guarantee! It simply means that they are at greater risk and that preventative measures should be taken to ensure they remain healthy. As a parent, it becomes much easier for you because there are fewer surprises down the road, and you use the testing information as a starting point for your child’s development. The ‘at risk’ conditions can be monitored with greater attention to detail by medical professionals. 

How Does Genetic Testing Work?

The standard practice for genetic testing is to take a simple saliva cheek swab. The extraction process is quick and painless. You can find a complete list of the genetic tests offered at the Happy Hormone Cottage by following this link

Once the sample has been obtained, it can be analyzed by our resident genetic testing expert, Jeff Hogrefe, AFAARM, RPh, and your results will be presented to you! If you have any questions about your results, you can always consult with Jeff at the Integrative Hormone Center! He is happy to help clarify any results and provide you with detailed insight into what this could mean for your daily life!

Looking For Infant Genetic Testing in Centerville, Ohio?

If you are looking to ensure the health of your child, a genetic test can provide incredible insight into their general health and any at-risk conditions! If you would like to learn more, speak with the professionals at the Happy Hormone Cottage by calling or booking an appointment online today!

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