I came across a blog posting recently at myfitnesspal.com with the title, “I got my life back and lost weight too.” The first sentences really caught my eye when the blogger says, “It saved my life! Every woman should read this.” So I did (!) and discovered it was about my Happy Hormone Cottage! Read what she says:

“I was diagnosed with about everything under the sun and put on just about every medication known to man and none of them worked. I was obese and addicted to food. I had horrible food cravings like a drug addict. I had no energy. I was depressed, anxious and nervous all the time. I had anxiety and panic attacks that landed me in the emergency room. I cried constantly over nothing. I had severe insomnia. I was diabetic. I had digestive problems and mysterious aches pains and random rashes. I was moody, cranky and sometimes downright hateful and mean. My periods were irregular and erratic. I had clotting and all kinds of awful things. I had severe headaches frequently and atleast a mild headache every day. Most days I couldn’t even leave my house and some days I couldn’t get out of bed. almost every day of my life I wished I was dead and some days I would actually research ways to kill myself on the internet (if you feel like this seek help immediately because there is always light at the end of the tunnel) and vow that as soon as my kids graduated from high school and moved out I would end my misery.

nobody would help me and the few people who did care enough to help were clueless as to what the problem could possibly be so I did the research on my own and it took me about 3 or 4 years to figure it out but I finally did, I had a severe hormonal imbalance. A hormonal imbalance can create all kinds of problems from barely noticeable to severe and it’s easy to diagnose and fix. I found an amazing place called The Happy Hormone Cottage where I got tested and discovered that I was estrogen dominant and did not have enough progesterone and now I am on an all natural bio-identical progesterone cream which is very inexpensive. I take it once a day and rub the cream into my wrists. I have only been on it for 6 months and all of my symptoms are gone. I have tons of energy, no food cravings, no depression, anxiety, panic attacks. I’m no longer diabetic and I sleep fine at night and no more headaches. I’ve also lost 42 pounds in 6 months and I haven’t even started to exercise yet. It also treats PMS and PMDD. This is something that everyone should look into just to be sure. not having enough progesterone can also cause pcos and miscarriages. A healthy progesterone level helps you carry a baby to term and give birth to a healthy baby.

I don’t think anyone should have to go through what I went through not even for a day. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy so if I can help even one person get help it is definitely worth it.

The Happy Hormone Cottage is in Ohio but everything can be done over the phone or computer so they can help anyone in any state all over the USA. There are also other companies that do the same thing it doesn’t matter which one you go to as long as you make sure it is all natural bio identical hormones and not synthetic. It does require a prescription from your doctor and is completely safe. your doctor will determine from your test results if you need it and how much you need. I know this is a weight loss site and I’m posting it here because before I got on the progesterone I couldn’t lose weight no matter what I tried and believe me I tried EVERYTHING but now that I’ve got the progesterone the weight is just falling off which is just an added bonus. The best thing is I’m happy again and I got my life back.. I hope this helps. Good luck everyone and God bless.”

I am SO very happy we could help and have such a positive, life-changing effect on someone’s life. But this is what we do every day. We ARE women helping women. And we DO make a difference every single day. And now that we have our own nurse practitioner on staff, we are so happy that we can impact women without current standard of care standing in our way. But I do disagree with the writer of the blog above when she says, “The Happy Hormone Cottage is in Ohio and they can help others in any state because much of what they do can be done over the phone and computer. But there are other companies who do the same things. Your doctor will determine from your test results if you need hormone therapy and how much….” This is simply NOT true. I actually do NOT know of any other company who does what we do:
-offer an initial free consultation
-offer easy, affordable, cutting edge take home testing for hormone levels in several key areas
-write the recommendation FOR the practitioner
-offer a second free consultation to go over how to use the therapy and supplements
-provide free monthly follow up phone calls and emails
-provide excellent customer service that is immediate and validating
-provide access to the compounding pharmacists who make the therapy and write the
-provide holistic health care in the realm of Functional Medicine that focuses on disease
prevention and anti-aging
To go to your doctor and have him/her check hormone levels in anything other than blood serum is rare (almost unheard of) and most healthcare practitioners certainly do not have the training to be able to write a strategy for natural, optimal hormone balance. We just have not found this approach to be successful. This is why we like to partner with doctors who are open to being mentored in all of the nuances of customized, compounded hormone therapy. Those doctors who allow us to do so are the ones with the most satisfied clients. And we can help you find those doctors in other states. We look forward to serving you!

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