“Let Me Talk This Over With My Doctor”


I understand our trust in and attachment to our doctors. We have shared with them personal issues, built a relationship with them, and trusted them to help solve our health issues. So I get it when women come to us to get tested, get treated, get better and want to run our strategy by their trusted health care practitioner. After all, what we do is different. Our Happy Hormone Cottage is an educational resource center of women helping women get educated in the arena of natural hormone balance. It is also a resource center that helps facilitate each woman’s journey to wellness by reestablishing optimal hormone balance that becomes imbalanced through the aging process.
We provide the take home testing kits to determine current hormone levels at the capillary level, and our compounding pharmacist and holistic health expert analyzes these test results, symptom sheet and medical history of each client, so he can write his recommendation for the doctor. HHC offers support to the doctor with this written recommendation,  and to the client with a phone call explaining our recommendation, and interpreting the client’s test results so she is prepared for her doctor visit. For best results, we recommend our clients make an appointment with our in-house doctor, who is a Functional Medicine and anti-aging doctor, who understands and encourages natural hormone balance as a wellness and disease prevention strategy. Those clients who do this, sail through on their way to their best health naturally. For those clients who take all of their information and our strategy back to their doctor for approval, their journey isn’t always smooth sailing. The clients with doctors who are more open minded and willing to think outside the box of conventional medicine typically fare well. These doctors may not understand our testing procedures or the art of compounding bio identical hormone therapy, but their attitude is one of accepting their patient’s request for how she would like to treat her body. So he agrees to give it a try, and the results are usually highly favorable. These are the success stories we like to hear. But not all clients are successful. Those clients who haven’t done their homework in bio identical hormone replacement therapy or, worse, have done their homework but still defer to the limiting views of their own doctor are the ones who aren’t successful because their doctor doesn’t approve our strategy. I understand that what we do is not taught in medical school because it doesn’t involve drug therapy. Our testing measures and our holistic health approach aren’t within the parameters of conventional medicine. So taking our ‘get tested, get treated, get better’ wellness philosophy that is in the world of Functional Medicine to a conventionally trained doctor is risky. You wouldn’t take your expensive imported car to a Ford dealership, would you? So why take your body, that is suffering from a hormone imbalance (women over 35 have hormone imbalance)and needs customized, compounded bio identical hormones, to a conventional doctor who specializes in anything BUT this approach? Isn’t this just asking for failure? If your beloved pet went to a vet who wasn’t willing to try various strategies to heal your pet, wouldn’t you find a new vet? So why do we settle for so much less for ourselves? So when those clients tell me they are going to talk over our strategy with their doctor, I always raise my eyebrows and wish them luck because my experience is the outcome probably won’t be favorable. Because what we do is different, the doctor who isn’t open minded, will struggle, and often will relay the myths that have been passed on to him (by drug reps, inaccurate media reports, faulty literature, sometimes written by the pharmaceutical companies, perpetuating these myths.) These are the clients who simply don’t get better. Remember, what we put our attention determines the quality of our lives. What we practice is what we have. If you do nothing to positively impact your health, today is the best day you will have. So the choice is yours: continue on the same path with the same program to get the same results……or let us support you on a new path to wellness? I think the answer is clear.

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