Let’s Talk About Libido


 Let’s just get this out there-I talk to women all day every day and I can tell you that pretty much no one in Ohio (over the age of, say, 40) is having sex! Can I just say I find this fascinating??!! I have women tell me on a daily basis that their sex life is not only currently nonexistent, it has been MIA for several years.  I try, I really do try, to not look shocked, mortified, dismayed and I really try to squelch the urge to put my fingers in my ears and mutter, “too much information!!” But can I just say that this is the truth about hormone imbalance?! When women experience the sleeplessness, depression and anxiety associated with progesterone deficiency (begins to occur around the age of 35); when their adrenal glands are fatigued and on death’s door so that they barely have the energy to get out of bed, let alone move and perform daily tasks;  and when they have been told for years that their thyroid is “normal” although their t3 or TPO has never been checked, so their energy, (hair loss, cold body temperature etc) is very low due to a viable thyroid issue…and we add this to the estrogen dominance faced by all women over the age of 35-40, so weight gain and brain fog become prevalent…..SEX IS THE VERY LAST THING ON THEIR MIND!! Compound this situation with the traditional remedy for this:  prescribing antidepressants, anti anxiety drugs and prescription sleep aids…. then whatever little sex drive there may have been that was hanging on by a thread, is now totally and irrevocably gone! Vanished!
Notice I didn’t mention testosterone levels?? I know that just giving a woman with low testosterone levels more testosterone will not typically impact libido! Libido is an interesting beast! The women I talk to all day, every day wouldn’t respond sexually even if I prescribed Brad Pitt!! Libido is a function of (besides adequate testosterone levels)healthy hormone balance, healthy adrenal function, the ability to handle the daily stress in their lives, the ability to SLEEP enough (8 hours) every night, communication and intimacy in the relationship, and yes, how much in love they are with their partners! All this tremendously impacts libido. Just measuring testosterone levels and then dosing you according to optimal physiological levels, doesn’t really matter to libido. This WILL promote new bone growth, help with energy and help restore memory recall. It won’t necessarily impact libido if the above-mentioned areas are lacking.
   Let’s do what we can to educate ourselves and begin to change the face of this one woman at a time! We can have sex in Ohio! It is just a matter of listening to our bodies, thinking outside the box, and quite possibly embracing alternative, natural hormone therapy that has been customized for YOU!

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