Let’s Talk Supplements!

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Here is what we know: taking daily supplements is very important in preventing disease and in maintaining good health. That’s the good news. The not-so-good news is that there are a plethora of supplements out there at a variety of price points AND quality, and it can be overwhelming. So what to do? Hopefully not what many women do when they go to the store….buy supplements at random with little knowledge and more importantly, no strategy! My rule of thumb with supplements is you pretty much get what you pay for.
What we offer at our Happy Hormone Cottage is a recommendation for natural hormone balance AND quality supplements that will work with our hormone creams to optimize the best results!
For example, did you know that we carry a high quality vitamin D at the recommended current dosage of 5000 i.u.’s per day that helps prevent aches & pains, helps depression, and helps prevent breast cancer? This tiny supplement costs 10 cents a day. Seriously? Who wouldn’t use this supplement? The problem is that supplements are still not really validated in our current standard of care. Doctors primarily rely on drugs and drug therapy and are not so much into prevention and maintenance of good health. I call this wellness! So really it is up to us to know the research so we can apply that to making good decisions for our bodies.
The supplements I would not go without on a daily basis are: a probiotic, an omega 3 (a high quality fish oil. Be careful with this one. If your fish oil is making you burp, it means it is rancid, so it is not being absorbed by your body. Again, you get what you pay for. WE carry THE best omega 3fish oil line that is pure fish oil with high potency), vitamin D 5000 units a day, magnesium glycinate and a high quality adrenal vitamin to heal and support our adrenal glands. As our clients get tested and get treated to get better with our natural hormone therapy, we also include supplements in our hormone strategy so our clients can achieve optimal health. And an important side note is these supplements should be an on-going strategy that is given as much validation as our prescriptive hormones. They work hand in hand for our best health naturally!
For more information on our high quality supplements, check out our new online store at www.shopinvigom98.sg-host.com.

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