Making the Best Choices for Your Best Health!!


You know how I love my emails! This is one I received recently from Jodi that did not  make my day! She writes, “Lyn, I am sorry to report that I unfortunately have to discontinue my natural hormone therapy due to the financial aspect. I now have a high deductible insurance plan and have to pay out of pocket for all of my health needs. Thank you for everything and if my insurance plan should change in the future, I will meet with you again.”  Please understand that I totally get it! Really I do! I know that money is tight for everyone and our constantly changing health insurance plans never make it easy for us.  I am a 30 year teaching veteran with MY health plan tied into our STRS (State Teacher’s Retirement System.) I swear everytime I look at my monthly check, it is $50 less due to the rising cost of my health insurance plan.  But I will give up everything else BEFORE I would ever give up my natural hormone replacement therapy. My response to Jodi explains why:

“Hi Jodi,

       My response to your email is “how can you NOT afford to continue on with our therapy??”  Our natural hormone creams are $1 a day for each hormone. These natural hormone creams REPLACE depleted hormone levels that decrease with age to PREVENT disease as we get older. So MY investment of a dollar or two a day is going toward preventing heart disease (the #1 killer of women MY age), breast cancer, dementia and osteoporosis. So I guess my next question to you is, “how much will it cost you to recover from breast cancer or another disease that these hormone creams are preventing?” (assuming you CAN recover……) So I feel sad for you. Best of luck and let us know when we can be of further service. Our passion is YOUR best health naturally.
Warm Regards, Lyn”
   I know for me, that before my natural hormone therapy, I didn’t feel my best, so my entire family structure and work place was negatively impacted. When I feel MY best, every area of my life is positively impacted. I know I live my life now full of energy, clear headed, with purpose and drive, moist skin, libido (!), strong bones; and a healthy heart. By putting myself back on my own list, I am happy and balanced and look forward to every day. But these are choices we all have to make for ourselves. My hope and prayer for you is that YOU will do everything you can to put yourself at the TOP of YOUR list and to  make the choice today for better health now! Your choices today DO impact your health tomorrow. In my opinion $1-$2 a day is a small price to pay to feel your best today AND to prevent disease tomorrow.

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