I had an interesting experience today in the span of 10 minutes that really showcases the Law of Attraction at its finest! I was between consultations at the cottage when I got an urgent text from a cottage client. The cryptic message read, “Quick! Turn your radio to whio 1290!” So I went to my car, turned on the radio just in time to hear my client talking about the Happy Hormone Cottage and her success story!! She was on the air with the host of an hour-long “Ask the Expert” show and the topic this afternoon was menopause. When she was off the air, she called me and said, “I can’t believe I just did that!” She went on to say that she was working in her kitchen, listening to this radio show when a 57-year-old woman called in with such a sense of hopelessness. She was menopausal, miserable, and could find no one to help her. When the host of the show didn’t respond the way my client thought he should, (the host of this “ask the expert” show was an ob/gyn in the area)she said, “Lyn, I just HAD to call and help that poor woman! I couldn’t stand it!!” So she did! Then she said, “Oh Lyn, now YOU have to call in!” I wasn’t convinced, but she insisted. So she gave me the number and I called. Unbelievably, I was on the air in about 2 minutes! I told the host (the doctor) that I was the director of the Happy Hormone Cottage that the previous caller had mentioned and that our passion is helping middle-years women navigate the waters of menopause. I went on to say that at the cottage we really listen to and validate women and beyond all else, we offer hope! We actually encourage our clients to get their hormone levels checked and then we recommend practitioners who think “outside the box,” and are willing to work with us on customized compounded natural hormone therapy. The host of this radio show was responsive and fairly affirming of what I was saying. I mentioned my website AND the inclusion of many clinical studies that show the safety and efficacy of our compounded natural hormone therapy. All in all, I felt what I had to say was well-received by the host and I was happy with our conversation. So in the span of about 10 minutes, I had a happy cottage client call in to a popular radio talk show, talk about her success with us, offer a testimonial to other women that this natural option is a viable one, AND got me on the air to confirm. Talk about a one-two punch! This was obviously meant to happen today! Don’t you just love the Law of Attraction??

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