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I recently received this email from Andrea (name has been changed):

Good Morning Lyn,
My name is Andrea and I began menopause at the young age of 40. I am now 49 and the last two years have been very challenging for me and my
husband as well. In the last two years I can count on ONE hand how many times we have been intimate. I believe this is causing my mild depression and
being irritated all the time. I love life and am usually a very upbeat, joyful person. However, I feel like I am going downhill. I cry constantly, usually on the way to work and on the way home. I don’t sleep through the night and I wake up feeling very emotional. The thing is I don’t have insurance to go to a doctor regularly and this just adds to my frustration and feeling down in the dumps. I take a multivitamin, magnesium and melatonin. It’s just a constant battle within myself, my thoughts jump, my energy level lags. I thought theses years were supposed to be golden? Can you help me? I will do anything.

My response to Andrea:

Hi Andrea,
Thank you for your email. I can tell you that you are not alone in your journey; and that what you are experiencing is a part of life as we age and it is called HORMONE IMBALANCE.  Let me educate you:
Our hormones deplete with age. For most women, this depletion that leads to a hormone imbalance begins around age 35. This is when our progesterone production begins to decrease because our bodies are older and we simply don’t make what we need. Guess what progesterone is responsible for? Ready?
-sugar cravings
-aches and pains
-balancing estrogen to help prevent breast cancer
So progesterone is a BIG deal. And when our progesterone levels begin to deplete at around age 35, this is when most of our issues begin. When women lose progesterone, they become estrogen dominant. This estrogen dominance is reflected in the 25-30 excess pounds around our mid-section; brain fog; and increased risk of breast cancer. By the time we are in our 40’s, most women are having issues with sleep, anxiety, mood, etc. Let me tell you that tired women have no libido! Compound this with adrenal fatigue and undiagnosed thyroid issues (conventionally trained doctors don’t check what we believe are also important pieces of the thyroid-the free t3 and free t4) and we have a lot of women who are miserable. In fact, most of the women I talk to on a daily basis want the same 4 things:
-to sleep
-to lose weight
-to regain libido
-to have energy
Your next step? Call us at 513 444 6343 (Dayton or Cincinnati) or 859 360 6696 (northern Kentucky) for your free consultation. We will spend 45 minutes of our time educating you and determining your specific issues. We will also provide you with a strategy to get your hormone levels checked with a take home zrt lab testing kit. (the fee for this testing kit runs between $270-$345 and is the lab fee) When your test results come back to us, we will write our recommendation for your hormone balance for your doctor or one who works with us and understands natural hormone balance. Then we can customize your natural hormone therapy for you to replace your depleted hormone levels with physiological dosing to rebalance your hormone levels; eradicate symptoms and prevent disease. We never let insurance stand in our way. I always ask the question, “What is your health and happiness worth to you?” You will need money for the testing kit to determine existing hormone levels and you will need money for the doctor’s office visit to approve therapy. You may need to revisit your doctor at the 6-month or 1-year mark for refills and adjustment to therapy. There is also a cost, of course, for the monthly topical hormone creams but we do bill insurance for these and often our cash price is cheaper than your copay. We also do accept HSA’s as well. I don’t know about you, but the choice to do nothing because you have no insurance vs owning your journey to your best health is a no-brainer. And I can tell you my truth–if you do nothing for your existing hormone imbalance issues, TODAY IS THE BEST DAY YOU WILL HAVE! Scary, huh? By the way, these are not our golden years. I think this term refers to life in our 70’s and 80’s. So I’m thinking you have a ways to go. Let’s make it a good journey!
Looking forward to seeing you soon. We are all about YOUR best health naturally.

p.s. I forgot to mention that we have clients who tell us they are feeling so much better after being on our therapy. They are experiencing joy of life again and have reclaimed intimacy with their husbands or partners. They tell me they would rather not eat than give up their hormone creams! Luckily, you won’t have to choose between food and hormones 🙂

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