“My Doctor Had a Fit…….”

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This email just in: “Lyn, when I went to my OBGYN in March for my annual exam, she had an absolute FIT that I was taking estrogen!!  She said that it is very dangerous and could cause heart attacks, etc.  I discontinued everything immediately. Since I have gotten conflicting recommendations, I’m not doing anything. Regardless, thanks for checking on me.”

My response is this….

This is where education and knowledge of what we do is imperative. Especially since we are led to believe that everything our conventionally trained doctors say is absolute truth. What I know is that what we do is in the realm of Functional Medicine and we actually work to find and heal the cause of health issues, like depleted hormone levels. Conventionally trained doctors don’t do this.

Your doctor does have her own opinion of estrogen and is taught that it is a bad word because of what drug companies have done with it. This is true of oral estrogen. But we, at our Happy Hormone Cottage, do not recommend the use or oral estrogen. She knows nothing about what we do in our customized bio-identical world of hormone therapy where WE actually check hormone levels before recommending a dosage and then we dose physiologically for each woman’s body based on her saliva test results (where hormone levels are checked at the tissue level of cells). On top of that, we use topical creams and we use biest:  estradiol and estriol (again dosed physiologically). Did you know that estriol actually goes to the breast tissue to absorb bad estrogen (estrone) that causes breast cancer? Your doctor does not know this. Why? It isn’t taught in her 4 hours of class work on hormones.    Let’s talk about progesterone for a second. Even if you decide to stop using our biest cream…..why would you discontinue using progesterone? Doctors aren’t taught this, but here are the tasks of progesterone: To Help With: sleep issues depression anxiety mood sugar cravings aches and pains fights breast cancer

Women over the age of 35 are estrogen dominant. Why? Because our progesterone levels are depleting (our ovaries are getting older). This estrogen dominance leads to weight gain, brain fog and increased risk of breast cancer. So progesterone is our first line of defense.  And, if we are finished with our cycles, we typically also need estrogen. Did you know that estrogen does 300 jobs in our body? By the time we are in our 50’s and 60’s, we are ripe for heart disease and dementia. Estrogen helps prevent this. In fact, replacing depleted hormone levels with human-identical hormone replacement therapy that has been dosed for your body physiologically is the key to continued good health and quality of life.    Since we are talking about hormones, let’s not forget testosterone. This important hormone helps build new bone, gives us energy and helps memory recall. Of course drug companies have led doctors (and thus us) to believe that the bone-building drugs on the market are the answer. Google Boniva or fosomax to find the truth. Once again we have been sold a bill of goods by drug companies and the FDA.    I have to tell you that our clients who are successful are the ones who have what it takes to stand up to their doctors and think for themselves. Encourage your doctor to go to my website, click on recommended readings and then the “practitioners resources” section, where we have lots of studies on the safety and effectiveness of what we do. The truth is that by listening to your doctor, this is the BEST you will ever feel AND you will be ripe for disease. I don’t know about you, but I think we deserve better. I personally refuse to settle for anything less than MY best health naturally. My hope for you is that you continue to research and educate for yourself to learn the truth about what we do.  Learn YOUR truth for yourself and YOUR best health naturally.  Lyn”

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