“My Doctor Told Me I Was Fine”

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I was at a recent networking event signing copies of my new book, “Own Your Journey…..to Optimal Hormone Balance,” and a gal came up to me and said, “Oh, I don’t need hormones.” I asked her how she knew this. Her response, “My doctor ran tests and said so.” Not wanting to be disagreeable, I simply smiled, but the truth is, she is most likely not fine. Just checking the box and listening to her doctor might be enough for her, but it doesn’t work for me and it most certainly doesn’t work for women over 35. Why 35? This is when our aging bodies begin to make less progesterone. Making less progesterone means we become estrogen dominant. The bad news here is that estrogen dominance raises the risk of breast cancer. The importance of progesterone can not be overstated. Progesterone has several major tasks in our bodies:
-helps us sleep
-helps depression
-reduces anxiety
-improves our moodiness and irritability
-alleviates aches and pains
– stops sugar cravings
-balances estrogen to reduce the risk of breast cancer
This gal was about my age or older, so I assume she is post-menopausal, which means she now also doesn’t produce enough estrogen. Estrogen for what? For the 300 jobs it performs in the body, not the least of which is protecting the heart from heart disease and protecting the brain from dementia. So now she doesn’t have the progesterone or the estrogen she needs. So she is ripe for disease. And let’s talk testosterone. Testosterone also depletes with age, so by age 50, we have about half of what we used to. Testosterone helps build new bone by signaling the osteoblasts to build new bone. It also helps energy, memory recall and libido. This is why so many older people develop osteoporosis. Instead of using testosterone supplementation, they are told by their healthcare practitioners to drink milk or take calcium, or even worse, to take one of the big pharma bone drugs on the market. Google any of the side effects of these “bone building” drugs and I hope you decide not to take them. They do have an effect on the body, but building good strong bone is not one of them. We, at our Happy Hormone Cottage, are all about fixing the cause of the problem. Refilling our hormone tanks with customized bioidentical hormone replacement therapy fixes the problem.
Let’s talk about the tests her doctor most likely ran. If s/he is checking hormones in blood, they have already been depleted by the heart and the ranges are so big, one would have to be dead to be out of range. This is why we do not use blood work to check sex hormone levels or cortisol. (Thyroid levels? Yes we use blood work in our 11 point thyroid panel.) There are just so many better ways available to do this. So if he is not running informative lab work, how valuable is his assessment? The bottom line is, this gal is not informed on the importance of refilling her hormone tanks and her doctor also can’t advise her because he hasn’t read the latest studies and information. Why not? It is not part of the big pharmaceutical agenda, which is selling drugs for the masses. Our truth, substantiated by studies (go to www.invigom98.sg-host.com/Resources/Reading) is that, as Dr. Prudence Hall says, “Hormones are to women what water is to plants.” We MUST refill our hormone tanks to go the distance and live a high quality of life as we age. This just makes sense!
So what to do to spread the word on this important topic? Continue to walk our walk of women helping women by offering consultations to educate women on the importance of refilling our hormone receptors; continuing to build awareness in natural hormone balance and encouraging women to think for themselves and to become educated and empowered in knowing what is best for their bodies; by giving back to our community through our FoundWHIF-logo-final-webation (the Women’s Health Initiatives Foundation) whose mission is preventing breast cancer; and continuing to positively impact the lives of the women in our community and beyond. Ours is a grassroots movement where real change is occurring. I’m proud of how far we have come!

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