Happy, Happy Women!

I love my job! My job is my passion: educating women on what a hormone imbalance feels like, and then offering them some solutions to fix their imbalance by replacing their hormones to refill their levels and get them back on track. I can’t tell […]


I have to tell you that when someone offers you something that sounds too good to be true, it very often is! Let’s take the case of pellet therapy. Pellets that offer estrogen and testosterone, and are supplemented with progesterone-in either a topical cream delivery system or even a capsule, can be a balanced approach IF the women’s hormone levels are checked prior to the pellet implant and that is the therapy of choice by that client and her practitioner to balance the woman’s hormone levels.

Getting a Second Opinion

I just overheard a comment from a neighbor that made my hair stand straight up! They were talking about a recent bone density test and how an acquaintance of theirs found out that she has osteopenia (that slippery slope on the way to osteoporosis!), so her doctor recommended she increase her dosage of calcium

Take Charge Of Your Own Journey

I am always amazed by the feedback from our clients. On occasion, we have had a few of our “hotties” not get optimal treatment. Take Lisa D. for example. She is a 45 year old periomenopausal woman who chose to visit her family doctor. Without looking at her saliva test results or our recommendations for HRT, he instead prescribed Climara patches and Prometrium 100 mg capsules.

Shop Around For A Good Doctor

I have another story to share with you of an experience a good friend of mine had recently. She shopped for a new ob/gyn to both treat her for an existing condition (that he resolved) and to prescribe natural compounded hormone therapy for her. She has attended our happy hormone hours and came to the cottage for a consultation and knew this was the best decision for her.