Questions! I Get Questions!


I received an email this morning-
Dear Lyn,
I have a question. Once I start my natural hormone replacement therapy, will I have to stay on it forever?

Thank you for your time. Katherine (name changed)

Here is my response:
Dear Katherine,
Here is where education in what we do comes into play. The long and the short of it is this: we need our hormones so we can live a long, healthy life full of joy and vitality! Years ago, at our age, we’d be dead by now (!), so having hormones into our later years didn’t matter…there WERE no later years. But today, with life expectancy taking us into our 90’s and beyond, we need our hormones to HELP PREVENT DISEASE: estrogen to protect our heart from heart disease and our brain from dementia; we need testosterone to signal the osteoblasts in our bones to build strong new bone; we need progesterone to balance estrogen dominance to help prevent breast cancer. Not to mention that progesterone’s function is also to help us sleep, fight depression and anxiety, elevate our mood, and help our body’s aches and pains. So, YES! You will be using our natural hormone replacement strategy forever. Or as I like to say, “I will be using my natural hormone therapy until I’m dead!”
Let’s talk finances for a second. When I hear women say things like:
“My insurance won’t pay for this so I can’t do it” OR
“Money is tight, so I really can’t afford it”……
My response is this-
First of all how truly sad for you! That you have chosen to settle for a life that is LESS than it was intended to be.
Insurance was never meant to pay for ALL health needs; it is just insurance. We must STILL take responsibility for our own health and do whatever it takes to keep us healthy!
Secondly, how much do you think it will cost you when disease DOES set in? You know DISEASE OCCURS BEFORE SYMPTOMS APPEAR. So what do you think it will cost you to fight life threatening diseases like breast cancer, heart disease, stroke, dementia, osteoporosis, etc. I can tell you the answer- “a whole lot MORE than paying for monthly customized hormone therapy to help prevent these diseases!!” The truth is, clients on our program probably spend $2-$3 a day when you include the supplements with the therapy (vitamin D, adrenal therapy, etc) but I guarantee you that this is the BEST money you will ever spend because, quite frankly, when you don’t have your health, what is left??
I urge you from the bottom of my heart, because my passion is YOU-do WHATEVER it takes to remain healthy and “drug therapy” free. If you can prevent disease through natural hormone balance that protects your body from disease by replenishing depleted hormone levels, you won’t need drug therapy! Look around you. How many people do you know who are on NO drugs? NO medication for:
High choloesterol
High blood pressure
Anti depressants
Sleeping aids
Beta blockers
Blood thinners
I can’t help but ask the question-“where would these people be today if they had done whatever they could do PREVENT their health issues?”
The answer is-“a whole lot better off than they are today!”. So I’m choosing to spend my $2-$3 a day to make my health the best it can be today FOR tomorrow. My wish for you is that you choose the same!

Warm Regards,

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