Really? And You Believed Him??


I really hate it when I get all worked up! But gosh darn it, I can’t help it when we get a 40 year old woman’s lab results back
that clearly show she has significant hormonal issues. So we write up a recommendation for her doctor and when she sees him, all he
can say is, “The only thing that is really out of whack is your progesterone level but with me giving you that last shot in July for birth
control, that is why it could be off….so let me give you a prescription for wellbutrin and if it doesn’t help, we can go a different route.”
Wow! Really? I don’t even know where to start! Let me finish banging my head against the wall and report MY findings from her
labwork. Here is a 40 year old woman with an unusually high estrogen level. It is 4.2 (range is 1.3-3.3) so I know that she is estrogen
dominant. What does this mean?  This means she is storing a lot of fat (estrogen is a fat storer), has brain fog and a high risk for developing
breast cancer. At the same time, her progesterone level, which we measure from 75-270 is a 40. So I know that she isn’t sleeping well,
has some depression and anxiety, irritable, moody, probably has sugar cravings as well as probably aches & pains. Her ratio of her progesterone level to her estradial level, which we like to see between 100-500 is only a 10! (yes, a 10!) So I know she can NOT feel well. Compound that with crippling
adrenal fatigue, which plays out in exhaustion, and we have one TIRED woman. As if this isn’t enough, she also has a very low functioning
thyroid. We actually measure free t4 and free t3 through zrt labs (most doctors don’t check these….which is why over half the women who
crawl in to see us on their hands and knees are all on synthroid for their t4 because no one has ever checked their free t3. When they complain
to their doctor that they have no energy, dry skin and they are losing their hair….the response is “double your dose of synthroid!” This is like trying
to fix a broken leg by putting a cast on your arm!!) Her free t4 is .7 with the range being .7-2.5. Her free t3 is 1.9, with the range being
2.5-6.5! So she is extremely exhausted, has no energy, isn’t sleeping, has hair loss and couldn’t lose a pound if I paid her A LOT of money to do it. Women with these high estrogen levels, low progesterone levels, adrenal fatigue and low functioning thyroid do NOT feel well. So how do they function?
How do they feel good about themselves? How do they go to work and be expected to do their job? How do they care for their family? How can they be expected to have a libido? Libido? News flash! Tired women have no libido! And here’s the “good” news:  THIS IS THE BEST SHE WILL EVER FEEL if she believes her doctor and goes on wellbutrin. I mean, is she wellbutrin deficient? This drug will not fix any of her issues. The sad part is that for some
reason, this 40 year old woman has lost her voice. She has lost her ability to stand up for herself and fight for HER body. When did we give that power
away?? My hope and dream is that ALL women will take charge of their body and have the confidence to dialogue with their doctor about their choices, and not give up. If one doctor refuses to listen and learn, then go to a different one. Call us! We have lots of doctors who believe in what we are doing and endorse this natural path. We no longer have to settle for feeling bad for the rest of our lives. We do have a voice and we CAN take our power back.


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