Shop Around For A Good Doctor

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I have another story to share with you of an experience a good friend of mine had recently. She shopped for a new ob/gyn to both treat her for an existing condition (that he resolved) and to prescribe natural compounded hormone therapy for her. She has attended our happy hormone hours and came to the cottage for a consultation and knew this was the best decision for her. When she called the office and asked if their doctor did sign off on natural compounded hormone therapy, the receptionist said, “Yes, I believe he does.” So my friend went in for her appointment with this doctor, got a clean bill of health and when it came time to discuss natural hormone therapy, his response was, “I only prescribe BHRT. I don’t deal with natural compounded hormone therapy.” The reason is because it takes time, energy and effort to work with women once they are on their therapy and sometimes tweak it over the course of a few months to get it right. We have lots of doctors who work with us and do just that. These are doctors who think women are worth the time it takes to get it right! Other doctors, like my friend’s doctor, will prescribe the one-size-fits-most BHRT based on their client’s symptoms. It doesn’t matter that it makes sense to check your hormone levels first to see what you might need. For them it’s just easy to slap an estrogen patch on you! Even the lowest dose of the estrogen patch, in my opinion, is WAY too much estrogen. And IF you are lucky enough to be prescribed progesterone to balance out that estrogen patch, the most popular one on the market today is prometrium and it’s a capsule.  You know how I disagree with that delivery system because it impacts the liver. I believe that women are worth the effort it takes for a doctor to get it right: check your levels (preferably with a saliva test) and then prescribe a natural compounded therapy made for YOU based on your body’s needs. How hard is this?
The moral of the story is this: shop around for a good doctor who really does respect and validate women. Menopause is NOT in your head. It IS a physiological response to aging. Ask the tough questions. Demand to be heard. You know that doctors are not Gods who know it all. They know what their drug reps tell them. It is up to YOU to do the research in this area of women’s health and to think for yourself. You deserve it! Do what is best and right for you. Please don’t settle just because your doctor does. YOU ARE BETTER THAN THAT!
Take charge of your journey. Do it today. Do it for you.

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