I just received an email from one of our long-standing HHC clients. She says, “Hi Lyn. Just wanted to check in to let you know that I lost my mother in March. It was so sad to see her lose her battle against osteoporosis. My mom took every bone-building drug on the market. Not one of them did anything to help. In fact, two years ago she took Reclast.  That was the beginning of the end for her. She had a bad reaction and developed a severe kidney infection. She lost over 50 lbs and became very depressed. She broke 2 more bones in her back a year after taking Reclast. I wish I would have known about the Happy Hormone Cottage in time to have helped her. She tried everything, but nothing pharmaceutical ever made one bit of difference. Her experience has educated me and I know she would be happy to know that. I miss her terribly. I keep spreading the word about your HHC to everyone who will listen. I even have conversations with men about taking care of their health. I have a brother who is developing osteoporosis. I want to help him connect with you and Jeff so you can help him. Take care and thank you again for being there for all of the women who need your help.”     My heart goes out to my client. There is a valuable lesson here about current standard of care in our country and pharmaceuticals. Drugs do not fix the cause of disease. Conventional doctors do not fix the cause. We have been sold a bill of goods in our country that is an untruth that only a few, like me, really understand. We only ever treat symptoms in our country with the latest, greatest drug….and many of these are found to be harmful, down the road. “Bone building” drugs on the market today don’t build viable, strong bone. In fact, most interrupt the bone building process.  Yet pharmaceutical reps keep singing their praises to doctors, who keep  right on prescribing them. Yet when more holistic, natural strategies come along like what we do- BHRT ( human identical hormones) …..we are touted as quacks by many in the medical community.  It is insane!     My new mantra when talking to women is ” Do you have what it takes to feel better?” We have to fight tooth and nail to be heard and validated. If we don’t have healthcare practitioners to work with us, we are dead in the water. This is our biggest challenge. We just lost a doctor who worked with us and we really liked because “she couldn’t make enough money working in this arena.”. Another doctor who works at a medical facility shared with me that she is being held accountable by management to meet monthly quotas. Guess what kind of appointments garner the least amount of money to meet that quota? Yep- BHRT appointments. It is the in-office procedures the doctors need to push because these bring in the most money. These are the days I feel like a dragon slayer….and the dragons just keep getting bigger! I rue the day I get tired of slaying dragons. So what to do? We just keep helping women reclaim their best health naturally one woman at a time.  Through this grass roots movement of women helping women at our Happy Hormone Cottage, we will have to do what it takes to get more validation for what we do, and in the process, get even more doctors on board. This is where the rubber meets the road. When we go to our doctors with our truth for our bodies……that we want a more natural approach, and our doctor is reluctant to comply with our wishes, isn’t it time we take a stand and ask why?? Encourage them to learn about our more natural approach. Tell them they owe it to their clients to become informed. Tell them we will be back in a month with the expectation that they will have done some reading and are more open- minded. We need to do what it takes to be validated and heard. To accept anything less is simply unacceptable!

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