Still Talking About Libido!!


Emails! I get emails!! Every woman I know is concerned with libido….or the lack thereof. Most think libido is simply a cause and effect of the level of one’s testosterone. This may hold true for men-but for women, it is a totally different scenario! I know that for women, libido is NOT simply a measure of one’s testosterone level. I have  clients with a high testosterone level of 88 (when tested with saliva, the range is 16-55) who have no libido; and conversely, clients with  low testosterone levels of 13, who have a healthy libido. So what gives? Obviously, for women, libido is more than just the measure of one’s testosterone. So if libido in women isn’t a function of the level of testosterone, then what is it? I’ve come to understand that libido returns when women are aware of and work to heal the following areas of their lives:
-STRESS. Stress is the #1 libido killer. Especially long-term stress. This negatively impacts our health-emotional, physical and mental. The more stress we have in our lives, the lower our libido. Finding ways to handle our stress and lower it are key to regaining libido. (Exercising, journaling, etc.)
-ADRENAL FATIGUE. Exhausted adrenal glands are synonymous with low energy. Low energy = Low libido. So repairing and rebuilding impaired adrenals is critical to regaining libido.
-HORMONE IMBALANCE. Women who are hormonally imbalanced suffer from sleeplessness, depression, anxiety, mood swings, hot flashes and night sweats, weight gain, thinning hair and skin, etc. So regaining hormone balance through customized natural hormone therapy is critical to libido recovery.
-SLEEP! (Need I say more??)
-RELATIONSHIPS. Poor communication skills, lack of affection, lack of trust, lack of effort….you get the picture. I’m not Dr. Phil, but I do know that having a healthy relationship with your partner is critical in having a healthy libido.
-TIME. Multi-tasking working women who are wives and mothers are exhausted and have no time for themselves, let alone their libido. So making time for themselves  helps increase libido.
   The good news is that our clients who are becoming hormonally balanced, addressing their adrenal fatigue, handling their stress, and making time for themselves are experiencing a healthy libido again within 6-8 months of starting therapy. Libido does bounce back when we not only check testosterone levels and replace those but also address other areas of our lives! It looks like one CAN have sex in Ohio after all! Who knew??

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