Thank You Doctor Blaylock


I got the best phone call this morning! One of our clients who just began her natural compounded hormone therapy in early November called me to say, “Lyn, I am not an overly dramatic person, but I have to tell you that you saved my life!” She went on to say that her hair has stopped falling out, her depression has lifted, her energy is returning and she feels like she has her life back. The practitioner we sent her to was very compassionate and hopeful that he could help her, and she is so grateful that he did!
I read an interesting article by Dr. Russell Blaylock in his December 2009 BLAYLOCK WELLNESS REPORT. It helps explain the disconnect between traditional doctors approach to periomenopausal and menopausal women and our natural approach. In his article entitled, “Alternative Medicine Doctors Assailed by Mainstream Doctors,” he says that “those outside of medicine are not aware of the intense infighting between medical center professors, private practitioners and specialists that is the daily fair of the medical community…..It is not that most physicians are really evil and want patients to suffer needlessly, it is that they are so intensely brainwashed in medical school and residency training that they instinctively react against anything not within the bounds of their training. It is almost a reflex.” Dr. Blaylock goes on to say that he thinks in its quest to become the epitome of scientific medicine-now called evidence-based medicine-the medical profession has lost sight of its original goal to heal and relieve suffering! That struck a chord with me and made me realize we must keep on keeping on and must NOT discount the holisitic health or natural approach to treating illness.  To read more from Dr. Blaylock, please visit
Case in point, why are physicians and the medical establishment attacking compounding pharmacists over bioidentical female hormone replacements? Their claim is two fold-one, that the hormones are not standardized and two, that they increase a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer. Dr Blaylock says that he is always “amazed that post- menopausal women who went to their gynecologists were all given the same dose of Premarin and the doctor never tested their hormone levels. They just all got the same dose. Normally, women secrete a number of sex hormones, including three forms of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. Testing is needed because each woman will have different levels and replacement needs to be individualized to replace these hormones. Sex hormones play a major role on brain function, explaining the severe depression often accompanying menopause.  In addition, estrogens have been found to play a major role in protecting the brain from damage and degeneration. To deny a woman relief from an assortment of debilitating symptoms based on a lack of testing and a false fear of cancer is poor medicine.” Hooray, Dr. Blaylock! I couldn’t have said it better myself!

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