The effects to Taking a Supplement to Reduce Aging Issues


     I find it fascinating when women try all sorts of techniques to alleviate symptoms of a hormone imbalance i.e. aging issue: hot flashes, weight gain, fatigue, low libido, sleep issues, anxiety, brain fog, osteopenia, osteoporosis, thinning hair, vaginal dryness. I’ve heard it all: juicing, all sorts of supplements, herbs, essential oils, and the list goes on. None of these finds and fixes the root cause of our hormone imbalance, which happens to all women as they age, typically past age 35. Our truth is that to solve a hormone imbalance issue, one must refill our depleting hormone receptors with actual hormones. Say what?? 

    Did you know that at my Happy Hormone Cottage we actually create our customized, compounded Bioidentical hormones made in our onsite compounding lab to refill our hormone receptors. Why? Because our hormone receptors deplete as we age beyond 35, and it is our responsibility to keep them refilled as naturally as possible. Our choice is Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (bhrt) with hormones, made from plant-based powders, that are created to mimic the hormones our bodies used to make but with aging, no longer make enough of what our bodies need.
       Here’s the thing- our hormones are really important. They are responsible for many, many jobs in our body:
>Estrogen, for example, performs over 300 jobs in our body. The main ones are to protect our heart from heart disease and our brain from dementia.
>Progesterone is our “joy of life” hormone that decreases starting around age 35, and is responsible for sleep, reducing anxiety and depression, reducing aches & pains, lessening sugar cravings, helping to prevent breast cancer by balancing estrogen, and other important tasks.
>Testosterone helps build new bone to prevent osteoporosis, helps memory recall, energy and libido (when we also address adrenal fatigue.) 
    Years ago, we would be dead by now. Today, as we are living longer and longer, it is imperative that we recognize and acknowledge the importance of refilling our hormone receptors as we age, so we can:
-Feel our best
-Prevent disease
-Go the distance with a higher quality of life.
    So when we go to our doctors (most tell me they have had 4 hours of hormone education in medical school)  for our check-ups and we have a conversation about our hormones and hormone (aging) issues:
Hot Flashes 
Brain Fog
Weight Gain, etc 
    It is important to remember:
-doctors know what they know
-we know our bodies and how we feel
-we MUST own our journey and think for ourselves
   We have permission to think for ourselves and make informed choices that serve us in our best interests. Become a warrior for your wellness. Do your research. Talk to other informed women who are clients of ours. Visit and then give us a call at 513-444-6343

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